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Hard alloy equipment has obvious advantages in the process of powder metallurgy granulation

In today's powder metallurgy industry, there is a kind of equipment that is very popular, its application is very wide, it is hard alloy equipment. It is mainly used to make granular treatment of metal powder so as to meet the demand of powder metallurgy. Can't other equipment be able to do it? Of course not, but the advantage of the hard alloy equipment is more obvious.

Using hard alloy equipment for processing, metal powder of powder particle diameter is larger than the original powder particle size, and the number of particles around each particle can be exposed to reduce, thereby significantly reduced with the surrounding material grinding, to improve the liquidity of powder particles have a great effect.

Because the granulating process need to be done prior to the raw material mix, and then cold press forming and sintering, this way can prevent the segregation of the powder and diamond gathered themselves together, and then improve the sintering performance of the products. Of course, the benefits are far more than that. Hard alloy equipment can also improve the size and weight of products. Reduce the loss of cold pressing mould; Reduce pollution and so on.

New progress was made in the study of the 2-d metal carbide energy storage materials in dalian

Recently, dalian institute of chemical physics, Chinese academy of sciences researcher Wu Zhongshuai two-dimensional material and energy devices group team in KOH solution through two-dimensional metal carbides shock treatment (MXene), layer spacing was successfully achieved expand alkalify MXene nanobelts, and found that it has excellent properties of sodium and potassium storage storage. Related research is published in the Nano Energy (Nano Energy) journal (DOI: 10.1016 / j. anoen. 2017.08.002).

MXene is a kind of new carbon (n) 2 d metal nano film, common Ti3C2 MXene electrodes has been proved to be an advanced energy storage material, but the traditional preparation of hydrofluoric acid etching MXene material existence serious layer stack, layer spacing is small, the low specific capacity as electrode material and poor circulation performance problems. Therefore, it is urgent to develop the MXene base new energy storage materials with stable structure and performance.

The research team developed a shock deal with KOH solution Ti3C2 MXene's new strategy, one step method implements the basification Ti3C2 MXene nanobelts (a - Ti3C2 MNRs) preparation, a - Ti3C2 MNRs has larger interlamellar spacing, narrow width (12.5 a) (6-22 nm), thin thickness and open network structure, transmission channels have developed fast ions and electrons, significantly improve the stability of the electrode structure. The study found that a-ti3c2 MNRs can be used as high capacity sodium ion battery (SIBs) and potassium ion battery (PIBs) negative electrode materials, while the reversible capacity of SIBs and PIBs is 168mAh/g and 136mAh/g when the current density is 20mA/g. When the current density increases to 200mA/g, the reversible capacity is 84mAh/g and 78mAh/g respectively; At the same time, SIBs and PIBs were showed good cycle stability, under the high current density of 200 ma/g loop 500 times, the reversible capacity can still keep in 50 mah/g and 42 mah/g, better than most of the reported MXene base electrode materials. This method is expected to be extended to the construction of other 3d MXene structures and to broaden the application range of MXene materials.

The above work is funded by national key research and development projects, national natural science foundation, national youth 1000 plan, liaoning natural science fund, China postdoctoral fund and other projects.

High level dialogue on the road of powder metallurgy industry

July 15-16, more than 50 top experts and professors and ministry of science and technology, the provincial party committee organization department, and from all over the country more than 150 well-known entrepreneurs gather in laiwu, participate in the talent strategic alliance founding conference held in powder metallurgy industry and China (laiwu) new materials industry innovation development seminar.

Meeting with "new material new model kinetic energy" as the theme, around new materials industry innovation and development of high-level seminar, for ac frontier technology, deepen the industry-university-institute cooperation will play an important role.

A five-year plan to advance to the high end

On July 14th night, in the powder metallurgy industry talent strategic alliance the first council meeting for the first time, produced by the Beijing university of science and technology, new material technology dean QuXuanHui as director of the first session of the council.

During the meeting, held a large science documentary materials of the great powers ", powder metallurgy album boot ceremony, the powder metallurgy industry talent strategic alliance formation and powder metallurgy double base in the ceremony, powder metallurgy industry "double gen base of shandong double gen platform" and the 2017 world new materials innovation entrepreneurship competition first (China, laiwu) start ceremony.

10 well-known academicians, experts do the theme reports respectively, deep and comprehensive analysis of the current, with emphasis on the powder metallurgy, new material industry development, and has made the objective for the future development of this industry.

In recent years, laiwu gangcheng around bigger and stronger, powder metallurgy industry, 5 years of powder metallurgy industry development planning is to set up a special industrial development fund, successively develop high-performance alloy special powder, high density of powder metallurgy products such as a number of leading project, preliminary built "China of powder metallurgy" steel city of the new business CARDS.

Steel city district party committee secretary, immediately said, as the first step in the old and new kinetic energy conversion, speed up to 3 d printing, injection molding, such as powder metallurgy into high-end field, gangcheng synergy of powder metallurgy industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the new material online, Beijing university of science and technology, new materials technology research institute, institute of powder metallurgy, central south university as five parties sponsors, establishment of powder metallurgy industry talent strategic alliance, is mainly dedicated to establish high-level personnel interaction mechanism, to further promote technology innovation ability, promote intelligent powder metallurgy industry, informationization, high-end development pace.

The core technology of powder metallurgy is key , immediately said, high-end equipment of major engineering transformation and upgrading of strategic emerging industry development and basic industries must implement the new material from low-end to high-end shift, to support the development of national industry. In this process, the powder metallurgy industry occupies an important position, especially manufacturing technology, equipment technology, automation technology and so on, and powder metallurgy is inseparable.

Chinese academy of engineering, director of the national new material industry development expert advisory committee GanYong said: "laiwu steel city is China's main industrial base of powder metallurgy, in materials technology research and development, the optimization of production process, the application of digital intelligent network plays a very important component, when countries need to establish a powder metallurgy strategic alliance, it is necessary."

As for the importance of the talent alliance, the analysis of all materials and technologies in the high-end, the difficulty is in the talent and research team. Powder metallurgy is the basis of an old industry development, and new materials technology industry together, including green, intelligent, etc., so the more strict requirement for talents.

GanYong Suggestions, in order to achieve new growth point of powder metallurgy industry, the key is to set up big data platform, found that the core technology, or the core technology in the enterprise, team, talent, attract them to come in.

The talent league has brought great technical support

Lai steel group powder metallurgy co., LTD., chairman of China powder metallurgy industry talent union and secretary-general xvii-xviii confessed: "seven members of more than 30 well-known professor to join the alliance, the establishment of the alliance for cracking is one hundred thousand tons of special high-performance alloy powder in the project of stainless steel powder and other aspects to solve technical problems, bring. It will also provide a strong technical support for the company's product quality improvement, product structure adjustment, and the production of special powder and even the powder metallurgy industry.

The establishment of strategic alliance in the powder metallurgy industry talents "gathering talents, build platform, resource sharing, common development" purposes, in line with the principles of voluntariness, equality, synergy, innovation, and accelerate the establishment of "political, production, study and research, gold, and with" technology innovation system, combining the alliance to talent into a powder metallurgy industry leader, the city of steel into a powder metallurgy product standards to BBS, industry development, technology exchange exhibition, information release, leading talent magnet, high-end manufacturing bearing, further enhance the visibility and influence of powder metallurgy industry, through the union league confidence, al true friendship, a win-win situation.

Precision injection forming technology rewrites the production history of metal materials

Foshan, a manufacturing powerhouse, is driving a wave of smart manufacturing.

Foshan municipal party committee, municipal government in promoting the construction of national manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of demonstration cities and create globally oriented innovation center in the process of manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, promote manufacturing product is intelligent and smart.

A number of robot production enterprises, such as jiateng, have grown rapidly. Companies such as midea acquire robot enterprises and build unmanned factories; We are actively engaged in the production of intelligent products by enterprises such as wan and galanz...

Located in the Buddha's high area of the Buddha summit, precision injection molding technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "feng-he-tech"), is a corner of the technological park. The reddish-brown factory facade is marked with the words "precision injection molding (PSF) technology research and development and industrialization application center", indicating the technological content contained in the plant.

A worker is using a computer system in the control room to monitor and control a large piece of equipment that is 7 meters high and 5 meters deep underground. The 12-metre "big MAC" device is a concentrated display of the technology for precision injection molding. "This equipment is mainly used in the production of high-end steel, and in this area our technology is already leading the world." Feng and technology chairman Yang yunfeng said.

Precision injection forming technology is regarded as the three leading technologies in the metallurgical field of the 21st century. The technology will not only provide high-end materials for the transformation and upgrading of foshan's manufacturing industry, but also make high-end metal production equipment from foshan to the world.

It provides high precision parts for the construction of metal materials to maintain the optimum condition

Foshan, known as "China's stainless steel processing and commerce capital", is also a key base for the production and processing of aluminum extrusions and copper materials in south China. Foshan also has the ceramic machinery, woodworking machinery and other advanced equipment manufacturing. High performance metal smelting processing, high precision metal parts production and manufacturing, the relationship with foshan manufacturing brand, is foshan manufacturing to foshan zhi zhi key.

In 2014, Yang yunfeng, a Chinese scientist who served as the chief representative of Finland's national center for technical research in China, settled down in foshan with a precision injection molding technique and quickly built a technology platform in foshan. It is not only the high precision metal parts for foshan intelligent manufacturing, but also the intelligent equipment enterprise of high-end metal production.

In fact, European and American countries began to study precision injection forming technology in the 1960s, but the density and size of materials never met the requirements of industrialization. The end of the 20th century into the Finnish national technology research center yun-feng Yang, successfully improved the injection forming technology and develop corresponding advanced equipment, that allows the equipment to direct injection of size and shape quite precision mould and parts, precision of the product plus or minus 0.05 mm.

"The key to precision injection forming technology to produce high-quality metals is instantaneous cooling." Yun-feng Yang is introduced, the traditional metal smelting, the cooling speed of metal material is 0.1 degrees per second, precision injection forming technology can reduce 10000 degrees per second, to maintain the structure and performance of the material in the best condition, the service life of metal parts can prolong 2 ~ 3 times than traditional products.

Accurately connect foshan material manufacturing industry to the world output leading level technical equipment

"It's only when you really make the high-precision products that the product is the world leader, that's the core of innovation." For more than a decade, Yang has been working on the technology's industrialization, allowing the high-end smart devices to reach a broader range.

As early as in 2005, the then national technology research center in China of the chief representative in Finland yun-feng Yang has cooperation with dongfeng motor, using precision injection forming technology for the production of hot forging die with dongfeng motor, dongfeng motor vehicle costs by 10%. Yang then developed equipment and technology that could spray five and a half tons of high-grade steel, and cooperated with antai to achieve industrialization.

In order to realize industrialization in the wider field, the large quantities of aluminum and stainless steel enterprises, foshan, became the first choice city of Yang yunfeng. "At present, we are working with a leading manufacturer of aluminum products in foshan to develop a high-end aluminum alloy precision injection molding production equipment." Yun-feng Yang said, with the mature of high alloy steel technology, the future he will focus on high-end research and development of aluminum alloy, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy equipment, to precision injection forming technology is applied to aerospace equipment, ship submarine wider range.

Yang yunfeng, 63, still works nearly 16 hours a day. Speaking of the future, he is hopeful: "this is a market with a capacity of tens of billions of dollars. Now it is only 1%, and 99% of the space is waiting for us."

The cost of producing 100 kg of parts per minute is only 50 per cent of 3D printing

Nowadays, the development of machinery and equipment manufacturing is not only the high requirement for the performance of metal parts, but also the complexity and precision of the structure of metal parts. The 3D printing technology for plastics, metals and other raw materials has created innovative opportunities for high-end metal parts production since 1993, when the Massachusetts institute of technology acquired the patent for 3D printing technology.

Also as a means of additive manufacturing, precision injection molding techniques are often used to compare with 3D printing techniques. What are the advantages of large, bulky smart devices compared to the exquisite 3D printers?

Yang listed a set of data: at present, 3D printers can print 100 grams of products per minute, while precision injection equipment can produce 100 kilograms of products per minute. The production cost of 3D printing is 10 times that of traditional technology, while the production cost of precision injection molding equipment is about 50 percent of 3D printing. "3D printing has a clear advantage in producing some very complex parts, but precision injection moulding is more obvious in mass production." "Yang said.

In the exhibition hall of the first floor of fenghe precision, many metal parts produced by precise injection molding technology are displayed. Yang told reporters that he was working with cnooc on a dual-metal pipeline. Through the intelligent operation, the fine steel can be used in the inner wall of the pipe in a single injection molding, and the ordinary steel is used in the outer wall of the pipe, and the steel is used in the blade, which also saves the cost.