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The market transaction is cold and clear, the price of tungsten products correction

Domestic tungsten market lacks clear guidance information, buyers and sellers wait-and-see sentiment strong, at the end of the chain turnover pressure is bigger, the early stage of the long holiday market clinch a deal the show cold and cheerless, at present the mainstream tungsten products prices remain slightly callback consolidation situation.

In the tungsten concentrate market, the majority of miners wait for the following market policies to guide or the demand side return after the rise of the market, the pre-festival shipment will not be strong; However, the buyer still does not recognize the current raw material price, the price pressure is further enhanced, the pre-holiday purchasing interest is short. The buyers and sellers are divided in mentality, and the price of raw materials has been reduced by a small amount in the market. At present, 65 percent of black tungsten concentrate prices have fallen back to RMB 110,000 / ton.

APT on the market, the raw material market correction, the back-end enquiries bargain, mentality bearish APT manufacturers, in recent months of stalemate influence enterprise starts, superposition of the downstream procurement huang before cargo limited effect, market financing area under pressure, clinch a deal is cold and cheerless, APT offer low near 168000 yuan/ton.

Tungsten powder on the market, the downstream cemented carbide enterprises psychological acceptance of tungsten powder price is controlled in 250 yuan/kg, state of mind, with powder manufacturers agents, the price of high quality tungsten powder at 270 yuan/kg, game of supply and demand situation, markets wait-and-see atmosphere, more cautious stability powder enterprises.

Together, near National Day the long vacation, smelting plants, an inquiry purchase enthusiasm get weaker, tungsten market no volume, short-term difficult to have obvious positive pretty city, is expected to shocks to adjust prices, the domestic price of tungsten market operation recommend careful watching.

An integral part of a hard alloy

The bond metal is usually iron metal, usually cobalt and nickel. When making hard alloy, the powder particle size is 1~2 micron, and the purity is very high. The proportion of raw materials in accordance with the provisions of the ingredients, addition of alcohol or other medium wet in wet ball mill grinding, make them fully mixing, crushing, after drying, sieving join such kind of wax or gel forming agent, after drying, sieving mixture system.

Then, put the mixture granulating, pressed, heated to close to bond metal melting point (1300 ~ 1500 ℃), the hardening phase bonding metal form a eutectic alloy. After cooling, the hardening phase is distributed in a grid of bonded metals, which are closely linked together to form a solid whole. The hardness of hard alloy depends on the amount of hardening phase and grain size, namely, the higher the hardening phase, the finer the grain, and the harder the hardness. The toughness of hard alloy is determined by the bond metal, the higher the metal content, the stronger the bending strength. In 1923, Germany le shi, the water in the tungsten carbide powder in 10 ~ 20% of the cobalt adhesive, invented new tungsten carbide and cobalt alloy, hardness is second only to diamond, it is hard alloy artificial made the first one in the world.

When cutting steel made of this alloy, the blade will quickly wear out and even crack. In 1929, schwarzkov in the United States added a certain amount of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide to the original composition, which improved the performance of cutter cutting steel. This is another achievement in the history of cemented carbide. Cemented carbide with high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even at 500 ℃ temperature basic remains the same, there are still very high hardness at 1000 ℃. Hard alloy are widely used as a cutting tool material, such as turning, milling, planing tool, drilling, boring cutter, etc., used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metal, plastic, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and ordinary steel, can also be used for cutting heat resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing material.

Carbide hob & Planetary Thread Rolling Dies

Carbide hob is mainly composed of WC hard phase and binder phase Co, the blade is along the cylindrical or conical spiral gear cutting tools, are widely applied in machining cylindrical gear, turbines and other cylindrical workpiece with teeth. It can be divided into hard alloy gear hob, worm gear hob, fixed-load hob and non-involute rollers and so on. Compared to ordinary high speed steel roller, hard alloy hob has higher cutting speed and cutting efficiency. Integral hard alloy hob has been widely used in clocks and some precision instrument manufacturing industries, such as machining various small module gears. The medium modulus and insert carbide hob have been used in machining cast iron and bakelite gear; The hard alloy hob is also used for machining of steel gears. In addition, hard alloy hob can also be processed with hardened wheel (hrc50-62).

Carbide worm gear hob, just as its name implies is a special tool for machining turbine, its basic worm drive type and the main parameters (including modulus, tooth profile Angle, spiral Angle, dividing circle diameter, thread, etc.) shall be identical with work and worm. When the diameter of worm gear is large, the hob can be made into a package. When the diameter of worm gear is less than an hour, the hob can be made into a handle structure with the core. The rigid alloy gear hob has different teeth, and only the last tooth is fine cutting teeth. The teeth of the tooth form and the workpiece are the same with the tooth groove of the cutting piece of the workpiece, the rest of the teeth are the coarse teeth, the motion relation of the machining is the same as the gear hob. In addition, the shape hob can effectively avoid the transition curve produced by the root part of the cutter, especially the ratchet hob. The working principle of the involute generative hob and gear hob similar, such as rectangular, involute tooth spline hob can be used for processing or triangular teeth spline shaft, the machining accuracy and productivity higher than forming milling cutter, can also be processing circular arc gear, sprocket and cycloidal gear.

Manufacture Of Thread Rolling Dies for screws and bolts in high speed steel with nitriding surface treatment according to standard profiles,Thread Rolling Machines with Planetary Thread Rolling Dies with their universal workpiece range are most productive machine tools for coldforming especially for rolling of headed screws. This process is also usable for workpieces with higher tensile strength or for special nails. Even bigger dimensions for this 100% grinded dies can be ordered. A big challenge is always grinding of outer segment dies. Their different radius designs on one hand is needed for feed on the other hand for forming of thread.

China's numerical control machine is expected to realize industrial curve overtaking through technology research and development

The annual German industrial fair has been successfully concluded, with 71 years of history as the largest international industrial gathering today. This year's German industrial exposition is centered on industry 4.0, with the theme of "industrial integration -- creating value". With about 1, 300 exhibitors, China has once again become the largest country in the world after host Germany, and the display of Chinese pavilion has attracted the attention of the world. Exhibits on industrial automation, industrial robots, industrial parts, industrial 4.0 related topics, such as China's enterprise product exhibition line from simplification to diversification of the whole industry constantly expanding, product technology content increased significantly, the independent brand consciousness constantly improve. And all this development is inseparable from the industrial development of basic industrial numerical control machine tools. CNC machine tool has become the key competition area of major industrial countries.

In this article, through the statistical data of recent years, look to analysis from the aspects of an application for a patent for the global numerical control machine tool technology competition pattern, fasten your seat belt let small easy to show everybody try to discuss the way of the development of CNC machine tool industry in China.

As the foundation of manufacturing, CNC machine plays an important role in economic development, which reflects the core competitiveness of a country's manufacturing industry. As the world's largest manufacturing power in our country, under the national policy vigorously support nc machine tool industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, the annual output of 391000 units, 2014 compared with 2010 increased by 65.67%, and shows the tendency of growing.

Is compared with the leading countries such as Germany and Japan, there is still a large gap, features, automation tools, CNC system, relying on foreign technical support, but we're catching up, whole, to become the world's second-largest economy. Data show that the import of CNC machine tools has decreased steadily since 201. The technological development and breakthrough of the field have become the important work of "made in China 2025".

The pattern of nc machine tool industry faces shuffling

By the end of 2016, there were 10,708 patent applications in the CNC machine industry. Before 2010, the annual application volume was roughly the same, and the number of applications after 2010 showed a large trend of growth, and the trend of rapid decline after reaching the peak in 2013 was a trend of decline. As China's 13th five-year plan, intelligent manufacturing covers industrial robots, CNC machine tools, 3d printing and other automation equipment. With the further advance of industry 4.0, the technology of CNC machine is entering a new cycle of renewal, and the renewal of technology will inevitably lead to the reshuffle of industry pattern.

China has become the largest patent producer

According to the patent area analysis, the major patent producing countries are China, Germany, the United States, Japan. China's patent filings account for more than half of the world's total patent filings, reflecting China's emphasis on patent applications. From accepted by the patent situation, China, Japan and the United States is the current numerical control machine tool technology is the most competitive areas, see the value of independent intellectual property rights in the field of nc machine tools.

China's foreign output is very small, and Japan has output to Germany, China and the United States, while China's external output is only to the United States. In the face of these developed countries, the international competitiveness of our technology is weak.

Japanese and German technology precipitates the craftsman spirit, the Chinese technology accumulation foundation is shallow

As can be seen from the figure, China was almost zero in patent applications before 2001. This has a lot to do with China's national conditions. The other three countries have had patent applications over the decades, notably Japan and Germany. On the one hand reflects the nc machine tool technology of the two countries have a long time accumulation, on the other hand shows that Japan, Germany to the continuous development of technology and improvement of highlights Japan and Germany enterprise spirit of constant improvement on techniques. China an application for a patent for nc machine tools are mainly concentrated in 2005 years later, after the benefit from the "11th five-year plan", to promote the manufacturing industry upgrade and development of CNC machine tool technology result in long-term development.

However, compared with Japan and Germany over 40 years of technological precipitation, China's technological accumulation is deficient and the foundation is shallow.

Technical research and development need a comprehensive breakthrough

The patent points of CNC machine tools include control technology, machining technology, machine tool parts and related accessories. From the perspective of patent application, numerical control machine tool technology focuses on three aspects: control technology (2827 pieces), processing technology (3505 pieces) and machine parts (3286).

From the perspective of patent application of control technology, processing technology and machine tool parts technology, these three key technologies have obvious correlation, and the correlation coefficient is about 0.95. Due to the high correlation degree of each type of technology, the development of key technologies requires a comprehensive breakthrough to realize coordinated development.

The technological development capacity of Chinese enterprises needs to be strengthened, and the transformation capacity of technology industry needs to be improved

The applicant for a patent for the global top 20, the Japanese companies accounted for 11, Chinese enterprises (university), a total of four, compared with Japanese companies, the technical strength of Chinese enterprises has obvious disadvantage, enterprise technology research and development ability needs to be strengthened. In addition, look from the applicant for a patent for China's top 20, China's colleges and universities and research institutes with strong productive capacity of knowledge and technology, but did not really into industry, need to strengthen the university-industry cooperation, promote technology industry transformation ability.

With the support of the national strategy, China's numerical control machine tool industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, and the technological catch-up momentum is unstoppable. In the new cycle of industry development, China is expected to realize industrial curve overtaking by increasing technological research and development. Germany, however, Japanese enterprise technical advantage is the result of decades of excellence, continuous precipitation, Chinese enterprises can change the disadvantage of not day and night, the spirit of craftsman in Chinese companies only in the same - to keep the longing for the pursuit of high-end technology and technology, to create excellent enterprise competitiveness, stride towards industry, high-end field occupies advantageous position in the new round of industry competition.