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The tungsten industry has been steadily improving

2017 years ago in the third quarter, the continued growth of China's tungsten industry production and export trade, market demand gradually recovery, the contradiction between supply and demand continues to improve, the price shocks up, reduce the loss of enterprises, enhance profitability, tungsten industry economic benefit is improved markedly, positive in the continued stability.

Economic performance In the first three quarters of the year, the company's operating income increased 25.26% year on year. Tax revenue increased by 109.49 percent year-on-year. Profit growth was 362.23% year on year, up 25.3 percentage points from the first half. Exports of tungsten products were 2.21 million tons (metal), up 38.21 percent year on year. The economic operation of the tungsten industry in the first three quarters mainly has the following characteristics. First, the output of tungsten concentrate is stable and the output of smelting and processing products is increasing. Tungsten mines enterprises inside China tungsten association statistics in the first three quarters of this year of tungsten concentrate yield increased 4.22%, the 2016 national tungsten concentrate output fell by 3.88% in 2015, because of the low base of the same period, in the first three quarters of this year output rose. Due to the decline in the quality of tungsten resources, rising production costs, low market prices, financial difficulties, and increasing safety and environmental pressure, the output of tungsten concentrate is stable and difficult to grow. In the first three quarters of this year, tungsten mines in the tungsten mining industry reported a 9.20 percent drop in the production of tungsten concentrates from the same period in 2015.

Gradually turn for the better in the first three quarters of this year, along with the market demand, market price swings, downstream production of smelting processing enterprises to maintain growth, in addition to tungsten products, other tungsten smelting processing products have a substantial increase. China tungsten association statistics in tungsten smelting processing enterprises in the first three quarters of this year mainly APT and tungsten oxide tungsten smelting processing products, tungsten powder, tungsten carbide, partial acid ammonium, tungsten bars, tungsten carbide, high proportion of iron and tungsten, tungsten crucible year-on-year growth of 35.42%, 14.60% and 16.64%, respectively, 35.42%, 12.77%, 1.87%, 30.75%, 118.21%, 87.70% and 118.21%; The yield of tungsten, fine tungsten and tungsten electrode decreased by 3.55%, 11.27% and 8.64% respectively. In the first three quarters, the output of hard alloy CNC blades increased by 44.32% year on year, and continued to grow strongly.

Second, the export of tungsten products kept increasing, and the imported tungsten products continued to decline. In the first three quarters, international tungsten demand continued to recover and exports of tungsten products maintained growth. The growth rate slowed down, and imports of tungsten products continued to decline, narrowing the decline. China tungsten association according to customs statistics, in June exports tungsten products (metal, excluding carbide, similarly hereinafter) of record monthly exports in ten years, the export quantity of tungsten products in five consecutive months more than 2500 tons, except in February, exports are in more than 2000 tons. In September, the export of tungsten products was 2179 tons, up 12.94 percent year on year and 11.25 percent month-on-month. In the third quarter, exports of tungsten products were 7379.42 tons, up 24.48 percent year-on-year, and 14.33 percent from the previous month. In the first three quarters, the cumulative export of tungsten products was 22121 tons, a year-on-year increase of 38.21 percent, a gain of 8.08 percentage points from January to June, the highest level since 2008, and more than the whole of 2016. Exports were $663 million, up 38.68% year on year. Among them, the export volume of tungsten oxide, blue oxide tungsten, APT, tungsten-tungstate, tungsten carbide and tungsten powder increased by 25.18%, 85.98%, 73.26%, 56.86%, 28.62% and 3.85% respectively. Exports of mixed materials increased 73.93% year on year. According to statistics of China tungsten industry association cemented carbide branch, the export of hard alloy 2040.5 tons in the 3rd quarter, up 21.91% year on year, and 5559.5 tons in the 1-3 quarter, up 14.50% year on year.

Although the amount of imported tungsten was recovered in the third quarter, the total amount of imported tungsten in the first three quarters continued to decline. According to the China tungsten association according to customs statistics, 1 - tungsten products imported in September (metal, excluding carbide, similarly hereinafter) 1942 tons, fell 20.39% year on year, fell to 1 - narrowed 16.39% in June. Among them, 1314 tons of imported tungsten concentrate were imported, down 25.23% from the same period last year, and the decline was 14.77 percentage points narrower than that of January to June. Imports were $63.41 million, up 6.59 percent from a year earlier. Third, the market price concussion rises. Tungsten market after nearly three years of falling prices and to inventory, to the inventory effect appeared gradually, tungsten demand recovery, tungsten raw material supply continues to tighten, tungsten concentrate gradually return to rational prices, industry management environment improvement, but the price of tungsten concentrate level has not yet recovered to rational mining cost, tungsten mines enterprise are still losses, industry economic benefit has not been fundamentally improved, market uncertainties still exist.

The price of tungsten concentrate has recovered steadily. According to the China tungsten association statistics analysis: a small adjustment in June, the rapid rise of tungsten concentrate in September, monthly average price 113700 yuan/ton, up 68.20% year-on-year, up 13.93% month-on-month and return to more than 100000 yuan/ton, is high since April 2014; In October, the average price of tungsten concentrate was 10.33 million yuan/ton, up 43.67% year on year, and 9.15% from the previous month. The average price of tungsten concentrate in january-october was 8.66 million yuan/ton, up 27.17 percent year on year.

The average price of tungsten concentrate in the first quarter was 7.33 million yuan/ton, up 15.25 percent year on year. The average price of tungsten concentrate in the second quarter was 8.17 million yuan/ton, up 13.63 percent year on year. The average price of tungsten concentrate in the third quarter was 991, 000 yuan per ton, up 46.83 percent year on year. The average price of tungsten concentrate in the first three quarters was 8.46 million yuan/ton, up 24.96% from the same period last year. The price of tungsten concentrate has driven up the prices of APT and other raw materials. In September, APT prices rose rapidly, with the monthly average price of 17.33 million yuan/ton, up 65.52 percent year-on-year, up 12.75 percent from the previous month, and returning to more than 170,000 yuan/ton, the highest level since April 2014. In October, APT's average price was 16.02 million yuan/ton, up 46.30 percent year on year, down 7.56 percent from the previous month, and the overall stabilization. The average price of APT was 13.33 million yuan/ton in the january-october period, up 25.75% from the same period last year.

In the first quarter, APT's average price was 11.32 million yuan/ton, up 15.51% year on year. In the second quarter, APT's average price was 12.5 million yuan/ton, up 9.94% year on year. In the third quarter, APT's average price was 15.27 million yuan/ton, up 45.19 percent year on year. In the 1-3 quarter, APT's average price was 13.03 million yuan/ton, up 23.39 percent year on year. The price of domestic tungsten market has risen, which has led to the gradual recovery of the price of the tungsten market in foreign countries. According to China's statistical analysis of tungsten, the average price of APT export was $24,404.78 / ton of tungsten metal in the first quarter, up 9.91% year on year. In the second quarter, the average price of APT export was usd 2,6247.92 / ton of tungsten metal, up 7.41% year on year. In the third quarter, the average price of APT export was 28786.75 usd/ton of tungsten metal, up 18.71% year on year. In the january-march period, APT average price was $26,324.52 / ton of tungsten metal, up 9.40% year on year. In the first quarter, the average price of exported tungsten was 28,849.12 usd/ton of tungsten metal, up 4.73 percent year on year. The composite average price for the export of tungsten products in the second quarter was 29,362.34 us dollars per ton of tungsten metal, down 10.17 per cent year on year. Due to the changes in the structure of exported tungsten products, the comprehensive average price of exported tungsten products decreased year-on-year. In the three quarters, the average price of exported tungsten products averaged 315,93.74 usd/ton of tungsten metal, up 8.62% year on year. In the 1-3 quarter, the average price of exported tungsten products was 29,964.54 usd/ton of tungsten metal, up 0.34 percent year on year.

The average price of imported tungsten products in the first quarter was $37,251.64 / ton, up 87.80% year on year. The average price for imported tungsten products in the second quarter was $37442.02 / ton, up 33.42% year on year. The average price for imported tungsten products in the third quarter was 2,8143.45 usd/ton metal, up 29.49 percent year on year. The average price of imported tungsten products in the january-march period was 32643.89 usd/ton metal, up 33.89% year on year. The average price of imported tungsten concentrate was 12992.82 usd/ton metal, up 20.60% year on year. London metal guides (MB) APT monthly quotation from June 2011 high of $470 / ton, more than five consecutive years all the way down to $191.25 in December 2016 / ton, down $278.75 / ton, or 59.31%, down time and drop out during the financial crisis. In 2017, the price of the domestic tungsten market has returned to a rational return, and the price of the international tungsten market has recovered gradually. In the UK, the quotation of the metal guide (MB) in London has been gradually rising. In the first quarter, APT's average price was 202.81 usd/ton, up 17.91 percent year on year and 4.23 percent from the previous quarter. In the second quarter, APT's average price was $217.09 / ton, up 4.30% year on year, and 7.04% from the previous month. In the third quarter, APT's average price was $263.04 / ton, up 38.20% from a year earlier and 21.17% from the previous month. In the 1-3 quarter APT average price was us $227.65 / ton, up 19.81 per cent year on year.

Fourth, economic benefits improved significantly. In the first three quarters of this year, continued growth of production, export tungsten products to maintain growth, gradual recovery market demand, the contradiction between supply and demand to improve, the price shocks up, reduce the loss of enterprises, enhance profitability, economic efficiency improved significantly, positive in the tungsten industry continued stability. Despite tungsten market price swings in the third quarter to rise, the percentage of loss-incurring enterprises, economic benefit is improved, but due to the market price has not yet recovered to tungsten concentrate tungsten mining costs a reasonable level, is still below the industry average cost line, the production and operation of an enterprise is still facing many difficulties, especially tungsten mines enterprises still serious loss, economic benefits have not been a fundamental improvement in the industry. In the first three quarters, the average profit margin of China's tungsten enterprises was 3.86%, slightly lower than that of non-ferrous metal industrial enterprises. The profit margin was 3.93%, which is lower than the bank lending rate. Among them, the average profit margin of the main mining enterprises is 2.29%, the average profit margin of tungsten smelting enterprises is 3.73%, and the average profit margin of hard alloy enterprises is 7.68%.

In the first three quarters of the year, the company's operating income increased by 25.26% year on year, which was 6.61 percentage points higher than the first half. Business revenue increased by 24.45 percent year on year, up 6.96 percentage points from the first half. Tax revenue increased by 109.49 percent year-on-year, a 7.41 percentage point increase from the first half. Total profit growth was 362.23 per cent year on year, up 25.39 percentage points from the first half.

The tungsten mining enterprises were profitable in the same period from a year ago, but the profit and losses were serious due to the difference in the cost of the selection. The profit of tungsten smelting enterprises increased by 126.59% year-on-year. The profits of hard alloy enterprises increased by 105.48% year-on-year. The company's profits rose 46.25 percent year on year. Accounting for 72.27% of the enterprises in the statistics, three more than in the first half; The number of loss-making firms accounted for 27.73 per cent, four fewer than in the first half. Among them:

In the statistics, the losses of the mining enterprises were 51.52%, and the loss and loss of the mining enterprises was 39.91 percentage points. The loss of smelting enterprises was 21.43 percent, and a 17.86 percentage point decrease in the year-on-year loss. Hard alloy enterprises lost 15.22% of their losses, 14.33 percentage points less than the loss of the year. Tungsten enterprises lost 20.00% of their losses and reduced their losses by 10 percentage points. Market analysis and outlook

From international tungsten market situation, because of years of tungsten market downturn, foreign production, production, and a freeze on tungsten mines are still more, cause the global production of tungsten concentrate, tungsten concentrate production abroad held steady overall. According to the world metal statistics, the global concentrate production of 78407 tons (tungsten metal, China's output) was revised down by 3.9% in 2016. At present prices, the tungsten mines abroad are difficult to start, and the supply tightening pattern has not changed. At present, the global economy is entering a full recovery, and the trend of tungsten consumption continues to grow, as well as the replenishment of tungsten enterprises, and the supply and demand of the tungsten market continue to improve. According to the China tungsten association, the number of tungsten products exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea and Europe (excluding hard alloys) increased by 122.98 percent, 27.97 percent, 25.88 percent and 31.07 percent year-on-year in the first three months. Although the growth rate of the export of tungsten exports slowed in the third quarter, it was still at a high level. In the first three quarters, China's export of tungsten products was the highest since 2008, surpassing all of 2016.

The U.S. economy has gradually recovered, and the demand for tungsten has recovered, and prices have recovered. U.S. GDP is projected to grow 2 percent in 2017 and 2.5 percent in 2018. In addition, U.S. tungsten strategic reserves remain low enough to sell. In the future, the U.S. economy will continue to recover, and the demand for tungsten will continue to recover. But it is clear that there are some uncertainties in the U.S. tungsten market. Factors such as geopolitical tensions, tax reform, rising labor costs, declining corporate profits, and declining U.S. exports are likely to have a negative impact on the international tungsten market.

The euro zone economy show optimism, 19 countries of the euro zone economic growth in the first half of this year than the United States, investor confidence in the economy to achieve the highest in ten years, the unemployment rate fell to eight years of low. Not only the traditional economic growth engine for the growth in Germany and the Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, etc in the financial crisis hit the country also obvious recovery, emerging market countries to maintain good posture. Growth in sectors such as cars, mining and transport related to tungsten consumption will continue to drive demand for tungsten consumption. Continue to tight the tungsten raw material market supply, mainly due to restock, and manufacturing demand, coupled with cobalt, nickel prices pull carbide price picks up, tungsten demand will remain stable.

Russia has abundant tungsten resources and is the second largest tungsten resource in the world. Affected by multiple factors, Russia's tungsten concentrate production fell from 20,000 tons (WO3) in 1990 to 3,300 tons (WO3) in 2016. Only three mines are currently being mined. Russia's tungsten strategic inventory is low and the country's tungsten supply has not met its normal domestic demand. At the same time, due to the depreciation of the ruble, relatively low labor cost, the tungsten products have the competitive advantage of price, but due to the small amount of production, the impact on the market is limited. Demand in Japan has risen, and inventories remain low. With the 2020 Olympics approaching, public investment will continue to grow, boosting demand for tungsten consumption. In january-july of 2017, Japan's hard alloy production increased by 3% year on year and construction machinery investment increased by 22% year on year. From January to June 2017, the import of APT has exceeded the annual import volume of 2016, and the amount of tungsten imported from China has increased greatly. Predictably, as "area" strategic policy effect appeared gradually, developed economy and industrialization and manufacturing to upgrade, the industrialization and urbanization speed up of emerging economies, global infrastructure interconnectivity propulsion, will continue to pull the steady growth of the demand of the international tungsten.

From the domestic tungsten market situation, China's tungsten industry policy and tungsten market demand remain the key factors to determine the global tungsten market. The tungsten resources endowment, acquisition cost, market prices, as well as money, security, environmental protection, etc. The influence of pressure, tungsten concentrate production overall smooth, does not appear larger incremental, tungsten raw material supply tight pattern has not changed. China's economic stability has continued to develop steadily, and the stable operation pattern has been consolidated. Gross domestic product in the first three quarters of this year, 59.3 trillion yuan, up 6.9% from a year earlier, grow faster than the same period last year 0.2%, about 0.4% higher than the target for the whole year, around the world continue to leading the way. In the third quarter, the gross domestic product grew 6.8 percent year on year, and the economy operated in a range of 6.7 percent to 6.9 percent for nine consecutive quarters, with increasing stability. Industrial production accelerated. In the first three quarters, manufacturing accounted for more than 80 percent of the industry, and the value added in the manufacturing sector increased by 7.3 percent year on year, and the growth rate was 0.6 percentage points faster than that of the entire industry. With the recovery of the manufacturing economy and the demand for infrastructure construction, the downstream tungsten industry will continue to grow steadily and will continue to drive the growth of the demand for the tungsten market.

China's tungsten concentrate production accounts for over 80% of the world, the whole industry chain enterprises must set up and the formation of China's tungsten tungsten market consensus, completely out of market anxiety and fear, continue to boost market confidence, the guiding role of mainstream markets play a good resist vicious price competition, create a good market environment, maintain and consolidate the tungsten market stable healthy operation, to improve international competitiveness. At the same time, attention should be paid to prevent and respond to market the influence of uncertain factors and challenges and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry, and promote harmony and win-win, tungsten industry resources protection and rational development and utilization, healthy and continuous development of tungsten industry. In conclusion, the global economy is entering a full recovery, stability good economy in our country, the tungsten market demand to maintain growth, tungsten concentrate production smoothly, tungsten raw material supply tight pattern has not changed, the tungsten market confidence gradually increase, enhanced the stability of the market price of tungsten. In the future, the price of tungsten market will continue to fluctuate, and the fluctuation range will narrow, and it will be running in a reasonable range.

Domestic enterprises develop high-grade hard alloy to realize the added value of products

At present, although China is the world's first production of hard alloy, it is not a great power. In 2012, China's hard alloy production accounted for more than 38 percent of the world's total output, but the total output value was less than 20 percent of the world, and the overall output value of the industry was well below the production ratio. Cemented carbide products in China is given priority to with low-standard hard alloy, high precision cutting tools, moulds, engineering machinery accessories high value-added proportion of hard alloy products is very low, our country high-end tool market size of more than 2 billion yuan, mainly by three giants abroad monopoly: kerner, iscar and sandvik. Few enterprises can be produced in China, which can not meet the growing demand for carbide tools in the domestic manufacturing industry.

Chinese enterprises have also been developing high-grade cemented carbide products in various ways to achieve higher value-added of products. A wholly owned subsidiary in June this year, China tungsten and hightech zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD and sandvik company in Beijing signed the letter of intent for project cooperation, through the establishment of a joint venture company, cooperation in the field of cutting tools. Through this cooperation, tungsten and high - tech started to enter the high-end tool market. Compared with traditional products, high-end cutting tools have very high added value. Working with sandvik is expected to bring company technology once again to promote (the last time the lift is also based on cooperation and sandvik), open the high-end tool of sales market in our country, upgrade products and high-end strategy for the company an important step.

As early as 2011, the tungsten downstream deep processing project of xiamen tungsten industry gradually achieved results. At present, the company's overall cutting tool and numerical control blade gain mainly comes from the release of the production capacity of jiujiang carbide cutting tools. With the production of jiujiang project and the project of luoyang cemented carbide tool in 2015, the hard alloy deep processing project is expected to further enhance the company's value.

In order to promote the upgrading of China's cemented carbide industry, improve product added value, "several times in recent years the export tax rebate policy adjustment, carbide cutting tools and other products of export tax rebates to raise from 5% to 5%, for the enterprise, is the nation's support and the confidence of the enterprise itself, enterprise in the future will be in cutting tool stronger competitiveness in international market. This will greatly promote the export of cemented carbide products.

Market analysis of machine tool industry: orders of flexible production line and intelligent manufacturing equipment gradually increased

Recently, the China machine tool industry association of the machine tool industry association of the machine tool branch held the 8th 2nd directors enlarged meeting, a total of 39 member enterprise representative meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Jiang huaisheng, chairman of the chapter, and the secretary general liu qingle made the work report and submitted to the general assembly "analysis and Suggestions on the situation of the combined machine tool industry". In recent years, orders for traditional products of the combined machine tool industry have been decreasing year by year, and orders for flexible production lines and smart manufacturing equipment have gradually increased. In this market situation, the branch duly invited professor in dalian university of technology mechanics department de-quan wang did entitled "special machine tool production process intelligent solution" report, introduce enterprise from the design, production, logistics and after-sales service and so on all is detected operating in the process of data transmission and efficient management solution.

The meeting is given priority to with information exchange, a total of about 20 companies speak at the meeting, the influence of the era of pure electric vehicle, the market order, after-sales service, payment and other hot issues are discussed in this paper, reflects the many companies keep up with market changes, adjust the immediate and long-term strategic and out of the different way of business. In order to cope with the market changes in the era of pure electric vehicles, dongfeng equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Has entered the field of welding line manufacturing, which now exceeds the output value of its machine tools. Changzhou sanli develops the assembly line of electric car related parts; With the quality and service of the products, dalian has developed the market for the production line of the German car. The machine focuses on the axial parts and becomes the largest production enterprise in the world. Taizhou jingyao has steadily increased orders through foreign exhibitions and e-commerce platforms. Dalian yuanli attaches great importance to quality problems and recalls the defective parts, which is well received by users.

At the meeting, delegates also talked about the problem of disorderly competition. One of the reasons for this was that manufacturers were bidding for orders in order to take orders. On the other hand, it is also related to the influence of the payment of payment on the payment of goods by users, and some Suggestions have been made.

Development prospect and trend of cemented carbide

China's hard alloy production has exceeded 15,000 tons in 2004. China's national economy will continue to develop rapidly for a long time to come and will continue to provide good development space for hard alloys. As the automobile industry rapid development as well as nc machine tools and machining center in machining widening application, high performance and high precision grinding blade coating and form a complete set of tools for high-value-added cemented carbide products demand will continue to increase. According to the analysis to the 2010 China automotive industry only need carbide tool cost will reach 8 billion yuan, in the next few years China will become the only on cemented carbide industry's most competitive countries.

Cemented carbide industry in China is not yet complete for resources for effective integration and protection, before end of disordered vicious competition between manufacturers, how to divide China's cemented carbide market, who also can't be sure, everything can be expected. But one thing is very clear, hard alloy widespread demand continues to grow, mass market application in national economy of China today is an irreversible trend of rapid development, at present China's cemented carbide market application is good and evil people mixed up, high precision of the products and technology is also time not neat, higher precision, the high technology of cemented carbide products market demand depends on manufacturers to develop; Facing the huge market demand, industry put forward higher requirements for cemented carbide products, in the fierce competition, the challenges and opportunities, although at present the application of cemented carbide has many limitations, many higher standards, higher precision can't meet the needs of industrial markets generally. But over the next five years, China's cemented carbide and high precision grinding alloy coating of high performance, high performance super fine and nano carbide, functionally graded alloy will continuously research and development production, such as widely used, so as to further satisfy the application requirement of industrial manufacturing, to promote the carbide in different industries and different application in the field of growing demand, forming a virtuous, reasonable and orderly development of cemented carbide market.

The present situation of China's hard alloy industry In the tungsten industry, the tungsten consumption of hard alloy accounts for about 50% of the total amount of tungsten consumption. Therefore, the development of hard alloy industry plays an important role in the development of the whole tungsten industry. China cemented carbide industry starts from the construction of zhuzhou cemented carbide factory in the early 1950 s, more than 50 years, from scratch, development, obtained the accomplishments that have astonished the world, but the overall technology especially high value added products production and there is still a large gap compared with the advanced world level.

1.1 rapid development Hard alloy production: in the early 1980s, when the annual production of carbide was about 25,000 tons, the annual output of hard alloy was about 5,000 tons. In the 21st century, the world carbide annual output reached 38000 tons, and rapid growth of China's cemented carbide production has been to 15000 tons, more than a third of the cemented carbide production world. Therefore, from the production scale and production volume, China is the world's first major producing country.

Carbide export: with the further development of China's reform and opening up, China's cemented carbide exports have also made obvious progress, with exports in 1986 reached 100 tons, in 1992 reached 400 tons, in 1996, nearly 1000 tons, in 2003, has more than 2003 tons, 2004 more than 3000 tons, like production also accounted for a third of the world carbide market circulation. The annual exchange rate has also risen from less than $4 million in the past year to around $70 million today.

Involved with complete basic: used in metal cutting, mining, drawing die, wear parts, such as in various fields, including its deep processing products, in addition to high performance precision grinding coating blade and the supporting tools, high-performance ultra-fine alloy rod and small amounts of different products to be imported from abroad, the vast majority of products can produce in China.

Equipment and technology constantly improve: in recent years, the Chinese used in cemented carbide production equipment manufacturing industry developing rapidly, the production technology level of the equipment is also rising, for cemented carbide enterprise equipment updated created favorable conditions. Some of the stronger enterprises on this basis, through their own research and the necessary technology introduction, production equipment and technology overall level has been greatly improved. Automatic milling equipment, efficient ball mill, spray drying, granulating, high precision automatic press, vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace, pressure sintering furnace, grinding, coating and a series of advanced equipment and technology has been applied to different manufacturers have different degree. Zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD., controlled by zhuzhou diamond cutting tools co., LTD., high performance and high precision grinding blade coating production line, in the environment, equipment, technology and quality standards, etc, are all designed and built according to the contemporary advanced level of cemented carbide production, has been in the first quarter of 2002 formally put into production, the production of CNC blade, the overall alloy cutting tools and other products is high, the economic benefit is remarkable, and also for the further development of high value-added carbide product to lay the good foundation.

Hard alloy scrap recycling achievements: scrap tungsten utilization in China are constantly enterprise seriously, only hard alloy scrap by electrolysis, zinc solution techniques such as recycling of tungsten carbide, cobalt oxalate, mixture, reprocessed using carbide production perfection of production has more than 3000 tons/year, account for more than 20% of China's cemented carbide production. In addition to meeting the needs of some industries in China, these alloys also provide some cost-effective hard alloy products abroad, which makes the valuable tungsten resources more reasonable. 1.2 the gap in development

China cemented carbide industry in rapid development at the same time, also for research and development innovation underfunded, as well as long-standing alloy production and tool production disconnect and some management process, lead to industry innovation ability is not strong, high added value and less products, industrial economic efficiency is not high. R&d spending less, low innovation ability: China's cemented carbide industry has yet to a high level of professional research and development institutions, production of larger companies there are gap in capital and talent and management, research and development ability is still relatively weak, difficult to produce have autonomy, a high level of original research, enterprise technical renovation and therefore difficult to get a strong technical support. Alloy production and tool production disconnect: China cemented carbide industry because of historical reasons, alloy factory belongs to the metallurgical and mechanical tool factory and two department management, production of the two parts of the original inseparable disconnect for a long time, so far the development of high-grade carbide tool has not been fundamentally solved.

Industrial economic efficiency is not high: China's cemented carbide industry, though large, but because of form a complete set of processing and high value-added products such as high-performance ultra-fine alloy coating, high precision, high performance grinding blade, ultra hard tool materials, complex, precision carbide nc cutter large products amount less, depth and variety of form a complete set is not complete, the cemented carbide production factory with advanced foreign counterparts benefit generally is not high. According to the market investigation and analysis, the present foreign several advanced enterprise product market share in China by weight is less than 1.5% of China's cemented carbide production, but years of sales in the alloy of cemented carbide in China more than 10% of total sales.

China hard alloy market With the continuous rapid development of China's national economy and the regulation of open market economy, China's hard alloy market is very active. Using carbide in all walks of life both at home and abroad by using the object and the use of technology and the use of different equipment, the quality of hard alloy and variety requirements are different, so different varieties and quality of hard alloy products in the Chinese market circulation, foreign high-grade carbide continuously to enter the Chinese market, China's production of cemented carbide each class also continuously into the foreign market, supply is greater than demand, market competition is very fierce.

Product structure of market circulation According to GB/T18376-1998, the national standard classifies hard alloy products in the circulation of China market, and the market share of each kind of products is roughly the following. Of the cutting tools, about 27% are used in hard alloy, about 3,400 tons, of which the welding blades are about 21% and the indexable blade is about 6 %, respectively, about 2,600 tons and 800 tons respectively. Using cemented carbide cutting tools of high-grade high value-added products is high performance and high precision grinding blade coating, according to statistics, China's current market turnover of about 250 tons, the domestically produced about 120 tons, imported about 130 tons. In terms of the structure of hard alloy products from China market cutting tools, China's mechanical processing industry is large, but the overall level of processing technology and equipment is not high.