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China 's super - hard material product upgrades should be with the international standards

China's superhard materials industry is a new industry is growing industry, after 40 years of development, from scratch, from small to large, and now China has become a major producer of diamond, is gradually moving towards power. A few years ago the development of large press, diamond production is too much, the price decline. After several years of adjustment, reshuffle, eliminated, has entered a healthy and stable development track.

In recent years, diamond products and carbide tools developed rapidly, to the development of the diamond has brought opportunities, China will become the world tooling products production center.

In the future, China's superhard materials industry should focus on the development of diamond products, only the great development of product tools will bring good economic benefits. We have to develop high-tech products, do not repeat the road products, to avoid low-level competition, a deep understanding of the price of war and fierce competition against the harmful lessons.

First, enterprises should continue to independent innovation to promote product upgrades

Innovation is the soul of national progress, is the driving force of enterprise prosperity, relying on technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, business innovation is no way out. Such as diamond powder catalyst is relying on technological innovation, and constantly improve the production process and improve product quality, and now has a stable production, replacing the chip catalyst. Guangdong a diamond tool factory production saws, through continuous technological innovation and technological progress, improve product quality, and now the products imported from abroad squeezed out to improve the visibility of China's diamond saw manufacturers.

Diamond industry innovators should note the following:

1, innovation is not unattainable, you are ahead of others half step, more than half step, is innovation; improve the process is innovation; diamond synthesis of automatic control is innovation; diamond synthesis of new trends, the catalyst powder wrapped in carbon outside the synthetic diamond , Used to prepare high hardness materials.

2, innovative ideas anytime, anywhere should be placed in the first place, do not wait for enterprises to encounter difficulties in desperation to think of innovation.

3, product upgrades to international standards, the production of products to be recognized by the international market, so to improve the means of detection and quality standards.

BTCarbide Accelerates the development of a new generation of lightweight high strength carbide rod products

In the face of rising labor costs, product homogeneity serious, intense market competition, how can enterprises "break through"

In recent years, BTCarbide rely on scientific and technological personnel, aimed at industrial problems, identify development orientation, promote product innovation, market innovation, out of the low level of vicious competition "vicious circle", become the influential internal cold bit material professional R & D and manufacturers. Last year, the company achieved sales income of more than 7,000 million, of which 40% of new products accounted for.

BTCarbide is a high-tech enterprise, for how to take the path of development, the company has a clear idea: for China's carbide tool material development and application of the actual situation around the existing carbide products to upgrade the technology, Speed ​​up the development of a new generation of independent intellectual property rights of low-cost, high-efficiency lightweight high-strength carbide bar products, striving for cold-rolled helical alloy materials, light alloy material leader.

Lack of scientific and technological personnel, is the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises. How to crack? BTCarbide standing on the forefront of industrial development, the company in accelerating technological transformation, the introduction of international advanced equipment on the basis of targeting high-end market, adjust the direction of product development, production and research cooperation innovation path, developed a number of high-tech, Value-added, high market competitiveness of new products, so that enterprises for several years to maintain steady growth.

Powder metallurgy preparation of light high-strength cemented carbide key technology research results, which is BTCarbide scientific and technological innovation of a manifestation.

The rapid development of metal processing industry requires high cutting speed, large infeed, high precision and long life characteristics, while the traditional carbide cutting tools, although with a certain hardness and wear resistance, but the toughness and red hardness is not Good, can not meet the requirements.

In the research and development, the company's research team, for the current long-term high-speed dry cutting of stainless steel and other materials in the process, the red hardness of the tool and the toughness of the situation, to adjust the powder composition and sintering process and other measures, independent research and development of a powder metallurgy Lightweight high-strength carbide rods to improve the current stainless steel dry cutting process of the tool material during the service cycle.

Lightweight and high strength carbide rods can effectively reduce the temperature of the tool during machining, remove the mechanical debris from the process, improve the surface quality of the processing, improve the processing efficiency and prolong the service life of the tool. Foreign enterprises from the equipment to the process are strictly confidential, the domestic market demand for the product is huge, light high-strength carbide preparation technology is China's powder metallurgy industry desire to break through the problem.

The characteristics and innovations of this project are to propose a new type of light high strength cemented carbide raw material ratio and mature sintering process, the preparation of light high strength carbide alloy bar processing equipment and processing methods, the development of light High-strength carbide rods, in line with carbide drill, cutter, alloy steel, titanium and other processing requirements, to foreign advanced level and fill the gaps.

Carbide bar of the internal spiral cooling hole flexible processing technology, which is another embodiment of BTCarbide innovative results. The research on the domestic cold-type spiral hole cemented carbide bar started earlier, and the domestic demand mainly relied on the import. Therefore, we focus on scientific research, speed up the development of independent intellectual property rights with the core products.

BTCarbide research team analysis and research at home and abroad are widely used in a variety of injection molding process characteristics, through a comprehensive comparison, put forward powder injection molding and powder sintering technology processing carbide alloy bar technology, at the same time, through the injection mold powder Mechanical theory, the formation mechanism of the internal cooling screw hole and other basic research, as well as mold design, mold materials, heat treatment and mold manufacturing powder metallurgy mold design, successfully solved a series of technical problems.

The new technology, BTCarbide production of internal spiral cooling hole carbide rods, not only high precision, low cost, and continuous production efficiency, but also can quickly switch to adjust the pitch, variable angle, pitch and other parameters, all the technology Indicators similar to foreign similar products, to fill the gaps in the domestic. At present, this product has been put on the market, and received a high degree of market recognition.

Steel-based cemented carbide has its own advantages in steel

Steel-based cemented carbide is a hardcoat metal carbide (mainly WC, TiC, etc.) as a hard phase, with steel as a binder phase of a composite material. The hard phase of the cemented carbide generally accounts for 30% to 50% of the total mass of the alloy and the rest is steel. Because of the large proportion of steel matrix, the nature of steel is more obvious, with good machinability, heat treatment and malleability, etc., after powder mixing, pressing molding, sintering, forging, cutting, heat treatment and other processes, Can be a variety of specifications, various shapes of steel-based cemented carbide products, its wide range of applications. The mechanical properties of the cemented carbide are between cemented carbide and steel, with higher hardness, better abrasion resistance and higher elastic modulus and compressive strength than steel; Alloy, has good bending strength and impact toughness, good self-lubricating, low coefficient of friction, excellent chemical stability, showing excellent overall performance. Its hardness can reach HRC60 ~ 70, while the toughness index is more than ordinary carbide improved. In the annealing state, you can use ordinary cutting equipment and tools for vehicles, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and other mechanical processing, but also forging, welding; and in the hardened state, it has a high hardness. Due to the high hardness of the hard phase containing a large number of hard phase, the wear resistance can be close to the high cobalt cement; higher than the high alloy die steel has a higher modulus of elasticity, wear resistance, compressive strength and bending strength. Because of the above characteristics, steel-bonded carbide in the steel has its special advantages. More importantly, the price of cemented carbide is less than half of ordinary carbide, while the service life is several times the steel, several times, or even hundreds of times, with great economic benefits. Steel-based cemented carbide products can be carried out according to the needs of a variety of heat treatment operations to meet the requirements of different molds in the use of performance, especially after quenching and tempering, can be tempered martensite + alloy carbide + evenly distributed Hard phase of the organization, to ensure that the mold material strength, hardness, toughness and other performance requirements, while improving the wear resistance of the mold; can also be used in the mold of the key parts of the mold to improve the quality of the product And machining accuracy.

The composition of the steel-based cemented carbide is widening, extending from both ends, extending to the cemented carbide field, increasing the hard phase content by up to 92%; the other end extending to the high speed steel field, increasing the steel matrix content, Up to 90%. By selecting different grades and compositions as binders, alloys with specific properties can be prepared to suit the requirements of a variety of different applications.

In recent years, it has been found that iron-based cemented carbide rich in iron-rich Fe-Co-Ni is superior to WC-Co cemented carbide because it is available in the Fe-Co-Ni system Body transformation, precipitation hardening and ordered - disorder phase change to alloy strengthening, the bending strength and ordinary carbide equivalent, comprehensive performance. The study also found that adding 0.4% to 0.8% of rare earth elements to the alloy had a significant effect on the microstructure and properties of the alloy. For example, rare earth elements cerium and lanthanum in the process of milling with the system of reactive oxygen species, sulfur reaction, the formation of stable sulfur oxides, play a role in desulfurization and deoxidation. It is reported that TiN-based cemented carbide is added with an appropriate amount of nano-TiN. The fine TiN "mosaic" can suppress the growth of TiC grains and block the bridging of the hard phase on the grain boundary of the larger TiC grains The At the same time, nano-particles as a gap particles filled into the larger hard particles of particles, can improve the density of materials.

Tungsten raw material prices, multiple factors beneficial to the tungsten raw materials market

Tungsten prices are now jumping rhythm, tungsten raw material prices in the overall market sentiment under the tight supply. Since the end of the Spring Festival holiday, tungsten mine production slow pace, a direct impact on the smelter production, individual smelter in the case of tungsten shortage, in order to maintain production, take the market by tungsten sand way to maintain production.

Tungsten concentrate trading market transactions less, a small amount of spot by the middle of trade-related enterprises closed. Minmetals, Xiamen tungsten, tungsten and other large tungsten enterprises in the spot will not participate in the market. At the same time, Henan, a large tungsten enterprises have begun to stop the offer, continue to accelerate market tension.

APT prices continue to be ascribed, smelting enterprises reluctant to sell emotional, bulk market from last week to this week, APT prices have more than 5,000 yuan / ton. Prices have become the industry consensus, more and more smelters will be due to tungsten sand can not supply and suspended offer.

The current price increases include:

First, the supply of tungsten raw materials, short-term can not be restored to normal, inversely proportional to the purchase amount.

Second, Tungsten Market, a large number of trade funds in the positive entry, stimulate market demand.

Third, the end product, carbide prices by the excipient cobalt metal skyrocketing has begun to price adjustment, tungsten prices by cobalt prices rose trend.

Fourth, the majority of tungsten enterprises expected better, the market to take a positive attitude.

Tungsten prices rise has become, many factors favorable tungsten city, although the overall supply and demand has not occurred in the order of change, but the metal market to pick up, raw material rose sharply in the case of tungsten prices rose justified.