Thread Rolling Dies

We are manufacturers and suppliers of thread rolling dies.
The material used in dies is mould steel, Rolling Dies are also supplied with special surface treatment to increase the life of tools.
Our all dies are Ground Thread and not Milled Thread for accuracy of finished parts.
These dies are used for manufacturing of fasteners / bolts / screws of different material. Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel.
Special Thread Rolling Dies are manufactured to roll bolts after heat treatment ( AHT ). Dies with RRO – Radius Run Out are supplied on customer request.
Flat Thread Rolling Dies are used for high volume production and Circular dies are used for heavy bolts and with low volumes.

Other special threading tools like thread chasers, knurling, 3 roll sets are also manufactured by us.
Following are our dies range:
Planetary Nail Thread Rolling Dies
Planetary Bolt Thread Roll Dies
Cylindrical Thread Rolling Dies
Flat Thread Rolling Dies
Special Dies for Aerospace Fasteners