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Moscow participates in the 30th annual meeting of the international tungsten association

From September 26 to September 29, according to the China tungsten association annual work plan, at the invitation of the international tungsten association secretary general Mr Cai Yile China tungsten association secretary-general Liu Liangxian and director of the office of Fang Jiyun participated in international tungsten association the 30th annual meeting in Moscow. During the meeting, Liu Liangxian secretary of a line with the international tungsten Concorde British Hermerdon tungsten and tungsten enterprise representatives held talks, and visited Russia wolff's (Wolfram) wu nie just refractory metal factory (Unecha RefractoryMetals Plant). Representatives from 24 countries and 89 enterprises attended the annual meeting. Among them, China represents 40 people, from 18 enterprises.

At the report, five representatives from Russia, Europe, China, the United States and Japan reported on the situation of the tungsten market in their respective countries or regions. In addition, the broker Argus made the global cobalt market report. Austrian SMR information consulting company has made a research report on the application of tungsten terminals; The secretary-general of the international tungsten association has made a special report on the history of the Russian tungsten industry.

During the discussion, the five tungsten market rapporteers and participants exchanged information on the situation of the tungsten market. The delegates were positive about the price increase of the tungsten market this year, and were optimistic about the future of the tungsten market. Tungsten is generally believed that the market price for nearly 3 years of decline, resulting in a decline in global tungsten concentrate production and tungsten raw material inventory is low, the market supply tight, the global economy is entering a full recovery, tungsten consumption all have varying degrees of growth, the contradiction between supply and demand of global tungsten market to improve. In particular, the U.S. manufacturing sector recovered, and demand for the tungsten market recovered strongly. Europe's tungsten supply is stable and tungsten demand will continue to grow steadily. The Japanese Olympic Games approach, infrastructure and other investment growth, will continue to drive tungsten consumption demand; China's tungsten market has played a key role in the global tungsten market, and the market for tungsten is expected to continue to improve.

During the meeting, secretary general of the China tungsten association Liu Liangxian line has met with the international tungsten association, Vietnam mashan group, hardware, WBH company in Austria, UK Hermerdon tungsten, three live Japanese company and a new metal co., LTD, Austria SMR information consulting company, Russia, Wolfram, and other international agencies and tungsten enterprise representatives of tungsten mining management policy, pollution control situation, tungsten and tungsten smelting market situation and development of tungsten industry, and so on and so forth, with the international tungsten association secretary general you first use tungsten research cooperation and so on has carried on the extensive discussion and communication, have reached many consensus, both sides said they would continue to strengthen mutual communication and cooperation.

At the annual meeting, China Tungsten and Hightech electronic Materials Co., Ltd., vice general manager of Gao Bo elected next international Tungsten association presidency and published an inaugural speech. Determine the 31st international tungsten association annual meeting in the conference on September 26, 2018-27, was held in chengdu, China, by zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD and zigong cemented carbide co., LTD to undertake, on September 28, and the company. To attend the meeting to strengthen the relationship with the international tungsten Concorde tungsten enterprises abroad and the exchange, to promote the internationalization of China's tungsten enterprise development, the voice of Chinese tungsten industry, let the world know China tungsten industry.

Some thoughts on the development of abrasive abrasive industry in China

In recent years, the world economy has continued a weak recovery, the domestic economy has slowed down after entering the new normal, and China's abrasive grinding industry faces a severe external situation. In the depressed market background, environmental protection supervision, raw materials and the rise of the problem, the development of the abrasive grinding enterprises are more difficult, the industry seems to be filled with a sad. When more people complain about external factors, they ignore the internal factors and ignore the problems of the industry itself. Recently, the original machinery abrasives process equipment institute, zhengzhou khin ye technology development co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, enjoy the state council special allowance experts Zou Fujun industry present situation and future development about the own opinion and the suggestion.

I work in abrasive industry continuous 55 years, total do five things: 1, take the lead in the industry to develop quality testing instruments, hand to produce magnetic material tester, hardness tester, such as audio. 2, carry out and implement the strategy of machinery industry self armed, the industry with its own process equipment manufacturing base, successively developed Chinese dry grinding emery cloth line running, calcining kiln, resin sheet forming unit, abrasive processing fixed-point machine tool manufacturing, mould fixed-point production, etc... . 3, breakthrough in three areas, study on abrasive in the field of engineering ceramics, major office under the state council of winning the recrystallization of SiC open tender, in the domestic engaged in sinter, heavy crystallization, the early Si3N4 combined with research and production of SiC. 4. Developed the abrasive cleaning production equipment with colleagues in the industry: clear blowing machine, subdivided hot air circulation cleaning machine, targeted crushing grain production line... . 5. Carry out research on the design of environmental protection dust removal. The first time to promote the adoption of high efficiency filter cartridge in the industry is still the design and manufacture of large filter cartridge for China. These five things have poured into my heart, and for 55 years, I have been infatuated with this industry that has allowed me to spend my time in the wind and rain.

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed tremendous productivity growth in the industry and internal restructuring. The top ten key enterprises have gradually faded out of the market. Instead, private enterprises have flourished, and the unordered competition has spread. Is: in the process of exciting new technologies, new management ideas appear constantly, on its own ability, basic blocked until the 1970 s mainly rely on imports of equipment and technology, part of the innovation and technology of China, such as: the emergence of the blowing machine to replace the acid, alkali, washing process, from now on abrasive industry of "made in China" is also out of the country, especially khin ye company launched by directional broken purging machine as the core idea, technical and economic benefits for the enterprise greatly enhance created the conditions, some enterprises abrasive products will also be able to participate in quality in the international market competition, resin grinding wheel molding unit on the basis of the introduction has done a lot of improvement, production efficiency, product quality and automation are the international advanced level. Anthracite has replaced the petroleum coke smelting SiC and popularized in China. However, quite a number of abrasives enterprises is still in a low level, backward technology and equipment, technical force is weak, so far, on the whole, or a serious excess capacity, production level is low, the serious pollution.

A large number of exports of abrasive is still at a low price, high price, ordinary abrasive still lingered in the medium and low-grade products category, it is difficult to reach the international advanced level, a large number of export of China numerical control grinding machine also need foreign grinding wheel, abrasive belt grinding machine penetration in China is not enough.

In a word, today's mixed abrasive industry, xi is the size of the abrasive industry has already become, have self innovation demand and the power, of care is in the national economy structure adjustment, abrasive industry can be reborn in the fire? What should be taken seriously is:

1, abrasive industry environmental problems: over the years, despite the various enterprises and zhengzhou khin ye company do a lot of effective work in environmental protection, but far less than the requirements of the country and the needs of the development of the situation, the enterprise should pay great attention to and increase environmental investment.

2. The production mode of abrasive industry is very weak in the present automation base, and when to get rid of intensive labor to go digital and intelligent production. China's Labour resources are no longer plentiful and cheap.

3. Non-grinding use of abrasive, large and high value added products such as silicon carbide, boron carbide sintering, alpha-al2o3 nanometer materials should be developed with the advantage of resources.

4. It is suggested that entrepreneurs in the abrasive industry should change the concept of production value and scale, so as to improve their product quality and new product development. There are several issues that need to be addressed over the years:

1, why the power consumption of alumina smelting in the 1970 s QiSha has reached 1970 degrees, and now in the age of electricity price is so high, the industry average is 2500 degrees, is because the alumina quality problem?

2, abrasive belt grinding machine is a kind of high efficiency, low cost, high penetration rate of equipment, abrasive belt in China now has a fairly level and scale of production, why the development of abrasive belt grinding machine is up?

3. Now all walks of life have been vigorously developing the automatic production model, and the country is also vigorously supporting the intelligent robot industry. Why does the abrasive industry not even have an unattended workshop? The company's corundum production line designed and built in guiyang sanshan has been appraised by the industry as an advanced technology, but it has not been automated. Imagine: if you want to promote intelligent production in a large area of the industry, how can it be achieved without mechanization and automation? Looking at the current situation, I think there are a few things I need to discuss with my colleagues:

1, the power industry must have a "abrasives products technical level analysis at home and abroad," concluded on the basis of the "China abrasives products development planning", find the gap, clear objectives, so as to effectively participate in international competition in the market.

2. Standardized research and quality supervision of abrasive grinding tools. Standard is the key, the standard should be referring to the technical level of the international market, combining the reality of China, to develop a basic threshold can encourage the development of the industry, rather than have a meeting, several companies in the minority is subordinate to the majority of democratic appraisal results. I feel that our standard levels are seriously delayed, such as the standard of F sand, the standard of cleanliness, the organization, hardness and strength of the grinding wheel...

3. How to further activate the functions of industry associations? Now, the abrasives association has worked very hard and has done a lot of good for the enterprises. It has also used the heart and the strength to develop the industry together. But after the prize of revocation, industry association how to replace some functions of the government, how to change under the planned economy mode: the legacy of abrasive industry for the center with three subordinate enterprises, unite the whole industry pattern, transformed into real, more as, understand business, understand technology, more cohesive industry association? The industry needs a research and development organization. Three grinding machinery zhengzhou 1984 change directions, withdrew the ordinary abrasive, abrasive, grinding laboratory, the content of the three grinding has much, just keep the superhard materials and the name, industry from 1958 to 1958 years of ordinary abrasive abrasive grinding technology accumulation dissolve is zero, from now on, lost technology based on industry, state quality inspection center lack of technical guidance, technical development of the entire industry lost direction. The industry has multiplied in size from 84 to 33, but the overall improvement in technology is not ideal. To this day, we have witnessed the extrusion of Chinese products by foreign abrasive abrasive products, and the technical leaders of the industry do not know when to form.

I am sad, I am talking about these four, I do not know who should be in charge, who will do it? All in all, I expect that our industry will continue to grow and thrive, and one day we will be proud of the "made in China" of abrasive products.

Cemented carbide rod

The hard alloy rod is the hard alloy round rod, also known as the tungsten steel rod, which is simply the tungsten steel rod or the carbide round rod. Cemented carbide is a composite material made of refractory metal compounds (hard phase) and bonded metal (cementing phase) in powder metallurgy. The hard alloy is also known as tungsten steel, which is relatively local.

A hard alloy (WC) is an inorganic compound containing equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms. In its most basic form, it is a subtle grey powder, but it can be used in industrial machinery, tools, abrasives, and shapes used. The carbide is three times as carbon as steel, and the crystal structure is denser than steel and titanium. Its hardness is comparable to that of diamond, which can only be polished into hard alloy and polished with cubic boron nitride abrasive. Hard alloy rod is a new technology and new material. It is mainly used in the manufacture of metal cutting tools, wood, hardness and abrasion resistance products.

The carbide rod is mainly used for drill, end milling cutter and reamer. It can also be used for cutting, stamping and measuring tools. It is used in papermaking, packaging, printing and non-ferrous metal processing industries. In addition, it is widely used for machining high speed steel cutting tools, carbide milling cutter, carbide cutting tools, cutting tools of NAS, air tools, carbide drill, milling cutter core bit, high speed steel, taperd milling cutter, the metric system of milling cutter, the micro end milling cutter, hinge, electronic tools, ladder drill, metal cutting saw, double margin drill, a gun, Angle cutter, carbide rotary burrs, carbide cutting tools, etc. Grade YG6 and YG8, than YG6X MK6 is more wear-resisting, it can be used to hard wood, aluminum alloy profiles, brass rod and cast iron, etc., level of YG10 wear resistance, resistance to knock, used for machining hard wood, soft wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. One, two or three holes, 30 degrees or 40 degrees helix straight or twisted, or non-porous solid, they are used as the manufacturing standard. Sub-micron grain level YG10X vertical milling cutter, drill, carbide rod is mainly used in nonferrous metal precision cutting and submicron particles YG6X cutting and glass fiber reinforced plastic, titanium alloy, fine YG8X in super hardened steel, etc. Carbide rods can not only be used for cutting and drilling tools (such as micrometers, twiste drill, drill vertical index of mining tools), also can be used as input pin, all kinds of roll wear parts and structural material to use. In addition, it can be widely used in many fields, such as machinery, chemicals, petroleum, metallurgy, electronics and defense industries.

Cemented carbide rod is a hard alloy cutting tool. It is suitable for different roughing parameters, cutting materials and non-metallic materials. At the same time, the hard alloy bar can be applied to traditional automatic, semi-automatic lathe and so on. The main technological process with milling and requirements according to the use the formula to the wet grinding, mixing - crushing - drying and sieving to join after forming agent, then to sieve made the mixture, drying granulating to suppress - molding - low pressure sintering, molding (blank) and external circular grinding fine grinding (blank without this procedure) to detect size, packing and warehousing.

How to quickly determine the quality of carbide blade

The welding blade sharpening Angle is different, the processing condition is different, and cannot be regarded as the main criterion of quality. In practice, the simplest way is to use a contrast method if you don't have a professional device. Tungsten alloy

  • 1. Take two blades to measure the hardness of the collision, and see which indentation is too hard.
  • 2. Retry the anti-crushing ability, the two blades are put together with a bench clamp to crack the blade, and see which bits are less to show which ones are more capricious.
  • 3. Try the red hard, first put the two blades together and then burn the red and then get the silicon chloride grinding wheel to grind, which spark is small and which means which red hard and better.
  • 4, the purity and the two blades clean first, and then at the same time on the scrap cutting, which stick out observation which is more pure iron cut means less (factory of this kind of welding blade usually won't go to special treatment, but does not rule out shipment and transshipment, encountered in the process of use, save, magnetic materials, or through in the magnetic field, and make the blade from magnetic.)
  • 5. Look at the strength. When the blade is burned, you can put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour and then take out the crack which is less.

The simple method above can be tested five times in a row, and you will know how to choose, but not as a standard to determine the blade, so the comparison can only indicate which tungsten carbide blade is better.