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Aerospace 3D printing products praised by the Chinese Prime Minister

By the Chinese Premier of the State Council attention 3D print products, in the end what powerful place, it is the development of China's space industry what is the significance of it?

From the 25 homes of the two homes 3D printing chief expert, when the 3D print in the domestic little-known time, 25 began the relevant technical research, has been more than ten years of technical accumulation, to achieve a variety of product structure parts 3D print manufacturing, including 3D printing precision carbide tools. At present, the Institute has formed a space technology with high-precision, lightweight, high-performance, hollow topology of the structure of the design - process - manufacturing - testing a complete system. "Double Creation Week" on the highly praised by Mr. Li Keqiang metal 3D printing products, fully embodies the advanced design and perfect integration of 3D printing technology is a major breakthrough in the development of aerospace lightweight structure, representing the highest domestic aerospace 3D printing technology Level.

In addition, shorten the development cycle is the unique advantages of using 3D printing technology. In the application of the model, only a week to complete the traditional manufacturing model requires more than 6 months to develop products, to fully meet the urgent needs of rapid response models. 3D printing technology has been the leadership of the Group attaches great importance to the development of 3D printing technology has been in addition to 25, 23, 283 plants, 31, 159 plants, 41 and other units are also applied in their respective areas of research, so that aerospace products become more lightweight, high-precision, high-performance.

For example, the four homes of four researchers to creatively use 3D printing technology to produce solid rocket motor ring ignition box shell, saving time costs and reduce material waste. More long-term significance is that the future of this technology and products can also be widely used in civilian areas, into the main battlefield of the national economy.

Aerospace Science and Industry transformation and upgrading of decomposition is the industrial upgrading, business transformation, whether industrial upgrading or business transformation, are inseparable from the spirit of innovation, but also inseparable from the entrepreneurial spirit. It is also Aerospace Science and Industry always adhere to this innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, so that 3D printing technology as a new material technology, new products in space research and development, applications continue to open up the innovation of flowers, bear the fruit of innovation.

Currently, 3D carbide precision parts printing technology has been more and more mature in the field of aerospace, more and more widely used to achieve the overall model of the 3D part of the print is no longer a distant dream. Space dream, is being printed out a little bit.

How far are we from a 3D humanoid robot?

Every step we take in the field of robotics and AI seems to be asking, "Will this step bring us closer to the" western world "?

Since its debut last year, HBO's sci-fi TV series has become the mainstream of the AI ​​system. In the science fiction world of the play, robots can think and act like humans, and the human eye can hardly distinguish them. It makes people can not help but think: now the technological progress so fast, can bring what possibilities? However, it also makes us more aware of our distance to create the "western world" -like advanced AI is also very far away.

We know that receptionists in the "Western World" are extremely advanced AIs and may have some depth learning mechanism that allows them to respond quickly to the surrounding environment. Their mechanical skeletal system is very fine, so they actually have a facial expression like human beings, can be as smooth as the human movement. The receptionist's body appears to have been printed with organic material in 3D, although the play did not explicitly mention that. Although we may not be able to make our own Dolores in the short term, we already have 3D printing of organic materials and carbide precision parts.

Dr. Anthony Atala has been using his integrated tissue and organ printing system (ITOP) to print cells, bones and even organs at the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina. ITOP uses human cells to print and create laboratory-grown organs that may soon be surgically implanted into the body without any risk of rejection. "We cut a small portion of the tissue from the patient and began expanding those cells outside the human body, and we used those cells to make new tissues and organs, and then we were able to transplant them to the human body.

Although we may not be able to build a "Western World" AI in the short term, "but with the development of technology, I think almost any organ in the next few decades will become printable." Of the "Western World" released the days of good tough, it may wish to imagine thousands of patients waiting for organ donation in life will usher in what changes, imagine their 3D printing technology for these new breakthrough how Excited.

US captain Star Shield high hardness of metal material came to reality!

When people are still lamenting the United States captain has the "universe the hardest" star shield, Wolverine's bone was injected into the Edelman alloy has become extremely hard. You may have thought that these comic book in the high hardness of metal materials, one day will come into our real life. Recently, the US engineers successfully developed a breakthrough in the ability of new steel - amorphous alloy steel, greatly improving the future of the battlefield on the level of offensive and defensive weapons.

Compared to traditional rigid materials, this new alloy steel offers many advantages. It is cost-effective, exceptionally hard and not breakable. It has the best record of the elastic limit of alloy steel and can withstand pressures up to 12.5 GPa. Resulting in permanent deformation. In contrast, the elastic limit of stainless steel is 0.2 gpa, military armor is 4.5 gpa tungsten steel, diamond elastic limit of up to 60 gpa, but expensive and not practical, amorphous alloy steel has gradually become a scientist Concerned about the new materials.

The findings will play an important role in aerospace, military weapons, carbide precision machinery parts and the automotive industry, medical and sports equipment and other aspects play a huge role. Especially in the field of military weapons, amorphous alloy steel is one of the armor piercing core material of choice. At the same time, the use of large pieces of amorphous alloy steel can also be a high hardness characteristics of armor-piercing protective materials, such as armor, bulletproof vest, satellite meteorite protective cover. US researchers said that future research will focus on increasing the weight of alloy steel to further enhance its compression capacity.

Development Prospect and Trend of Cemented Carbide

China's cemented carbide production in 2004 has exceeded 15,000 tons, the future for a long period of time China's national economy will continue to develop rapidly, will continue to provide a good space for cemented carbide. With the rapid development of the automotive industry and CNC machine tools, machining centers in the field of mechanical processing applications continue to expand, high-performance high-precision grinding coated blade and supporting tools and other high value-added carbide products demand will continue to increase. According to the analysis of China's automotive industry in 2010 alone the cost of carbide tools will reach 8 billion yuan in the next few years China will become the world's only carbide industry, the most competitive countries. China's cemented carbide industry has not yet completed the effective integration and protection of resources, manufacturers of disorder between the end of the vicious competition, China's carbide market, how to divide, no one can be sure that everything can only be expected. But one thing is very clear, a wide range of carbide growth needs, large-scale market applications in the rapid development of China's national economy today is an irreversible trend, the current application of China's carbide market is quite mixed, high-precision Products and technologies are also uneven, high-precision, high-tech carbide products market demand to rely on manufacturers to develop; the face of huge market demand, the industry's higher requirements for carbide products, intense Competition, there are challenges and opportunities, although the current application of cemented carbide there are many limitations, many higher standards, higher accuracy can not generally meet the needs of the industrial market. But in the next 5 years, China's high-precision carbide grinding alloy coating, high-performance ultra-fine and nano-carbide, functional gradient alloy, etc. will continue to R & D and production, has been widely used to further meet the industrial manufacturing The application of demand, to promote the carbide in different industries and different areas of application requirements continue to expand, the formation of a benign, rational and orderly development of cemented carbide market.

The Status of China 's Cemented Carbide Industry In the tungsten industry, the tungsten carbide consumes about 50% of the total tungsten content. Therefore, the development of cemented carbide industry on the development of the tungsten industry plays a very important role. China's cemented carbide industry from the early 1950s to build Zhuzhou Carbide plant began, more than 50 years, from scratch, continue to develop, made the world's attention, but the overall technical level, especially high value-added The production of products and the world's advanced level is still a large gap.

1.1 To achieve rapid development

Carbide production: the early 80s of the 20th century, the world's annual output of about 25,000 tons of cemented carbide, China's annual output of about 5,000 tons of cemented carbide. Into the 21st century, the world's annual output of about 30,000 tons of cemented carbide, while China's carbide production has grown rapidly to 15,000 tons, more than one-third of the world's cemented carbide production. Therefore, from the scale of production and production, China is the world's first production power.

Carbide exports: With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, China's exports of cemented carbide has also made significant progress, the annual export volume in 1986 exceeded 100 tons, in 1992 exceeded 400 tons in 1996, close to 1,000 tons, to 2003 Has more than 2,500 tons, more than 3,000 tons in 2004, with the same output as the world's carbide market, one-third of the circulation. Year exchange rate from the past less than 400 million US dollars / year, increased to the current 70 million US dollars / year or so.

The varieties are basically complete: involving the application of metal cutting, mining, drawing mold, wear parts and other fields, including its deep processing products, in addition to some high-performance precision grinding coated blade and supporting tools, high-performance ultra-fine alloy bar and A small amount of large foreign products to be imported from abroad, the vast majority of products in China can produce.

Equipment and technology continues to improve: In recent years, China for the production of cemented carbide equipment manufacturing industry developed rapidly, the level of production equipment technology has been improved for the carbide equipment to create a favorable condition for upgrading. Some strong enterprises on this basis and then through their own scientific research and the necessary technology to introduce the overall level of production equipment and technology has been greatly improved. Automatic milling equipment, efficient ball milling, spray drying granulation, high-precision automatic press, dewaxing vacuum sintering one furnace, pressure sintering furnace, grinding coating and a series of advanced equipment and technology has been in different manufacturers have different degrees application. Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd. Holding Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. High-performance high-precision grinding coating blade production line, is in the environment, equipment, technology and quality standards, etc. are based on contemporary carbide production advanced level design and construction , Was officially put into operation in the first quarter of 2002, the production of CNC blade, the overall alloy cutting tools and other products of high grade, significant economic benefits, but also for the further development of high value-added cemented carbide new laid a good foundation.

Waste carbide recovery of significant achievements in the use of waste tungsten in China is constantly getting the attention of enterprises, only scrap carbide alloy electrolysis, zinc and other technology recovery of tungsten carbide, cobalt oxalate, mixture, and then use the production of middle and low Carbide production has more than 3,000 tons / year, accounting for more than 20% of China's cemented carbide production. In addition to these alloys to meet some of China's own industry needs, but also to provide some of the cost-effective carbide products, so that valuable tungsten resources have been more rational use.

1.2 The gap in development

China's cemented carbide industry in the rapid development of the same time, but also because of R&D renovation and transformation of capital investment, as well as long-term alloy production and tool production out of line and some management aspects of the problem, resulting in industry innovation is not strong, high value- Supporting products less, industrial economic efficiency is not high and so on.R & D investment is small, low innovation capacity: China's cemented carbide industry has not yet a high level of professional R & D institutions, large-scale production enterprises also exist capital and talent and management gap, research and development ability is still weak, more difficult Resulting in autonomy, a high level of original research results, enterprise technological transformation and therefore difficult to get a strong technical support.

Alloy production and tool production out of touch: China's cemented carbide industry for historical reasons, alloy production plants and tool manufacturing plants are divided into metallurgical and mechanical management of the two departments, leading to the original two parts of the production of long-term out of touch, so far high-grade carbide Tool development issues have not yet been fundamentally resolved.

Industrial economy is not high: China's carbide industry, although large-scale, but because of high value-added and supporting deep processing products such as high-performance ultra-fine alloy, high-precision high-performance grinding coating blade, super-hard tool materials, complex large products, Precision carbide control tool equivalent, deep enough to support and incomplete varieties, resulting in cemented carbide manufacturers and foreign advanced counterparts compared to the benefits are generally not high. According to the market survey, the current number of foreign advanced enterprise products in the Chinese market share by weight less than 1.5% of China's carbide production, but the total annual sales of China's cement accounted for more than 10% of total annual sales The China Carbide Market

With the sustained and rapid development of China's national economy and the regulation of the open market economy, China's cemented carbide market is very active. At home and abroad the use of carbide in all walks of life due to the use of objects and the use of technology and the use of different equipment, the quality of carbide and variety requirements are different, so different varieties and quality grades of cemented carbide products in the Chinese market On the circulation, foreign high-grade carbide continue to enter the Chinese market, China's production of the grade of cement also continue to enter the foreign market, supply is greater than demand, the market competition is fierce. Market circulation product structure

According to GB / T18376-1998 national standards for the circulation of the Chinese market of carbide products are classified, the percentage of the market share of various products is roughly as follows. Cutting tools with carbide accounted for about 27%, about 3400 tons, of which about 21% of welding blades, indexable blade about 6%, respectively, about 2,600 tons and 800 tons. Cutting tools with carbide high-grade high value-added products is high-performance high-precision grinding coating blade, according to statistics, China's current market liquidity of about 250 tons, of which about 120 tons of domestic imports of about 130 tons. From the Chinese market cutting tools with carbide structure, China's mechanical processing industry is very large, but the overall level of processing technology and equipment is not high.