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Machining tool requires high life and low pollution

All kinds of mechanical and electrical products to be about 70% of the premature failure damage is caused by wear and corrosion, and the two failure modes and the surface of the material status (physical, chemical and stress state, etc.) are closely related. Therefore, the key to improving the performance of such materials is to improve their surface performance.

With the development of science and technology, the surface performance of the materials has become more and more demanding. In recent decades, the rise of various vapor deposition technologies has made the research and application of surface engineering technology advance by leaps and bounds. These technologies not only realize the request of the mechanical properties, such as wear resistance, antifriction, and resistance to corrosion, and in the electromagnetic, optics, optoelectronics, thermology, superconducting, and biology, and other areas of the functional materials related to the surface. Surface engineering not only make the metal materials in the performance and effectiveness of the low play a greater advantage, and has become an important means of all kinds of new type of coating and film materials, and has great application potential.

With the improvement of mechanical processing industry, new requirements for cutter are presented. In addition to improving the service life, it is also required to reduce the pollution of the cutting and use dry cutting as much as possible. When you can't completely eliminate the cutting fluid, try to include only anti-rust agent without organic matter, so that the cost of recycling can be greatly reduced.

The diversity of cutting tools and the working state characteristics of the cutting tool determine the difference of cutter plating. Different from the cutting and drilling, the milling cutter should consider the characteristics of its intermittent impact. The early development of the coating with wear-resisting as the main focus, to improve hardness as the main index. This kind of coating, which is represented by nitride titanium, has a high friction coefficient (0.4 ~ 0.6), and the constant friction between the workpiece and the workpiece will generate a lot of heat. The cutting fluid is usually used in order to avoid the deformation of the cutter and influence machining precision and prolong its service life. To solve the problem of reducing or eliminating the cutting fluid, the cutter coating should not only have long life, but also self-lubricating function. Diamond-like coating (DLC) in for some materials (Al, Ti and their composites) machining shows advantage, but after years of research shows that the internal stress of diamond-like coating, high thermal stability and catalytic effect with black metal to SP2 and SP3 structure of three kinds of faults, determines its current can only be applied to the processing of non-ferrous metals, which limit its further application in machining. But in recent years, research has shown that gives priority to with SP2 structure of the diamond-like coating (also known as graphite coating) hardness can be up to 20 ~ 40 gpa, but does not exist the problem with the black metal catalyst effect, its friction coefficient is very low and has good resistance to wet, can be used when cutting coolant can also be used for dry cutting, its life, higher than that of the coating knife has multiplied the processing steel material there is no problem, and thus caused the great interest coating company, cutting tool manufacturer. Over time, this new type of diamond-like coating will be widely used in cutting fields.

The mistake of buying hard alloy

There are some people who like to think of some of their experiences as truth because of the small amount of hard alloy and the use of a single method.

Myth one, color judgment hard alloy: There is always a part of people think, cemented carbide, tungsten steel, it should be black black, this idea can be understood, however, is that see without polishing, carbide is also can be made to the mirror, if there is no corrosion, is completely white. Correct judgment should be several, carbide section (cross section) is black, coarse grinding, placed after a period of time also is black, because of the coarse grinding surface roughness, put in the air for a long time, can form oxidation, will also be black. If it is polished mirror, do not add any anti-rust oil sealed package, long time is also white glow.

Buying mistake two, weight judgment is good hard alloy: Some people like to say, after buying hard alloy, I can feel it in my hand, your tungsten steel is lighter than other people's, so this is no good. Tungsten steel of different grades, different have different density, the particle size, on the whole, generally is between 13.5 to 15.2, for example, a 4 * 100 tungsten steel round bar, probably weight 0.02 KG, which is 20 grams, if the density is lower, which is 19 grams left and right sides, excuse me, which master can have such level, can feel with the hand it is concluded that the error of the 1 g.

Myth three, one meter high distance fall off the ground is good hard alloy Will your tungsten steel fall a metre high? This depends on how a, two apple mobile phone, a dropped from 1 meter high, face down, and break into hundreds of pieces of glass, another back down, falling down, the same height, no problem, don't just say, the quality is bad, which are of good quality? Tungsten steel is the same truth, fall off, focus in what position, the size of the tungsten steel round bar, length, bending strength and hardness of tungsten steel itself, whether to have chamfer on both ends, are affecting tungsten steel will fall off or the cause of the gap. Finally, Michael pryke zhuzhou cemented carbide think, there is no the best tungsten steel, only the most suitable for tungsten, so everyone at the time of purchase, tell their real needs, purposes, use scientific data, to find a more suitable tungsten steel, tungsten is good.

Definition of machining center

1. Processing center definition: automatic replacement of tools, multi-process CNC machine tools for the workpiece of a single folder. English name: machining center

Machining center, or CNC, is a highly efficient automatic machine for machining complex shape workpiece by mechanical equipment and nc system. The processing center is also called computer gongs. The machining center is equipped with a tool bank, which has automatic knife changing function. It is a nc machine tool for multi-process machining after the work of the workpiece. Machining center is highly electromechanical integration products, after the workpiece clamping, automatic numerical control system can control the machine tool according to different process selection, replacement of cutting tools, automatic knife, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc., it can continuously complete drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping and other processes, and thus greatly reduce the workpiece clamping time, secondary process and machine adjustment time, for processing complicated shape, precision demand is higher, The replacement of frequent parts has a good economic effect

2. The history of processing centers The processing center originally developed from the CNC milling machine. The first processing center was first developed in 1958 by the American kearney - Turk company. It on the basis of CNC horizontal boring and milling machine increased the automatic tool change device, so as to realize the workpiece can be achieved after a clamping milling, drilling, boring, ream and tapping process of centralized processing. Machining center since the 70 s, the rapid development, appeared in the spindle box processing center, it is provided with the multiple can be automatically replaced with multiple spindle spindle box of a tool, workpiece and can porous processing.

3. Classification of machining centers According to process classification The machining center is classified according to the processing procedure, which can be divided into two categories: boring milling and milling. (1) boring and milling (2) car milling Classification by number of control axes The number of control axis can be divided into: (1) three-axis machining center (2) four-axis machining center (3) five-axis machining center. Classify the relative position of the spindle and table (1) horizontal processing center: the processing center of the spindle axis and the parallel setting of the table, mainly applicable to the processing of box parts. The horizontal machining center generally has a substation or nc turntable, which can process the various sides of the workpiece. It can also be used as a combination of multiple coordinates to process complex curved surfaces. (2) vertical processing center: it is the machining center of the spindle axis and the vertical setting of the table, mainly applicable to the complex parts of the processing board, plate, mould and small housing.

Vertical machining center generally does not bring the turntable, only the top surface processing. In addition, there are compound processing centers with two main axes, which can be adjusted to the horizontal axis or vertical adjustable processing centers, which can process the workpiece in five aspects.

(3) the universal machining center (also called multi-axis LianDongXing processing center) : it is to point to by machining spindle axis and the workbench Angle can be controlled linkage rotary axis changes, complete complex curved surface machining processing center of the blade. It is suitable for machining of impeller rotor, mould and cutting tool with complex space surface.

Form of centralized processing with extended to other types of CNC machine tools, such as turning center, it is on the CNC lathe configure multiple automatic tool change device, can control the coordinates of three or more, in addition to turning, spindle can halt or index, while the cutting tool rotating milling, drilling, reaming and tapping process, suitable for processing complex of revolving parts.

The high efficiency bit helps the innovation record of the north oilfield

Recently, by applying the hybrid bit, pointed teeth PDC bit drilling speed and so on new craft, along the north 1-8 h, along the north 1-9 respectively by 111.83 days and 116.04 days created along the north oil field without igneous intrusion coverage with igneous intrusion coverage area of the drilling cycle shortest records, laid a solid foundation for the efficient development.

Along the upper Paleozoic strata thickness more than 2500 meters north oilfield, Permian igneous rock with high intensity, silurian shale plasticity strong, lead to the early stage of the drilling rate of penetration is only 3.1 meters/hour, it restricts the process of exploration and development. In order to realize the safe and fast drilling, the drilling technicians of northwest oil field carry out bit personalized research based on the formation characteristics and rock mechanics parameters, and optimize the application of high-efficiency bit. Hybrid will drill bit impact crushing rocks and PDC bit shear broken rock together, through the cutter teeth primary crushing rock strength reduction, to improve the efficiency of compound sheet cutting, eventually improve the efficiency of rock broken rock; Round design for PDC bit is the main cutting tooth circle pointed cutting teeth alternating with trapezoidal tooth distribution, round teeth prior to contact with the bottom hole, easy to eat into the plastic formation forming cutting, impetus behind the trapezoidal tooth form "the plough cut" effect, improve bit attack ability.

The drilling speed of the mixed bit and the PDC bit of the PDC bit in the two-fold system was carried out in the second stack, and 486 meters of the drill was completed. The drilling cycle was only 8.98 days, and the adjacent well was reduced by 33%. The PDC bit and the large torque screw were successfully drilled through the long open hole section of the palaeozoic field. The mechanical drilling rate was 8.34 m/h, and the adjacent well was increased by 43 percent, and the drilling speed was remarkable.