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"Made in China 2025" release is completed, the new material industry to develop new opportunities

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that "China made 2025" "1 + X" planning system has been released. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that "1" refers to "Made in China 2025", "X" refers to 11 supporting implementation guidelines, action guides and development planning guidelines, including national manufacturing innovation center, industrial strong, intelligent Manufacturing, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation and other five projects implementation guide, the development of service-oriented manufacturing and equipment manufacturing quality brand two special action guide, as well as carbide new materials, information industry, pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing talent four development Planning guide.

"By" China made 2025 "policy Dongfeng, new materials will usher in a historic development opportunities." An industry researcher who declined to be named on the "Securities Daily" reporter said.

Securities metal energy and mineral industry chief analyst Chen Li told reporters that the Cemented Carbide new material development planning guide (hereinafter referred to as the guide) on the new material industry to upgrade the impact reflected in many aspects, first of all, to enhance China's key material support capabilities. Guide to clear the direction of the development of new materials industry, emphasizing the focus on downstream applications as the guide to support the development of key applications, improve the carbide cement industry standard system.

Second, to enhance China's material industry innovation capacity. The guide emphasizes the development of new materials such as graphene, superconducting and other cutting-edge cemented carbide, while strengthening the coordination of materials industry innovation, breaking the key carbide technology and equipment constraints, which helps to enhance China's material industry's basic innovation capacity and basic equipment capacity, Consolidate the field of new materials, carbide has been innovative advantages.

Once again, improve China's new materials industry system. Guide to accelerate the development of new materials to focus on the initial market, to help improve the industrial chain, to solve the new materials research and development and application of disjointed, the early stage of industrialization and other issues, improve the process of industrialization of new materials.

State Securities believes that in the A-share market, should be "China made 2025" strategic positioning and industrial demand point of view to explore new materials boom plate. "China made 2025" and the key areas of technology road map as the next 10 years of China's industrial development of the highest guidance documents, from the perspective of industry and demand for new materials industry put forward the development priorities and objectives of the new material industry is divided into advanced foundation, the key strategy And the forefront of new materials three plates. Including for advanced materials, should focus on grasping high-performance marine steel, cemented carbide and other sectors of the investment opportunities; for strategic steel to break through the key strategic material blockade, should fully grasp the high temperature alloys, special aluminum magnesium titanium alloy and other industries Investment opportunities in the field; for the forefront of the layout, to seize the forefront of the forefront of new materials, should pay close attention to the development trend, focusing on superconducting materials and graphene materials investment opportunities.

"Benefit from" Made in China 2025 ", enterprises and investment institutions will also be optimistic about the prospects for the development of new materials industry, the influx of capital of various materials for the new material industry has brought stimulating effect in this process, the capital market will play Huge role in helping new materials enterprises sustained rapid and healthy growth, to achieve leapfrog development. "Shenzhen Qianhai Fujin Fund Management Co., Ltd., chairman of Chen Xiaoyang, told reporters at the same time, but also for the new material listed companies to enhance the valuation of a solid basis.

Zhuzhou City Economic Information Committee leaders concerned about the development of cemented carbide industry

Recently, Zhuzhou City Economic Information Committee SME Service Guidance Section Zhou Kechang Zhuzhou City Carbide Industry window service platform to visit research. By the platform leader to guide reception and reporting.

Platform with the provincial and municipal resources to small and medium enterprises to push the service, carry forward the platform for foreign trade services services. Zhou Kechang for the carbide industry window service platform for enterprises to carry out the service work to affirm the development of the cemented carbide industry and the actual difficulties faced by enterprises made a detailed understanding of the platform to further strengthen the platform to improve the service system , To enhance the platform service capabilities, as soon as possible to solve the relevant issues of business guidance.

Leadership care is the platform to carry out the work and progress of the driving force, my platform will be in strict accordance with the guidance of active cooperation to support the SME service system construction and service activities, enthusiastic service for small and medium enterprises, highlighting the characteristics of services, including eight centers Effect, accept the city small and medium enterprises in charge of small and medium enterprises to carry out the organization, guidance, in the provincial small and medium-sized enterprise public service platform to register and provide service products, service docking, timely submission of service information and supervision and evaluation.

Cobalt prices into the bull market

Since the November 2016 metal cobalt prices have risen since the market has been highly concerned about the underlying causes of this price rise in the potential range and duration, for which we systematically build a global cobalt supply and demand balance table, the conclusions are as follows:

1. global cobalt ore supply in 2016 there has been a huge decline. 2016 global cobalt ore production growth is expected to -7.67%, mainly due to the impact of Congo gold production dragged down, the root cause of a copper and nickel prices over the past five years continued to slump, leading to the general reduction of mining enterprises, and second, , Leading to a sharp decline in mining production, a decline of more than 30%, the two together under the Congo gold and cobalt ore production fell nearly 10%.

2. The decline of cobalt ore production severely constrained the growth rate of global refined cobalt supply in 2016. The rapid decline in the output of cobalt ore has brought a significant bottleneck in raw materials, we from China 2016 cobalt ore raw materials imports fell more than 30% has been confirmed. Overlay refined cobalt industry in the past continued downturn, resulting in the global production capacity of refined cobalt is extremely limited, production growth and therefore decline, is expected to 2016 year-on-year growth rate of only 3.06%, well below the past few years 7% -10% High growth.

3. global cobalt demand driven by new energy vehicles continue to force, and lead to 2016 cobalt supply and demand balance to reverse, when the cobalt has come. 2016 global demand for lithium cobalt material is expected to 52,000 tons, the growth rate of up to 16.15%, of which power battery material cobalt demand of 14,400 tons, the growth rate of 75.73%, high demand for growth from the ternary material in the passenger car Battery market share of the rapid rise.

4. The supply of new refined cobalt in the next two years is limited, and it is expected that the shortage will remain in 2017-2018, and the price will continue to be strong. As the next two years, the new cobalt and refined cobalt project is limited, and the demand will continue to maintain high growth, unless the grasp of mine production recovery, or shortages to improve the pattern will take time, is expected 2017, 2018 metal cobalt is expected to be short of 8800 Ton and 11,200 tons, the price will continue strong.

5. cobalt ore prices will also directly affect the carbide industry, the purchase price of raw materials and carbide export industry export and export prices.

CBN tool and PCD tool widely used to show a good trend

Casting process, as the name suggests, in terms of popular is the high temperature melting of molten metal poured into the mold, the cooling and solidification after the desired shape and performance of the parts of the production process. Casting history in China has existed for thousands of years, from the Bronze Age to the industrial revolution, the machinery industry are inseparable from casting, casting process represents a national machinery industry level, machinery industry to aircraft, high-speed train parts, , Construction machinery, electrical equipment and other equipment manufacturing industry, small pots and pans are used casting process, for example, we see the countryside to cast aluminum pot, aluminum basin and so on.

Casting the workpiece from the material can be divided into two categories: one is ferrous metal castings such as gray cast iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron, and steel castings and so on. One is non-ferrous metal castings such as cast copper alloy, cast aluminum alloy; with the development of the machinery industry, a variety of casting alloy performance has been greatly improved, and casting parts of the machining more and more high-speed cutting and dry The most rapid development of cutting, high speed cutting and dry cutting tools is cubic boron nitride tool (CBN tool) and diamond tool (PCD tool). As an industrial "tooth", CBN and PCD tools provide the basis for casting difficult materials and batch high speed cutting.

CBN tool and PCD tool development status

At present, foreign advanced countries have been large-scale investment in the use of CBN tools and PCD tool, which with foreign high-speed CNC machine tools in the past 20 years is inseparable from the rapid development, especially in the automotive industry, foreign CBN tools and PCD tool has accounted for To more than 30% of the tool market share. CBN tool and PCD tool with its high hardness, high wear resistance, good thermal conductivity and low coefficient of friction and other excellent performance, especially for the automotive industry such as CNC automatic processing lines on the application.

Compared with foreign countries, the current domestic CBN tool and PCD tool is not well developed, it is due to the domestic tool manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology, but the customs, restricting the use and promotion of these tools; foreign CBN tool and PCD tool Because of its expensive price reasons, so many users discouraged; enterprise technical staff habits and awareness of the new technology is not enough, the CBN tool and PCD tool tool performance, processing and use of technology did not fully understand and master.

However, from the successful experience of foreign countries, with CBN tools and PCD tools in the field of machining high-speed, high precision, to car grinding, green manufacturing and other advantages, will be like high-speed CNC machine tools in China's development process, Is the trend, unstoppable.

Application Advantages of CBN Tool and PCD Tool in Automobile Industry

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's automobile industry, the automotive industry has become an important pillar of the national economy, CBN tool and PCD tool with high-speed CNC machine tools to use, can shorten the non-state-of-the- Processing time to more than half, but also reduce the non-processing time, increase machine life, improve processing efficiency.

At present, foreign CBN tool and PCD tool in the cylinder block, cylinder head, axle, gearbox, bearing cover and other parts processing applications. CBN tool for the shaft, gear and wear ring, the use of turning very convenient to the car on behalf of the mill, but also a very good place to do abroad.

CBN tool and PCD tool development trend

It is expected that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's tool market share will reach almost 360 million, according to the current super-hard material market share accounted for more than 10% count, within five years, CBN tool and PCD tool market share will reach nearly 40 Million, which for all superhard materials tool enterprises are a huge cake to be developed.

CBN tool and PCD tool on behalf of the tool material development direction, is an ideal cutting tool material, this material is not renewable, and gradually lack of carbide cutting tool is an inevitable trend. I believe that through the domestic enterprises and scientific research institutions of unremitting efforts, China's superhard materials tool business will have a better tomorrow, CBN tools and PCD tools will be in the cutting processing will go further and stronger.