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The largest tungsten deposit in China is known as the king of war metal

Tungsten as "critical" mineral resource in the world, The Times has been favored by the governments, the British geological prospecting institute has classified tungsten supply of the materials needed to maintain the UK economy and lifestyle risk listing, China also to limit mining, so as to see its value. The discovery of zhuxi tungsten mine not only enriches the tungsten mineral resources, but also makes China play an important role in the future international competition.

First found in 1783, tungsten is the highest melting metal on earth, with a melting point of more than 3,400 degrees Celsius, which is widely used in the automotive industry and defense. Low of 2016, the state issued the national mineral resources planning (2016-2020) ", will be a national strategic tungsten mineral directory, as the macroeconomic regulation and control of mineral resources and the focus of the supervision and management of the object, and in the allocation of resources, financial investment, provide differentiated management mining land, etc. In the plan, it is clearly stated that the protection develops minerals such as tungsten, tin and antimony. We will consolidate the base of tungsten deposits, such as chenzhou and chenzhou in jiangxi province, and stabilize the scale of mining, and rationally utilize the resources of tungsten, low-grade tungsten and tungsten tailings. There are five tungsten mining state planning zones and three tungsten tin deposits that are of great value to the national economy.

Tungsten is used in defense to make all kinds of alloy steels, tungsten is the gun barrel, the engine USES high temperature alloy, rocket nozzles, armour, electromagnetic gun and other necessary elements. The demand and prices of tungsten have risen sharply during the wars in history, and tungsten is known as the "king of war metal".

According to the latest statistics from the USGS, the world has detected 3.3 million tons of tungsten reserves, mainly in the Alps and the Pacific rim. China is at the top of the list, accounting for 57 percent of the world's total reserves. Although China has a monopoly of resources, there is no monopoly profits, mainly because of China's tungsten over-exploited, exports too much, and given priority to with low added value of primary products exports, the profit is low. In recent years, China has imposed a quota cap on tungsten mining, limiting its annual output to about 913, 000 tons. In 2017, a total of 17 provinces (regions) have been granted production targets, including 3,8450 tons in jiangxi and 2,3600 tons in hunan province and half of the production indicators.

The world's largest tungsten mine Zhuxi tungsten-copper mine is located in the town of shouan town and leping city in fuliang county, jiangxi province. It is located in the north east of jiangxi province. In January 2016, zhu xi mining area (30-78 line) was the world's largest tungsten mine with 2.86 million tons of tungsten trioxide resources. Two months later, the copper dock in the float saddle county, jiangxi province, leping cypress dock copper polymetallic census report through expert review, Zhu Xi new tungsten trioxide tungsten resources 578500 tons, the size of its resource increased from 2.86 million tons to 2.86 million tons, once again break the world record for the tungsten reserves.

Project significance

  • The first is the breakthrough of management mode, the central and provincial-level geological prospecting fund coordinated interaction, complementary advantages and concentrated input, which provided a solid guarantee for the realization of the rapid breakthrough of mine prospecting.
  • The second is the breakthrough of tungsten mining resources, which is 2.7 times the reserves of the tungsten deposits of the largest tungsten mine in the world.
  • Three is the breakthrough of deposit type, except for quartz vein type and network vein type, newly discovered skaryan type, alteration granite type tungsten copper deposit.
  • The breakthrough of the four is deep drilling process, construction of the three super 2000 meters of drilling, in the case of complex formation structure, karst development, has created a solid mineral exploration core drilling depth in jiangxi province the first success. Zhu Xi mineral prospecting results, in wuning big lakes change in jiangxi province "south to north of tungsten copper metallogenic pattern, on the basis of the formation of the northwest of jiangxi, jiangxi, northeast jiangxi tungsten the new pattern of" three pillar ", further established the "world tungsten is" the importance of jiangxi province, notion of cemented tungsten in our country in the world, the mineral resources reserve, the guidance of tungsten ore exploration and development, a milestone.

Volkswagen and the world's leading cobalt producers are in talks about the future of global metal cobalt demand that will reach 1610,000 tonnes

Earlier this month, Volkswagen approved a $34 billion spending plan aimed at accelerating the development of electric vehicles and trying to become a leader in the global electric car market. "We have had constructive negotiations with some well-known suppliers and the negotiations will continue," a vw spokesman said. In addition to the product supply and production costs, the negotiations also discussed the expansion, sustainability and transparency of future capacity. The talks took place in Wolfsburg, Germany, for two days, beginning Thursday and ending Friday.

The talks aimed at and Glencore (Glencore), Huayou Cobalt industry (Huayou Cobalt), commodity traders unity (Traxys) and freeport-mcmoran copper gold companies in the United States (U.S. miner freeport-mcmoran) and Eurasian resources group (ERG) discussed Cobalt supply agreement. Eurasia resource group confirmed that its representatives participated in the meeting; Glencore declined to comment; The company, the company, and freeport McMoran, have not commented.

Cobalt metals are priced at around $30 a pound, the highest price since October 2008, according to people familiar with the matter. In 2015, the price was less than $10 a pound. The price rose sharply last year as the global government and automakers began pushing for electric vehicles to cut emissions from fuel locomotives. "There may be other suppliers, but they didn't attend last week's meeting," said another source. It's not possible for suppliers to have a fixed price, and they want to have all the supply agreements reached by the end of the year, and that's not going to happen."

Cobalt producers and vw are expected to resume talks next year, but there is no clear plan yet, according to sources. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, cobalt production will increase from 122,000 tonnes last year to 219,000 tonnes in 2022, with most of the increase coming from Congo.

At the company level, glencore dominates the market, producing more than 28,000 tonnes of cobalt last year. George Heppel, an adviser to CRU international limited, predicted earlier this year that the global demand for cobalt metal would be close to 136,000 tonnes by 2021; By 2025, the demand will increase to 1610,000 tonnes. Demand for cobalt metals worldwide is about 102,000 tonnes this year. The proportion of battery demand for electric vehicles and mobile devices will reach 46 percent in 2021, up from 40 percent this year, Heppel said.

First of all, BBS, the machine tool industry, held a new step of cooperation between the two national associations in Beijing

Exchanges and cooperation, to promote the sino-italian machine tool industry of China machine tool industry association with the Italian association of manufacturers of machine tools, robots and automation systems in the Italian embassy in the People's Republic of China, Italian foreign trade commission, the People's Republic of China ministry of industry and information technology under the guidance and support, on November 30, 2017 held in Beijing the first selected BBS machine tool industry. The BBS theme is: "Italy industry 4.0 helps make China 2025".

In recent years, a new generation of information technology and the rapid development of Internet, and are widely affects all aspects of human production and living, also profoundly affects the pattern of global manufacturing, with industrial 4.0 as the important symbol of the fourth industrial revolution is seeking breakthrough in forward. Aiming at manufacturing power, the Chinese government has formulated the China 2025 national strategy in 2015 and is now steadily implementing it. As an important manufacturing equipment, machine tools are also changing rapidly. High-grade CNC machine tools and robots are listed as one of the top ten key areas of making 2025 in China, which fully demonstrates the importance of machine tools in the new industrial revolution.

Both Italy and China are world machine tool manufacturers, but the machine tool industry of the two countries has its own characteristics. At present, China is the largest country for machine tool production, consumption and import volume in the world, while Italy has a strong advantage in the medium and high-end machine tools market. Therefore, there are obvious complementarities between the machine tools manufacturing and the market in China and Italy. The potential of cooperation between the two countries' machine tools industry is very great. In this context, the machine tool industry of the two countries needs to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and the Italian machine tool enterprises are eager to understand the needs of Chinese users. Therefore, under the strong support and promotion of the ministry of economic development and the ministry of industry and information technology of China, BBS, the first industrial machine tool industry, came into being.

Italian ambassador Mr Xie Guoyi, Italy's economic development, vice minister of Ivan, Mr Lotto, China's ministry of industry and information technology equipment department deputy director Mr Jun-jie luo, President of China machinery industry federation, Mr Rui-xiang wang, Italian foreign trade commission chairman would become as Mr To attend the meeting and delivered a speech. Italian manufacturers of machine tools, robots and automation systems association President Massimo Carboniero Sir, China machine tool industry association, deputy director, Mr Long hair in the front of China machine tool industry association secretary general Mr Wang Liming, China machine tool industry association executive vice President of Mr Chang-cheng guo to attend the meeting.

The BBS participants including sino-italian government officials on both sides, machine tool enterprises, China machine tool manufacturers and users, and the like machine tool association on behalf of, the two countries represented with milan, tsinghua university institute of technology, media, etc., a total of about 200 people.

BBS is mainly composed of two round table talks, chaired by Mr. Wang liming, secretary general of the China machine tool industry association, and Mr. Quedo zakoni, director of the Italian chamber of commerce in China. Round-table talks with a theme of "nc machine tools, industrial robots and industrial automation", the Italian companies are: horse, "green isle, marposs company, European and American companies, close the company; Chinese enterprises include Beijing north one machine tool Co., Ltd., Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., Wuhan heavy machine tool group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang RIFA Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Round-table talks the theme of "nc machine tools, industrial robots, and industrial automation in automobile manufacturing, rail transport, shipbuilding, aerospace, and application and development trend of the energy industry", the Italian firms have: "rui tong company, ferrari, Steve jobs, in the company, Mr Ma, pass Pal company, Peter connor base company, the Italian way; Chinese enterprises: Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool Group Share Co., Ltd., jinan second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., Beijing second Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

The two roundtable talks were heated and discussed enthusiastically. The representatives of both parties directly recognized and communicated with each other, and the stage was also interactive. This BBS through the two government agencies, industry associations, universities, machine tool enterprises and key areas of communication between the user and promoted the mutual understanding of attending parties, to explore the cooperation opportunities in the future. Although BBS is short, it has far-reaching significance and will lay a good foundation for further exchanges and cooperation in the future.

In order to better cooperation, then enlightenment holdings co., LTD., the milan polytechnic university, China machine tool industry association, machine tools, robots and automation systems manufacturers association in Italy in the memorandum of understanding signed. Finally, Mr. Massimo Carboniero, President of the Italian machine tool, robot and automation system manufacturers association, and Mr. Chang MAO yufeng, executive deputy director of the China machine tool industry association, made the concluding remarks respectively.

Mr Massimo Carboniero introduced Italy advantages in the field of machine tool manufacturing, Italy machine tool with the excellent product and technology, there are 60% export market, China is an export market, Italy is very important in China machine tool importer rankings, ranked sixth in Italy, there are still a lot of room to improve. Italian industry 4.0 is very willing to help make 2025 in China and cooperate with Chinese enterprises in intelligent manufacturing and Internet wisdom. He said the bilateral BBS was very successful and was very important for bilateral cooperation. , says Mr MAO in front of Italy and China machine tool association has a long-term relationship history, on China's machine tool industry association of China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT) and China numerical control machine tool exhibition (CCMT), Italian association of group participation. In the annual international machine tool exhibition, both associations will be able to exchange activities together. With the aid of the selected machine tool BBS, two association and the field of machine tool enterprises and users on behalf of the two countries together, mutual communication and exchange, marks the cooperation between the two association again on a new step. China adheres to the basic state policy of opening up to the outside world, advocates the development of an open world economy and economic globalization, and develops an open economy at a higher level. China's proposed "area" initiative, is a major strategic move, expand opening to the outside two association is willing to interested machine tool industry in the two countries "in" the pragmatic cooperation construct platform for international exchanges and cooperation, play a role of bridge between the international ties.

With the concerted efforts of the relevant departments of the two governments concerned, and the joint efforts of specific organizational units, BBS of the machine tool industry was a complete success.

The annual turnover of the tool industry in dongguan has exceeded 10 billion yuan

On November 28, the second dongguan international knives festival was held at the guangdong modern international exhibition center in houjie town, dongguan city. The theme of this cutter festival is the new era of China's numerical control tools.

The tools section by nc tool industry association, dongguan city, according to the dongguan long hai-bing zhu dao association, this year's tool section, whether dongguan tool industry development situation, the exhibition scale, the number of exhibitors, BBS expert hit a new high level and communication results. Dongguan knife association will actively response to the government's "made in China 2025" grand strategy, promote the intelligent manufacturing, promote transformation and upgrading of mechanical processing industry, and completes the tool, provide reliable guarantee for the development of equipment manufacturing industry.

According to the introduction, since the 1990s, dongguan began to introduce nc cutting tools in the whole country, and became the most famous nc tool distribution center in the country around 2000. At present, dongguan has more than 2,300 CNC tool production and foreign trade enterprises, with more than 30,000 cutting tools, with annual turnover exceeding 10 billion yuan, which is the largest tool production and marketing center in south China.

Dongguan CNC cutting tool industry development situation is good, this year by the manufacturing recovery, 3 c intelligent terminals, automobile manufacturing and other industries demand, according to incomplete statistics, in the first three quarters of the whole industry orders than the same period last year rose nearly 25%, market development momentum of leading regional tools. It is reported that the second quarter even appeared some tool factory orders saturation, the phenomenon of demand exceeds supply. In order to meet the market demand and expand production capacity, many entrepreneurs have increased their investment in fixed assets, continuously introduced high-end equipment, and the brand of mainstream CNC grinder has been in a difficult situation.

Is dongguan sword association for the third year in a row this year group, on the exhibition, there are 48 "dongguan knife association" member enterprise joint exhibition, exhibition area of 1000 square meters, up 31% from a year earlier, the participating companies, the fair booth area, is the whole city each association industry including 8 enterprise dedicated to the image, special decoration called dongguan knife (pavilion and exhibition of the highlights of the tools.