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The international mold manufacturing center is gradually moving toward China

International molds are aiming at the market of China and gradually moving toward China. Our Chinese mould should use this favorable development environment and strive to excel.

Across the globe, mold manufacturing is in full swing. In recent years, the international mold industry is in a accelerating transformation period, because China has cheap labor and abundant raw materials, and many other advantages, the focus of the international mold manufacturing is gradually close to China, and Latin America, some countries such as India, South Asia, central Asia emerging mold market is in a rapid development period, our China mold and die should be with the good times, strive to excel, to achieve a certain position in the world. The current situation is that our China mold manufacturing industry is growing at 20 per cent a year, and that growth is staggering. Online related professionals think China mold and die, in the "twelfth five-year" period, China's mold industry according to the requirement of new industrialization, speed up the transformation development way, to save the extensive development mode, intensive development pattern, increasing technical innovation, independent innovation, the strength of the backward, mergers and reorganization, accelerate the mould optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and can predict the future development prospect will be great.

With the increasingly fierce international competition, and market demand of increasingly complex, the mould industry is facing a severe test, rely on a single advantage is hard to obtain obvious advantages, so in the future development, mould and die industry in our country should pay attention to development in the direction of the "diversity". China has always been a world factory processing, according to the current market information, we believe that mould products to large, precision, complex and precision processing technology, computer technology, intelligent control and green manufacturing as one of the new technology to the direction of special process equipment, as mould enterprise, in production, need to constantly learning the advanced technology, the introduction of advanced talents. With the help of developed countries in China, we have made efforts to develop the technology integration, equipment, digitization, refinement, high speed and automation. We believe that after such a transformation, our Chinese mould can be transformed from a processing factory into a manufacturing powerhouse. Of course, we in the production at the same time, also should pay attention to the environmental protection question, and this is what we should pay attention to, always only green manufacturing, to guarantee the sustainable development, we our economic construction to achieve long-term success.

It is the essence of Chinese manufacturing to innovate for the soul and quality for life

Today, the world's high-speed rail, advanced mobile payment technology... The dazzling brands of huawei, xiaomi, lenovo, gree and dji are changing everything around us. The definition of today's world, many things are rewrite, once "MADEINCHINA" labelling though once became the symbol, the telegenic behind also exposed the manufacturing thin big but not strong, and now, when the world once again look at this line character yi yi is unripe brightness, it contains the meaning has changed. Even some foreign users joked: "good Chinese goods you can't afford!" Behind the scenes, there is a great love for China's manufacturing quality. "Made in China to created in China, China speed changing toward the Chinese quality, Chinese products to the Chinese brand" instructions for us to create a good start, is still in its infancy of miles, inheriting and in this moment, how we should fully understand and carry out the instructions, better involved in the development of manufacturing?

Innovate for the soul With the unremitting efforts of China's reform and opening up for nearly 40 years, China's manufacturing industry has achieved remarkable results. However, behind the bright background is the low added value of China's manufacturing products and the awkward reality of serious imbalance in the industrial structure. To this end, our country puts forward the "made in China 2025" national strategy call to vigorously promote the smart manufacturing as the main means to realize the dream of the great power of manufacturing industry. For manufacturing to take off, innovation is its soul. When intelligent products are filled with people's lives, backward traditional products will lose their competitiveness, even if it is cheap and unmarketable. Will you use the remote control when the TV is able to switch directly from your instructions? When the car doesn't need you to get back home from the office, you should just want to take a nap after a hard day's work. The innovation of artificial intelligence technology will profoundly affect the manufacturing industry. Using artificial intelligence technology, based on big data, the manufacturing design is more diversified by application software. At the same time, large data analysis system (DES) and 3 d simulation system (SMS) to build the continuous variable optimization model, using the computer three-dimensional modeling technology into a digital soft model can be modified repeatedly, cooperate with the dynamic simulation, from the level of the production and use of manufacturing and innovative design simulation and testing of all, to maximize meet the needs of industrial automation and intelligent design.

Quality is life From "to redefine the made in China" is not difficult to see, China is trying to shake off the made in China label, from the past few decades, to the future, the benchmark is not change, not just in order to lay a manufacturing powerhouse in the world environment, at the same time, in the people's living standard is increasing day by day in modern times, domestic consumers for the quality of the products, product process, new functional requirements, especially the customization requirements to improve conditions, such as production enterprise in efforts to innovation at the same time, it is also not allow to ignore, is the quality. So what do we need to do to achieve real quality improvement? Now many of the production enterprises in China, for example, still stay on the half automation, or automated, but did not form system integration platform stage, that also can say the steps of human involvement is still a lot of, want to reduce the error rate of production, another problem is the information between the circulation and cause information loss, inaccurate, want to solve such problems, improve product quality. Change the traditional mode of production, the establishment of integrated platform, realize the integrated platform for quality improvement and the biggest advantage is that can meet the production flexibility, reconfigurable, lean, digital and agile and can be configured, build three dimensions, the system hierarchy (equipment, control, workshop, enterprise, collaborative), life cycle (design, production, logistics, sales and service), intelligent function (resources, system integration, connectivity, information fusion, emerging forms), the information fusion technology on physics, universal coverage enterprise production, management, sales and information decision-making process, at the same time, realize the whole process of real-time monitoring, fault monitoring alarm, eliminate the quality problems in the bud.

Talent is the root of all In the face of the Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, industrial cloud, and the new science and technology and industrial revolution, such as the industrial robot manufacturing to innovation, to improve product quality, can not do without scientific research innovation, process optimization, and all this premise: fundamental lies in the cultivation of talents and sustainable, can able to develop talent and retain talent in the future one of our advantage is the core of enterprise competitiveness.

Microcutting of carbide cutting tools

The division of labor in society is becoming more and more detailed, the types of workpieces are increasing, and the size of the workpiece is shrinking. The trend of manufacturing miniaturization requires that the manufacturing process must be reformed accordingly, which requires the microcutting operation of carbide cutting tools to achieve more efficient processing.

The smaller the diameter of the carbide cutting tools, require the higher spindle speed (RPM), and most of the conventional machine tools spindle is very difficult to achieve such a high speed, even if can achieve, spindle running under limit state will also make it bear too much stress. Conventional CNC machining tools with a diameter of less than 0.5 "hard alloy cutting tool at 10000r/min or the following speed of machining, usually lead to unreasonable and costly tool damage.

Traditional machining method usually adopt larger carbide cutting tools for processing at low speed, and in general, the larger tool design itself is not suitable for to complete more complex processing, micro machining, this would require the carbide cutting tools in order to use the micro carbide cutting tools, conventional machine tools, must be a low speed cutting micro brittle larger carbide cutting tools is easy to be broken. The larger carbide tool has a large quality, so the action of the chip has a certain rebound effect. On the other hand, the smaller tool is broken by the large brittle.

Poor drainage is one of the main reasons for the damage of carbide cutting tools. The micro-carbide cutting tools damaged by the removal of waste are more than those damaged by unreasonable cutting parameters. In order to reduce the possibility of damage to the carbide tool, it is necessary to remove the cuttings from the cutting area. Micro carbide cutting tools require high spindle speed during processing, and the spindle speed is even higher to achieve rapid removal.

Definition of cutter size and machining speed: microcarbide tool includes a milling cutter with a diameter of 0.25. This small diameter cutter is necessary for complex and fine machining, and the best machining effect can be obtained by using high speed spindle. There are no definite definitions and absolute parameters for high-speed cutting.

If a man wants to do good, he must first. High speed cutting and micro carbide cutting tools have a more perfect effect on small workpiece processing. Zhuzhou puk hard alloy co., LTD. Is located in zhuzhou city national high-tech development zone. Since it was founded in 2005 has been engaged in all kinds of CNC turning, milling, hunan tungsten steel blade, cutting, cutting cutting, gravity 111. JPG metal ceramic blades and other standard or non-standard carbide products production, research and development and sales, for the mechanical processing manufacturing industry to provide complete solutions. The company has a strong technical team, has more than engaged in zhuzhou cemented carbide products CNC blade production and research and development of senior technical engineers, have strong ability of new product research and development of tungsten alloy.

Welding blade for hard alloy

As a cutting tool, carbide blade is widely used in manufacturing and manufacturing industry, and carbide blade welding is the most commonly used cutting method. The welding of carbide tool and tool steel and high speed steel tool is different. Especially, because of the large steel and carbide performance differences of different coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, when welding the heating or cooling speed is too fast, easy to cause welding stress is too large, the alloy blade cracks. Hard alloy blade size is large, the crack phenomenon is more serious.

Carbide blade welding shall meet the following requirements:

  • 1. The weld shall have sufficient strength to ensure the maximum cutting amount of carbide cutter;
  • 2. Cracks are not allowed on hard alloy plates;
  • 3. There should be no residual stress in the welding layer and hard alloy.

The blade height of welding carbide cutter should be 3 times higher than that of blade height, and generally 4-5 times. If it is small, it is easy to cause the alloy blade to break after welding. Too large, the tensile stress will be generated in the welding layer, which may cause the alloy blade to be damaged. YS8 carbide cutting tool is a common carbide blade used for welding.

The fast heating and cooling of hard alloy can produce significant instantaneous stress due to the uneven distribution of heat.

During rapid heating, the outer compressive stress of the carbide is subjected to tensile stress in the middle layer. In the rapid cooling, the hard alloy outer layer appears tensile stress, and the alloy blade cracks. Too slow heating can cause welding surface oxidation, resulting in reduced welding strength. Welding process determines the quality of welding, thus affecting the quality of welding carbide blade.

Hard alloy blade welding, evenly heating the blade and hard alloy sheet is one of the basic conditions to ensure the quality of welding. When the heating is uneven, some of the welding is good, some of the welding is bad, and the welding strength is reduced. After reaching the welding temperature, according to the size of the alloy blade, it should be kept warm for 10~30s to ensure the temperature uniformity on the welding surface.

After welding, the cooling speed of carbide tool should be 8 times lower than the allowable heating speed. In general, and YT30 YT15 cemented carbide blade welding, should be placed in 150 ~ 200 ℃ dry sand, charcoal powder or mica powder in the slow cooling, in order to reduce the cooling when the instantaneous tensile stress, the possibility of reducing crack.

Solder and flux are also selected carefully to ensure the welding quality and performance of carbide blades. Tungsten alloy