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The next wave of price rises will come in the wake of a 5 per cent levy on the democratic republic of Congo (DRC).

A political order abroad could be the trigger for another rise in cobalt prices in 2018. Congo, the world's largest cobalt producer, has passed a new draft mining law that will be charged a 5 per cent royalty on cobalt for strategic metals. The revision of the mining law would greatly increase the cost of cobalt, which would be subject to an additional high tax on each tonne of cobalt, as amended by the new mining law.

Industry insiders believe that the implementation of the new mining law or the further support of the cobalt price will increase the production cost of cobalt products. Cobalt enterprises may increase pressure on downstream transmission costs through price increases, resulting in the compression of profit margins of downstream positive material enterprises and power battery enterprises.

As the downstream demand continues to grow and the price of cobalt rises, the supplier of cobalt products will have a positive revenue increase. The price of cobalt will rise in 2018. Due to the strong demand of the downstream market and the limited capacity of upstream supply, the global cobalt price has exploded in 2017. The domestic valuation is more "a wave of three", which brings a large number of domestic cobalt product suppliers to the production and marketing, the revenue net profit explosion.

As the largest consumer market for cobalt products, China's cobalt raw materials are largely imported, which means that the rise of overseas cobalt prices will directly affect the changes in domestic cobalt prices. And Congo, the world's richest country with the world's largest reserves of cobalt, has a 5% patent tax on new mining laws, which will undoubtedly boost the country's cobalt price in 2018.

From the upstream supply side, the global supply of cobalt will be limited in 2018, and the market supply will remain tight to support the upward valuation. According to relevant data, the global production of cobalt in 2016 was about 123,000 tons, and the world's largest cobalt producer, Congo (gold), produced 66,000 tons of cobalt, accounting for 53.58% of the global total. In 2016, China's cobalt production was only 0.77 million tons, accounting for 6.25% of the total, but the cobalt consumption was about 45,800 tons, and the domestic cobalt demand gap was large and the raw materials were heavily dependent on imports.

At the same time, the global new capacity did not occur in 2017, due to the effect of Congo Jin Guan stop mining, overall supply by 05000 tonnes by conservative estimates, global refining cobalt supply about 100000 tons in 2017, led to the 2017 cobalt supply has not been fully resolved, this kind of situation, or will continue into 2018.

Affected, including huayou cobalt industry, cold sharp, luoyang molybdenum cobalt industry resources, peng hin 14 listed companies are actively layout overseas cobalt resources in recent years, the republic of the Congo (gold) be the first choice of the domestic enterprises to enter the cobalt production link. However, the cobalt companies abroad cobalt resources development layout susceptible to local policies and regulations change, influence factors, such as the outbreak of political unrest, natural disasters, lead to its overseas cobalt production capacity cannot release in a short time. In the case of Congo (gold), a patent tax of 5% will directly increase the procurement cost of cobalt raw materials, thus driving up the price of cobalt, cobalt, cobalt and other cobalt products.

Currently, huayou cobalt industry, cold sharp cobalt industry, such as domestic green beauty cobalt products supplier of cobalt raw materials mainly by its own mines, Congo (gold) local trading system acquisition, to the international commodity traders or mining enterprises of purchasing but mainly comes from the Congo (gold), it also shows that the enterprise in terms of cobalt raw material purchase price will be affected by the new law directly. From the downstream demand side, the three-element power battery has become the mainstream, the market share is increasing rapidly, and the demand for cobalt products continues to drive up the price of cobalt. The subsidy amount is directly linked to the energy density of the battery system. In 2017, the market share of the three-component power battery will increase rapidly, and the output and shipments will reach a new high. Cobalt is a key raw material for the three-cell battery, and the rapid rise in the price of cobalt is caused by a sharp increase in market demand.

Zeng duhong, chief securities analyst at dongwu securities, said that in 2018, the growth of cobalt ore resources will be slower and the supply will be limited. From the demand side, the global cobalt demand will be 129,000 tons in 2018, with an additional demand of 11,000 tons, and the supply will remain tight. As of early 2018, the global spot cobalt price has risen to $81,548 a tonne, up 145 per cent from $33,280 a tonne in early 2017, according to the British metal guide (MB). LME futures also rose to $75205 a tonne, up 131.52 per cent. Industry insiders believe that China's cobalt import dependence is over 90%, and from the current upstream production capacity and downstream consumption, the cobalt price is easy to rise and hard to fall, and it will be in a tight balance in the short term. At the same time as the growth of the new energy automobile production volume, the ternary power battery application of further ascension, cobalt supply gap in the short term is difficult to solve, Congo (gold) new legislation or cobalt will become a new round of rising price incentives.

It is worth noting that the rising price of cobalt force and the pursuit of higher energy density, large power battery enterprises are "high cobalt nickel less" technical route, from the current NCM523 NCM811 system, improve the ternary cell, the content of nickel in lower cobalt content, so as to realize ascending energy density, cost reduction targets. This approach may have a certain effect on the soaring cobalt price, bringing the cobalt price back to reason. The net profit of cobalt - listed companies increased dramatically. In 2017, prices soared all the way to the downstream of the ternary cathode material and power battery enterprises pressure, but let the upstream earn rich cobalt production enterprises, to achieve revenue profit both exploded. In perspective, even though the Congo (gold) of the new mining method will directly increase the cobalt enterprise purchase cost of raw materials, but unlike other raw materials, cobalt enterprise has maintained a strong position in the product market price, not only requires the downstream customer cash purchase, even stop offer limited supply, it is advantageous to the cobalt enterprise will cost of raw material rise in price to the downstream, so as to improve its product gross margin and profitability.

In 2018, although the cost of cobalt materials will rise, cobalt will still be able to reduce some of the pressure through downward transmission, thus ensuring a continuous improvement in the company's net revenue. Recently, including huayou cobalt industry such as cold, sharp, luoyang molybdenum cobalt industry listed companies are mentioned in the preliminary results, in 2017, during the reporting period, the lithium ion battery materials for cobalt product demand growth, the influence of such factors as cobalt product prices keep rising, the products of the company so is quantity and price.

The company expects the net profit of shareholders of listed companies to be 16.5-1.9 billion yuan from January to December 2017, a year-on-year growth of 2283.10% -- 2644.18%. The company expects to have a net profit of 4.36-456 million yuan for the listed company's shareholders in 2017, an increase of 555.03-585.03%. The luoyang molybdenum industry expects the net profit of shareholders of listed companies to be 27-29 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 170.33% to 190.37%.

In 2018, with the increase of upstream raw materials and the growth of downstream market demand, cobalt listed companies are expected to benefit from the increase in the price of cobalt products.

The company is committed to supporting zhuzhou cemented carbide group to the world.

High on July 28, 2017, SBC in China minmetals signing on zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD. Website construction, power plant hard group make full use of minmetals resources, under the background of data, new energy era, seize the development opportunity, and international development.

Zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD. Is a national "five" during the construction of 156 key projects, one of the main production of metal cutting tools, mining and oil drilling tools, mining hard material, such as series of products, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, geology, and other fields, is a large domestic cemented carbide production, scientific research, management and export bases, was identified as "top ten landmark projects" enterprises in hunan province, the products in the domestic market share of around 30%, and exported to more than 70 countries and regions of the world.

At present, China will maintain the strong demand for metallic mineral products. At present, China has formulated the development plan for the medium and long term science and technology development plan for non-ferrous metals (2006-2020), and vigorously promoted the upgrading of cemented carbide industry. After the reorganization, China minmetals seized the opportunity of "One Belt And One Road" and increased its expansion of "One Belt And One Road" overseas market. With big data, Internet of things, intelligent penetrating and participate in mining the whole industrial chain each link, to promote mining shift from traditional industries to high-tech industry, and further to the intelligent direction, become the zhuzhou cemented carbide group faces new challenges and new opportunities.

SBC is high in the plant hard group global website construction, the LOGO line reconstruction, page section division, product design, powerful interaction effect, to convey the "tools - wealth edge tool of the world" concept; The whole page presents the international style design, meaning zhuzhou cemented carbide group goes out of the country and goes to the world. The high level of Chinese enterprises shows the advantages of the group and products by focusing on the industry and products. In the layout of the page, the multi-screen visual difference is used to distinguish the key information of each part and bring a smooth user experience. The main vision USES the actual usage scene and the detail of the product to highlight the precision of the product. Use micro-interaction and customized design ICONS to enhance the guidance of the page and enhance the transformation ability of overseas markets.

The company is looking forward to this cooperation, which will bring the efficient brand image communication and broader business opportunities to zhuzhou cemented carbide group.

Selection and processing method of grinding wheel for hard alloy plane grinding.

As is known to all, product quality is the root of the production and survival of an enterprise, and cost and efficiency are the lifeblood of the enterprise. The market competition of enterprises is based on quality, cost and efficiency. In this paper, the machining process of surface grinding machine for precision die hard alloy parts is analyzed and discussed in a common and easy way. Started from the most basic surface grinding machine parts processing, to ensure the mold parts processing quality, and finally to have the opportunity to realize the entire die, and die cutting products quality guarantee, ultimately achieve lower costs, improve efficiency, the purpose of the benefit maximization.

Hard alloy is a kind of material with high strength and excellent wear resistance, which is made of refractory metal and bonded metal through powder metallurgy. Its basic composition is WC-Co (tungsten carbide), which determines that the important factor of superhard alloy organization depends on C (carbon) content.

While countries for carbide naming each are not identical, but its characteristics are similar: high strength, heat stability, not easy to deformation, good wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, as the service life of the mold parts 20 ~ 150 times higher than alloy tool steel. Therefore, it is widely used by various precision mould manufacturers. But the disadvantage is: brittleness is big, toughness is bad, easy to collapse Angle, cannot undertake cutting processing, as the mold part can only grind or discharge corrode processing. Not only that, because of the hard alloy material to the common machine tool magnet, the grinding surface roughness is not easy to control the characteristics, this also brings certain difficulties to the grinding process.

According to the characteristics of hard alloy, precision cold stamping die is used as the core key part of the die: precision punch or die. Such as semiconductor, lead frame and other electronic industries are widely used: IC packaging die, terminal die, cutting die. Hard alloy materials are also used in thin molds and drawing dies. But the hard alloy material itself and the processing cost are higher. While ensuring the accuracy of processing, the quality improvement rate is also improved. Based on the carbide and the advantages of using the difficulties of manufacturing cost and processing, according to years of experience in mold parts processing, the following carbide parts of the die cut of the plane of grinding method to share with you. Because the plane is grinding this process, it is the foundation of all the process of mold parts processing, the quality condition of this process will be passed to the other process of the part processing, even to the whole mold.

(1) the overall processing technology is divided into: rough machining and finishing. Roughing hexahedron size: drawing bilateral reserve based on the basic size of 0.05 mm allowance for finish, workpiece parallel, perpendicularity: ∥, an 0.005 mm or less; The dimension tolerance of the finishing hexahedron is: +0.001/0 ~ +/-0.002mm, the workpiece is parallel and vertical: //, the orthogonal complement is less than 0.002mm, and the surface roughness value Ra is less than 0.15mm.

(2) selection of grinding wheel: the rough and finish machining should choose the resin bond diamond wheel (abrasive: diamond). Grinding mode: water - flushing process. Coarse grinding wheel granularity: ﹟ ﹟ to 150 150. Concentration: 75. Binding degree: medium high type. Finishing grinding wheel granularity: ﹟ ﹟ to 400 400. Concentration: 75. The combination degree: medium, the combination degree is related to the sharpness and life of the grinding wheel: if attention is paid to the sharpness of the grinding wheel, and emphasis on the processing efficiency, the low type of "binding degree" is selected; If you want to pay attention to the life of grinding wheel, choose the type of high degree of combination.

(3) grinding wheel static/dynamic balance test: the purpose is to ensure that the flange on the premise of normal use, eliminate grinding wheel, to ensure that the grinding wheel rotation steady uniform loss, uniform processing workpiece surface roughness, avoid artifacts left jump knife mark on the surface after machining.

A. Grinding wheel assembly and static balance check.

(1) the quality of the grinding wheel: the grinding wheel piece in your hands, tap gently with the small copper bar sand wheel hub, from voice to determine whether a sand layer and the hub bonding intact (sound, clear represents sound vague bonding between sand and the hub to have from or sand layer has a crack condition, poor quality of grinding wheel, there will be a potential safety hazard and the processing of parts surface quality problem) then grinding wheel grinding wheel balance test after assembled. The grinding wheel assembly (see figure 1) : first, the intact grinding wheel is assembled to the flange of the corresponding specification.

(2)The flanged wheel is mounted on the balance shaft.

(3) grinding wheel static balance adjustment: the place (3) the assembled grinding wheel in the grinding wheel balance calibration device "(see figure 2), and then rotate the wheel with your hand lightly, observe in the process of grinding wheel static state: according to the principle of center of gravity down, when the grinding wheel before not to carry on the static balance adjustment, its rotation must be in the process of gradually static swaying back and forth, until the center of gravity in low swinging up slightly. Then through adjusting (see figure 1) on the grinding wheel balance block "to fix wheel center of gravity position, until the strike when its grinding wheel can be still in any location, at this time prove grinding wheel has reached the static equilibrium.