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Raw materials for 2017: five Kings are fighting for lithium

The most popular word for the lithium battery material market in 2017 is "rise". In 2017, the market price of cobalt and lithium increased in varying degrees. Cobalt, in particular, has been from 47 since this month, according to Shanghai nonferrous data. 70,000 yuan/ton rose to the highest 51. 50,000 yuan/ton, up 10. 44%. According to the 51. The transaction price of 50,000 yuan/ton was more than 88% higher than the beginning of the year.

Symphony: destiny's opening point "rise and rise! Up and up!" In recent years, with the rise of the global electric car industry, the price of cobalt and lithium, an important raw material for lithium batteries, has risen. Because of mineral reserves and production capacity, rely heavily on overseas cobalt and lithium resources in China, the current domestic cobalt resources 90% dependent on foreign demand, with imports of lithium resource demand depends 70% on overseas imports. There is a forecast of 21 global demand for lithium carbonate in 2017-2020. 91, 25. 09 and 29. 300,000 tonnes, up more than 10 per cent year on year. According to industry data service provider Roskill to global lithium demand will reach 1 million tons in 2026, the compound annual growth rate will reach 18%, the main driving force comes from the battery industry, especially the new energy vehicle power battery industry. Thus, under the influence of the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, lithium gap between supply and demand will increase further, as a rare resource of lithium value will have room to improve further, prices will become the inevitable trend of the market.

Cobalt has a very low proven reserves, most of which are associated with other metal deposits, making the extraction and separation technology complex and the cost of extraction very high. According to industry media, about 60 percent of the world's current growth in cobalt consumption comes from China, which has become the world's largest consumer of cobalt. Global cobalt mainly concentrated in Congo (gold), Australia, and Cuba in The Three Kingdoms, as of 2016, Congo's cobalt (gold) proved reserves of 3.4 million tons, the world's first, and cobalt ore reserves in our country is only 80000 tons, cobalt ore reserves is extremely low. According to the statistics of relevant research institutions, China's cobalt consumption was about 4 in 2016. 580,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 3. 78% of the time, the battery material consumption is about 3. 660,000 tons, accounting for 78% of cobalt's overall consumption structure. At present, the three - yuan battery has been favored by the market with higher than energy. The demand for cobalt has exploded, and the gap between supply and demand has been increased. The agency predicts that in 2016-2018, cobalt will have a gap of 1,000 to 3,000 tons per year in metallurgical fields. However, according to the research data of the institute, cobalt suppliers, including glencore, luoyang molybdenum and Eurasian resources, do not have much production capacity in the short term.

A variation of the song: "the trout's quintet" In fact, there are five forces in this annual "grab" show. The first is the domestic and foreign mining giant, they run for years, in the upstream mining in the hands of the rich resources of upstream, in the field of upstream has absolute power, to control costs and prices. The foreign SQM and FMC of lithium resources, the domestic tianqi lithium industry, jiangxi feng lithium industry and so on are the representatives of this aspect strength; There is data on cobalt that mining giant glencore, luoyang molybdenum, Eurasian resources and jinchuan group now account for 60 per cent of the world's cobalt production. Through the merger and purchase capital, mining giants to further enhance the control of global lithium cobalt resources, in lithium cobalt resources price so is present, firmly grasp the market initiative, to ensure that corporate profits.

The second force is the new energy car business. Considering the future development of new energy automotive industry, car companies are also added to the cobalt, lithium resources "grab" team, in order to reserve the upstream raw materials for the enterprise development in the future, try to participate in the negotiation system, cobalt, lithium resources to ensure that the enterprise for the future development of the initiative. Third force, new energy battery enterprises. Because of the lagging supply of cobalt and lithium, the supply and demand imbalance has led to frequent price fluctuations. In order to preempt the market and guarantee the supply of raw materials, battery enterprises have increased their control over the upstream resources. Fourth force, battery material enterprises. The battery material enterprises can be divided into three categories, one is the direct operation of the mining giant, such as: jiangxi feng, etc. The second is to focus on the material production of the company, such as: when promoted technology, fir shares, etc.; Third, the recycling of metal recycling enterprises, such as: green beauty and so on. This is mainly referred to the second type of material enterprises. The fifth force is all kinds of cross-border capital. Most of these businesses have built up in other fields, accumulating abundant capital. It is hoped that by tapping into the lithium electricity business, the distribution of rare mineral resources in the upstream will stimulate the growth of the company's business.

Sonata: "moonlight" "seek lithium for lithium" road insurance and long The personage inside course of study to the battery China said that while both at home and abroad in a "lithium cobalt" hot, but in fact the global lithium cobalt resources have long been demand, can buy the mines and equity few and far between. There is a way, "you have a good plan, I have a wall ladder", the enterprise to compete for the upstream resources is a total of the eight celestial crossing the sea each of the various. Chinese academy of engineering mian-ping zheng to battery China has proven reserves of lithium "salt lake" in China, qinghai salt lake lithium chloride is about 19.82 million tons, salt lake in Tibet has been find out the reserves of more than 1740, ten thousand tons of "salt lake lithium reserves are abundant in our country. "Salt lake" in the "s" has become the focus of enterprise in recent years, including byd, ningde hin high-tech era, countries, walter, Peking University first, noble shares, huatai battery industry chain companies such as car into qinghai, Tibet, "salt lake" industry rapid rise. 2017 is the first year of the "salt lake" industry. The production capacity of enterprises is gradually formed, and the lithium technology in salt lake is gradually maturing. The "salt lake" capacity acceleration will be the main focus of the "salt lake" lithium industry in 2018, expecting the release of "salt lake lithium" capacity to balance the increasing imbalance of lithium supply and demand.

International cobalt giant Cobalt27's recent "stockpiling" action has made the heart of new energy companies throb. Cobalt27 announced that it would issue c $85m (about 4 per cent). The common stock of RMB 3.7 billion is sold for 720 tons of high-grade metal cobalt. In fact, the company bought 2157 in June. 5 tons of cobalt, including 1486. 5 tons of high-grade metal cobalt and 671 tons of standard metal cobalt. On November 3, solstice, December 8, the price of the high-grade cobalt range in the international market reached 10% and 19%, while the price of the low-grade metal cobalt range increased by 8% and 7%. Cobalt-t27 announced that a big acquisition of cobalt was thought to be a major driver of the recent uptrend in cobalt prices. Insiders believe that Cobalt27 is more like an ETF for a cobalt product. The establishment of cobalt-t27 will transform the previously hidden stockpiling behavior into the listed ETF products, which will greatly expand the channel of social capital into the cobalt industry. Cobalt-t27's cobalt hoarding has been enough to affect global market prices, and if the cobalt-t27 is hoarded, it will push up prices.

The political situation in Congo, the world's largest cobalt supplier, has also made the fragile cobalt supply chain worse, with the exception of the cobalt price, which has led to a rise in cobalt prices. In January 2017, it was rumoured that Congo would ban the export of cobalt concentrate, and the price of cobalt at home and abroad rose. In October 2017, the government of the democratic republic of Congo issued a document banning the export of unprocessed copper and cobalt minerals, which again led to fluctuations in international cobalt prices. At the end of the year, Congo's domestic political turmoil is likely to trigger a return of the cobalt price, with little prospect of a stable price in the future.

Overall, 2017, high cobalt, lithium resources price rises all the way, for the whole of the development of new energy industry has formed a certain constraints, technical route selection of battery enterprises also caused a certain influence. In the case of rare mineral resources, enterprises actively compete for the position of the card, capital undercurrents surge. Regardless of the future of cobalt and lithium, battery China will continue to pay attention.

The method of making planetary thread Rolling dies device

Patent name: the production method of planetary rolling dies device

Technical field: The utility model relates to a planetary thread rolling device that is installed on a planetary roller and is especially suitable for the processing of screws under M2.

At present, the main equipment used for processing screws is reciprocating rolling machine, thread rolling machine and planetary thread rolling machine. In the reciprocating rolling machine, there is a fixed thread and the active thread rolling board, and the output is between 2000 and 4000 pieces per hour, which can process the threads of M0.8, but the machining accuracy is low. Thread rolling machine is to use two screw rolling wheel instead of two pieces of thread rolling plate to processing threads, thread the machine can guarantee to get a higher precision and lower roughness, but the production efficiency is low, output per hour is 1200 ~ 1200, its processing is commonly used in M3 more threads.

Planetary thread rolling machine thread rolling mechanism is mainly composed of a piece of thread rolling plate fixed arc and a rolling wheel, screw rolling wheel under the action of dynamic axis rotation, mechanical parts in the rolling wheel and curved under the extrusion of thread rolling plate form the thread, the thread rolling machine with high efficiency, output per hour is commonly 10000 ~ 12000, thread processing by high precision, low roughness, but with its processing under M3 screws are difficult.

The purpose of this utility model is to overcome the defects existing in the screw processing machinery, and provide a planetary roller device that can process the screws under M2, with stable quality and convenient operation. The task of the utility model is done by the following scheme aims at M2 screw pitch small, under quotas, tolerance is small, the characteristics of the processing difficulty, to the planetary screw rolling machine thread rolling wheel and arc structure parameters of the thread rolling plate was improved. The planet-type roller is composed of power shaft, machine tool bed body, curved thread rolling board, feeding guide rail, vibrator, top feeder and roller. Arc thread rolling plate and the main structural parameters of the rolling wheel including thread n, spiral Angle, thread height h, omega thread bottom fillet r t, pitch, tooth type Angle tolerance of the delta, thread rolling plate inner diameter D 'before D1, rub, screw rolling wheel diameter D2, roll diameter D before ", arc plate radial chamfering the circumferential chamfering L n and curved panels.

The diameter D1 = nd+2h+ 2d, the outer diameter of the roller wheel is D2 = nd+ 2h, where n is the thread number, d is the diameter of the workpiece, h is the high thread tooth. The spiral Angle omega, thread height h, thread head n, thread tooth base Angle r, screw pitch t, tooth Angle tolerance delta are all equal. When processing M1.4 screw, n is 72 t is 0.3 mm, it 'D 89.17 0.02 mm, D1 is 88.94 mm, D "for the 86.76 0.02 mm, D2 is 86.95 mm, h is 0.19 + / - 0.01 mm, the delta is plus or minus 30', omega is 4 ° 32 ', r is 0.043 mm, n is 0.17 mm, L is 4 mm.

planetary thread Rolling dies of btcarbide

The production method of the two - surface roller planetary feeding machine

The utility model two - surface roller planetary feeding machine is a semi-automatic welding wire feeding device in the welding field. Currently, hyperboloid wheel planetary wire feeding machine is with hollow shaft motor with hollow shaft of the roller rotor series, with the rotation of the hollow shaft motor drive with hollow shaft roller axial connection of rotor spinning. When the wheel axis and axis wire into a certain Angle, roller will do screw rolling along the wire surface, due to the roller axial movement, do not do this wire will do axial movement along the hollow shaft, realize the welding wire roller along the hollow shaft and the hollow shaft motor rotor axial movement, achieved the purpose of the wire feed.

At present, this kind of wire feeding machine, non-standard special hollow shaft motor must be used to achieve wire feeding requirements, hollow shaft motor selection difficulties, axial size is larger, wire feeding machine wire through the hollow shaft motor will reduce the service life of the motor, welding wire and roller pressure cannot be adjusted according to the diameter of the wire, the diameter of a wire feeding machine is only applicable to a range of welding wire, wire feeding process because of the pressure adjusting device, the installation of the wire is difficult, processing and manufacturing of the whole machine is difficult, the cost is higher, and the hollow shaft motor hollow shaft roller rotor is not completed independent installation and maintenance.

The two - surface roller planetary feeding machine can solve the above problems.

The utility model two - surface roller planetary feeding machine consists of two parts of the general motor and the hollow shaft roller

  • (1)- ordinary solid shaft motor.
  • (2)- hollow shaft roller rotor.
  • (3)- wire export tube.
  • (4)- wire lead tube.
  • (5)- pressure dial.
  • (6)- pressure spring
  • (7)- pressure plate.
  • (8) - wire.
  • (9) pin.
  • (10)- gear train.
  • (11)- two - surface roller.
  • (12)- wheel rack.
  • (13)- double curved roller hollow shaft rotor bracket.Hyperboloid

(14) - wheel planetary motor of wire feeding machine adopts the ordinary standard series (1), through a simple power transmission mechanism (10) turns the hollow shaft wheel rotor (2), when the wheel axis and axis wire into a certain Angle, roller will do screw rolling along the surface of welding wire, because the roller axial movement, do not do so the wire do axial movement of the realization of the aim of wire feeding, such wire only along the hollow shaft roller rotor axial movement, ordinary motor (1) installed at the bottom of the hollow shaft wheel rotor (2) or parallel, through a simple power transmission mechanism (10) can complete wire feeding process, this kind of wire feeding mechanism has compact structure, cover an area of an area small, wide range of motor selection, and the replacement of wire import pipe (4) and export (3), at the same time by pressure adjusting plate (5) change the spring (6) and roller pressure adjustment of welding wire pressure, the pressure of the spring in the range of 0 to 20 kg change, can adapt to different diameter of wire. When adjusting the pressure regulating plate (5), the spring pressure is zero, and the welding wire (8) can be easily installed, so that the wire installation is more convenient.

Deeply cultivated the us market, let Chinese fasteners go abroad!

First stop:

Take part in the Las Vegas show On October 18, the 2017 Las Vegas international fasteners (formerly American west industrial fasteners and factory supply exhibition) kicked off at the Las Vegas convention center. This is also the first stop of the Chinese screw global research mission, 2017 American station.

As one of the world's three major exhibitions, the exhibition attracted 723 exhibitors, with a large number of domestic companies, including large U.S. distributors such as BBI and EFC International. There are 175 Chinese mainland enterprises participating in this exhibition, accounting for about a quarter of the exhibitors. Including jiangsu huasheng, zhejiang flying letter pure, zhejiang ChengShiJia, Shanghai, Shanghai sharp extension, wever, jiaxing large zhe, zhejiang axa, jiaxing xing xin, Bosch, hangzhou lizhan, jiangsu and solid, etc.

The second stop:

Visit Fast Rite On the morning of October 20, the Chinese screw global expedition team headed to Chicago -- Fast Rite headquarters, Fast Rite boss Mr. Gerge, global purchasing manager Mr.Howard and other colleagues warmly received members of the China snails investigation team.

Fast Rite was established in 1992 and is headquartered in Chicago, USA. It mainly provides OEM services for the top 300 enterprises and factories in the world. Fast Rite has advanced packaging equipment and warehouse management technology, and fully computerized management of the laboratory, using the data of SAP system implementation and data sharing, the biggest characteristic is to help our clients achieve zero inventory, improve management and reduce the cost of production.

As Chicago local well-known enterprises, Fast listed Rite find countless opportunities, but the boss Gerge intends to control the scale of the company, into the infinite enthusiasm to the work, pay attention to every detail and steps to implement of fine management, make Fast Rite SAP system the smallest companies in the world. In questions, Fast Rite receptionist patiently answer the delegation question and explore Fast Rite is how to maximize the avoid customer inventory risk, and the current China's tight enterprise development bottlenecks, and where is the future.

The third stop:

Visit Magni On the morning of October 23, the Chinese screw global delegation drove to Detroit, visiting Magni, the us and Canada. Matt and Mr.Eddie and other colleagues warmly welcomed us. According to the introduction, Magni (meili) was established in 1974, headquartered in Birmingham, USA, which aims to develop and manufacture and use high performance anticorrosive coating to extend the service life of the product. In addition to Africa, Magni has established metal surface treatment and technology centers around the world to serve global customers through facilities in the United States, China and Brazil. Magni coating to be used by more than 240 coating manufacturer, has leading chemical technology and excellent engineers, to ensure the quality of coating, concentration, and shelf life, products are mainly used in automobile fasteners, wind, customers include Shanghai Volkswagen, general motors, ford motor, etc.

In this visit, the Magni chief emphasized the 500 series, in which the five words begin with fastener products. Its main function is to prevent corrosion and maintain the stability of friction coefficient; The requirements of the American and American forces on raw materials are almost strict, and the coating is usually coated with a coating. Subsequently, the members of the wah delegation also visited Magni exhaust and drainage systems. According to Magni's director, "the maintenance costs of Magni's exhaust filters are high, costing about us $10,000 per month, and the filtration rate is 87%, and the country will have some flexibility to permit emissions." Waste water processor maintenance cost is very high, our waste water processor, will test the quality of the wastewater composition and adjust at any time, precipitation in the back of a harmless waste water, to ensure the country permits." It is pointed out that the pain points of China fastener industry mainly lie in the serious environmental pollution, so that the development of the industry is blocked. During the visit, members of the mission expressed their admiration for the high technology content of Magni and the "low-energy zero emission" surface treatment system.

The fourth stop:

Visit a ND Industries On the afternoon of October 23, members of the China snails delegation rushed to ND Industries, another famous American firm in Detroit. According to the introduction, ND Industries is a family enterprise founded in 1955, specialized in processing and anti-elastic firmware processing, serving the global market, and has been developing for more than 60 years. The core business is to apply various materials to fasteners and components to help fastener products lock, seal, cover, lubricate, reduce noise and reduce vibration resistance. ND Industries has a leading chemical expert team and advanced laboratory equipment, by providing personalized professional advice and take the customer as the center of product research and development, to meet and exceed customer expectations. Under the guidance of Mr. Ted and other colleagues of ND Industries, the delegation visited the ministry of chemical engineering, packaging, r&d, and equipment department of ND Industries. For more than half a century, ND has focused on the development of anti-pine materials, and believes that the future will be further and further away!

The fifth stop:

Visit ford On October 25, the Chinese screw global delegation visited ford motor co., USA.

The sixth station:

Visit America's Fastenal Subsequently, the delegation a line into American Fastenal (quick) entity shop, visit on-the-spot investigation the hardware market is in order to more clearly know what americans use fastener products is more, as well as to the quality and specifications requirements, thereby to inspire domestic enterprise management and product development. In the survey, we found that the United States is different from the domestic market, and there are few large-scale hardware wholesale markets, which are independent hardware supermarkets, which can buy hardware accessories that are needed in daily life. The hardware, fasteners and tools of the supermarket are neatly arranged from the inside out to the outer shelves. The environment is clean and quiet and spacious and bright, which is clearly different from the domestic hardware stores.

Editorial:Every trip is a study. Every time we communicate, we make progress. The world is too big to go out. You think you see the world. In the 10 days trip to the United States, we understand the fastener industry upstream and downstream field - Fast Rite (fasteners OEM management services company), Magni (surface treatment), ND Industries (locking), Fastenal (metal supermarket chain) advanced technology and excellent enterprise operation and management. For domestic enterprises, how to "learn to use", to promote enterprise development is the main thing.