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China's hardware toolset tool development market has great potential.

At present, China's daily hardware industry has entered the world's forefront. At present, at least 70% of the hardware industry in China is private enterprises, which is the main force for the development of China's hardware industry. China has gradually become the world's hardware processing power and export power, and has become one of the world's major hardware manufacturers, with broad market and consumption potential. It is easy to find out that there is a trend in the development of Chinese hardware toolset tools. Let's start with the market for manual tools: German hand-tools demand increased. In Germany, comfortable and labor-saving tools are the most popular. The smooth handle and attractive appearance of the grip are important factors to attract their desire to buy. In terms of tools, power tools are becoming more common. In addition, rechargeable tools are becoming more and more popular. The new charging tools now available on the market have multiple rechargeable batteries that can be used in a variety of environments.

U.S. hand tools market demand is stabilizing. At the end of last year, when the housing market was growing in the U.S., there were still a large number of existing homes that were unoccupied, creating a huge market opportunity for renovations. The average model and age of motor vehicle are increasing, which has promoted the sales of hand tools in after-sales market. In addition, the demand for forging tools for electronic product distribution is strong, especially adjustable spanner.

Taiwan hand tool industry adjusts product structure. With stable product quality, punctual delivery and complete product variety, Taiwan's hand tool industry has certain advantages in the world. Besides, Taiwan hand tool sales are mainly based on the overseas market. Currently, there are about 5000 local manufacturers, mainly in the central part of Taiwan, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the investigation data shows, with individual hand tool product category, the sleeve for the export of commodities, followed by hand tools combination, the third for garden tools, wrench class fourth, fifth pliers. In terms of exporting countries, the United States ranked first, followed by Britain, Germany and Japan.

Look at the cutlery market: demand for cutting tools in the world will continue to grow. It is reported that the worldwide demand for cutting tools is increasing. Among them, the growth of European and north American countries is stable, especially in eastern Europe. Asian markets have picked up a bit, the market has great potential, and Latin American markets have grown significantly, especially Mexico. (in the past year, cutting tool market demand growth is slow, mainly because of increased tool life, then there is the user request, for the whole manufacturing process instead of many machine tools and cutting tools. As well as the use of multi-function tools, it has replaced many simple tools with simple functions. Experts predicted that: the future users will be more emphasis on factories on the research and development of cutting tool, is not only in the field of materials and surface coating technology, but also in terms of cutting tool product and its production process. Focusing on production practices will help tool manufacturers increase market competitiveness in the areas they are familiar with, the expert said.

Technical updates. Tool product technology, hard alloy tool gradually replace high speed steel tool, especially round tool. The application of coating tools is becoming more and more common. In Europe, the market share of new cutting tools is increasing. Vendor dynamics. From the point of view of tool manufacturer cooperation, there will be many large companies in the high and new market.

The general situation and development trend of the mold market: during the fifteenth period, the overall trend of the mold market is stable and upward. At present, the domestic market has great demand for medium and high grade moulds, but it is required that domestic molds meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery time and so on. Moreover, the industry of home appliance, automobile, plastic products has the biggest demand for mold. International market: in recent years, the artificial cost of industrial developed countries has increased, and it is transferring to developing countries, especially southeast Asian countries. Its domestic production is high, fine mold is the main, the artificial labor input large amount of mold depends on the import solution. Therefore, the international market potential of the middle and low gear is huge. As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, the delivery time can guarantee, the prospect of mold export is very optimistic. In addition, the international market demand for frame and mold standard parts is also very large. At present, our country only has a small number of exports. In the new world economic integration wave, the acceleration of global manufacturing to the mainland China has become a trend, and China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Experts predict that guangdong, especially the pearl river delta region, will become the world's mold production center within ten years. At the same time, because in recent years our country imported mould with nearly 1 billion dollars a year, including precision, large, complex, long-life mold majority, so from the perspective of import less, this kind of high-grade mold, hardware tools in market share proportion will gradually increase.

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The battle for cobalt in China and Japan, Japan's failure

The foreign ministry has issued a notice reminding Chinese citizens to travel cautiously to the democratic republic of Congo (DRC). On the face of it, the riots in African countries were accidental. But here, China and Japan have just "finished a fight", the ministry of foreign affairs at this time has a significant voice!

In June last year, China and Congo reached a strategic cooperation on resources, and held the equity delivery ceremony of luoyang molybdenum - tenko mining area. And this cooperation, the original cooperation object is not other people, it is Japan!

In Congo, Japan lost more than just one mining area, and Japan's future. Electricity is the backbone of the national industry, both at present and in the future. Nuclear fusion power stations and three-cell batteries, which are highly regarded by all countries, cannot be separated from a mineral resource, cobalt. It can be said that whoever controls the cobalt power has mastered the commanding heights of the future industrial revolution.

In 2015, there were 7.1 million tons of cobalt in the world, of which the Congo (gold) has a cobalt reserve of 3.4 million tons, accounting for 48% of the world's cobalt reserves, ranking first in the world.

If China has some cobalt reserves, then Japan has nothing. Obviously, since China has grabbed this strategic resource from Japan, it will not sell it to Japan. Although Russia and Canada is also a supplier of cobalt, but the two countries have already enacted law strictly limit mining scale, cannot fill the vast market gap in Congo, and sell to Russia and Canada of cobalt is very expensive. Now, China is also the world's leading producer of cobalt, which is bound to rise once China reduces its cobalt.

In a country where labor costs are higher than China's, Japan would have to import cobalt ore at a high price, and in a few years, all of Japan's cobalt related businesses would collapse under the impact of Chinese companies. These include all battery companies, aviation power companies and some special industries that worry about national security.

There is no doubt that the mineral is a non-renewable resource (short term). Over time, Japan's manufacturing sector will be hamstrung by China.

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Zhuzhou: innovation leads to "high-end"

On December 8th, 18 projects of zhuzhou high-tech zone were signed, with total investment of about 38 billion yuan.

Signing this 18 project to zhuzhou teleport, pig eight quit "Internet +" type of integrated demonstration area of innovative entrepreneurial project is given priority to, the creative industry, such as multiple projects for the national "one thousand project" expert technical leader in project. Among them, the airship innovation r&d center will become the leading international airship after the completion of the project research center, the torch antai ITO target material will break after the completion of the project advanced domestic situation of high purity series of long-term dependence on imports of target.

Guided by innovation and advanced to the "high end", zhuzhou is embarking on a new journey from traditional industrial cities to innovative cities. Recently, the reporter with their visit to new atmosphere as "new" new era theme, the on-site visit zhuzhou water pool and old industrial zone, the place such as zhuzhou, China power valley, feel the zhuzhou to carry out the party's 19 big spirit, accelerate the innovation and development to present the new atmosphere.

Traditional industries climb to "high-end" On December 9, the reporter walked into the new broad plastic products co., LTD., located in zhuzhou tianxin hi-tech park, where the machines roar and workers are busy on the production line. The head of the company said that they had moved out of the qingshuitang area, with a new factory area of more than 30,000 square meters, and realized the adjustment of equipment upgrade and operation direction. Next, we plan to mount the intelligent robot production line, reduce the production cost, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

Zhuzhou qingshui pond is one of the 21 pilot projects for the relocation and reconstruction of the old industrial zone in China. It is also one of the five key areas of comprehensive governance for the protection and management of "no.1 project" in xiangjiang river. The provincial party secretary and the chairman of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress, du jia hao, demanded that the relocation of the old industrial zone of qingshuitang should be effective in the beginning of 2016. In accordance with this requirement, zhuzhou city, with the determination of a strong man, is determined to promote the relocation of the old industrial zone of qingshuitang, and basically complete the closure of the enterprise by the end of this year. At the same time, in the pool a strong start the industrial culture, leisure, entertainment, kechuang exhibition, tourism real estate construction and the comprehensive planning of the four big industry, experience of commercial street, film and television cultural center, creative workshop and so on, will be virtual reality, the scene experience, film and television animation, tourism and leisure, to build China's industrial version of the "Disney".

The qingshui pond is undergoing transformation, which marks the key step of the traditional industry of zhuzhou. At present, zhuzhou city's rail transit, aviation, hard alloy, ceramics, fireworks, clothing and other industries are accelerating transformation and upgrading to "high-end".

Zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD. In recent years, organize the implementation of the tungsten molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and carbide old system and so on more than 10 technical reformation, a number of technology at or near the world's advanced level, the technical innovation investment amounted to 4% of sales, new product has contributed more than 25% of sales revenue.

Zhuzhou liling is a famous porcelain city. In order to promote the development of ceramics, liling is responsible for building China's ceramic valley and promoting the development of ceramic industry to brand, internationalization, high-end and intellectualization. Nowadays, liling ceramic products, not only color porcelain for daily use and art still occupied one over ten of the global market, and porcelain insulator and military industry new ceramic materials has broken the European and American technology monopoly, including electric porcelain production has reached a third in the world.

Innovation technology preempts "high-end" On November 20, the party secretary of zhuzhou, MAO teng-fei, was in the forefront of China's reform and opening up and innovation. Visit to be held in shenzhen China international hi-tech achievements trade after the meeting, MAO took deep have come before the sea port of modern service industry zone, and examines the youth dreamworks, sea) e stand before service center, etc., understand the enterprise innovation. Subsequently, we also inspected the department of the shenzhen magmett electric company, which is investing in zhuzhou, and exchanged opinions on the construction of zhuzhou r&d center. We also talked with the partners in the U.S. corporate jet program to promote some of its models to zhuzhou production.

Although the schedule is short, the content is rich, reflecting zhuzhou's pursuit of "never satisfied" innovation industry. It is understood that in recent years, with the meteoric rise of the emerging industry of zhuzhou industrial landscape is undergoing a historic changes: electronic information, biological medicine, cultural creativity, Marine engineering equipment, new technology, new industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection become the new growth point, electronic commerce, culture, tourism, financial services, trade and logistics constantly refresh rate.

Recently, the news from overseas, by car in zhuzhou independently designed and developed the world's first intelligent railway express train, the successful candidates launched by London's design museum "Kim beazley award of the year". The model is now on display at the London design museum. The award shows that the international community has given a great deal of recognition to the train, and it shows that zhuzhou's independent innovative products are taking a new step towards the world stage.

Continuously by the urge for innovation, zhuzhou harvest: domestic only has been hailed as a "Chinese core" of the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) production line, the world's first energy storage type trolley, domestic first commercial operation in the low-speed maglev train, the first domestic high speed permanent magnet synchronous traction motors and systems, the world's first virtual railway train, the world's first light rail vehicles, energy storage type electric traction world largest production base of new energy bus...

Last year, the total social r&d investment in zhuzhou was 2.1 percent of GDP, and the total output value of the high-tech industry exceeded 200 billion yuan, and the added value of the high-tech industry was 62.36 billion yuan. Over the past five years, the contribution of science and technology to zhuzhou's economic growth has increased from 48% to 55%.

Talent strategy guarantee "high-end" Announced recently, zhuzhou high-tech zone, and encourage innovation entrepreneurship "double gen talent", high-level personnel can obtain 2.6 million yuan of subsidies, new full-time undergraduate course graduate, graduate can get subsidies of 24000 yuan, 24000 yuan respectively. At present, zhuzhou high-tech zone has more than 120,000 professionals. The total number of professionals will reach 200,000 by 2020. The foundation of development is industry, and the strong industry lies in talents. In the key period of pushing development to "high end", zhuzhou city shows an unprecedented desire for talents.

In August this year, at the invitation of zhuzhou municipal party committee and municipal government, 23 academician experts came to zhuzhou to participate in the 7th "academician expert zhuzhou line" activity. Activities, 23 member of expert group of zhuzhou city economic and social development consultant, they also respectively with Air China in hunan institute of machinery, car in zhuzhou era, new materials, such as hunan hualian industry enterprises signed an agreement, the new material, new energy, deep sea robot, ceramic and so on to carry out the depth cooperation. As the core of promoting development, cultivating and absorbing innovative talents has been implemented by zhuzhou as a major strategy. To this end, zhuzhou successively issued "innovation 10", "double create 8" and so on, and launched the implementation of "100 science and technology achievements transformation project". We will also introduce "30 measures" to further promote the development of talents, and strive to bring in more than 4,000 high-level personnel.

At present, zhuzhou has all kinds of technical personnel 200000 people, including three Chinese academy of engineering, the state outstanding contribution expert of 42, its working talent was named the national second grassroots innovation talents work outstanding cases. At the same time, vigorously "soft" exchanging, zhuzhou, China power valley garden has invited 10 member set up independent innovation academician workstation, and hired 62 national "863" chief scientist, "one thousand plan" experts for expert advisory committee.

Talent pool, innovation ability. In recent years, the number of patent applications in zhuzhou has increased by more than 20% annually, and the number of patents owned by each 10,000 people has reached 8.72, which is twice the average of the whole province. For nearly three years, zhuzhou 54 new national, provincial research and development platform, the newly established national and provincial innovation strategic alliance, six new China power valley rented innovation park, the space and 17.

"Key foundation material technology promotion and industrialization" key special "high performance new hard alloy preparation technology and industrialization demonstration" project initiation and implementation plan advisory council in jiangxi.

Recently, led by jiang tungsten holdings group of national key research and development program "high performance new carbide preparation technology and industrialization demonstration" project initiation and implementation plan advisory council was held in jiangxi. Do concerned personnel, the ministry of science and high technology center special special overall expert group and the project advisory group of experts, project led by jiang tungsten holdings group and sichuan university projects such as research unit, a total of more than 40 people attended the meeting, in jiangxi province department of relevant leaders and China non-ferrous industry association representatives to attend the meeting.

During the meeting, the special office personnel introduced the special overall management situation, and put forward specific requirements for project management in combination with the interim measures of national key research and development plan management. Jin-cheng zhao, deputy director-general of the representative projects recommended by the unit in jiangxi province, emphasizes the project is a enterprises in jiangxi province as one of the few led units to undertake research and development of the national key projects, the provincial department attaches great importance to, and will actively cooperate with the project management, ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Project director, head of the sichuan university professor becky and each subject report detailed implementation plan, the participating experts for project implementation plan seriously discussed, Suggestions to strengthen to organize and implement the management of the project, focusing on engineering measure, to strengthen the application development and implementation as soon as possible in the aerospace, energy equipment, rail transportation, and other countries to demonstrate the application in the field of major projects.

This project for the aerospace, energy, equipment, rail transportation, and other areas of the major projects of high performance new structure cemented carbide materials and the demand of the cutting tool, relying on jiangxi tungsten resources advantages, to develop "raw materials - materials - products -" the innovation of the whole industry chain development, achieve subsistence guarantee of high quality raw materials and materials and high-end of the industrialization of the typical cutting tool, work mould and application demonstration, to strongly promote upgrading of cemented carbide products in our country, promoting the international competitiveness of related industries.