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Carbide production principle knowledge

Carbide recovery sintering principle Under vacuum conditions, vacuum dewaxing sintering process, is conducive to the elimination of impurities, improve the purity of sintering atmosphere, improve the wetting of the bond phase, promote the reaction.

The parison is heated in a vacuum sintering atmosphere. As the temperature increases, the paraffin evaporates from the green compact and reaches the paraffin vapor at a temperature lower than that at the temperature. The billet is completely discharged and recovered by the catcher, and the compact is purified. As the temperature rises further, the green compact undergoes a degassing reaction and is further purified, followed by solid phase sintering. During the solid phase sintering process, the atoms (or molecules) of the components in the sintered body diffuse, the particle contact surface increases, the distance between the particles decreases, the sintered body shrinks and further strengthens. When the temperature close to the melting point of the bond phase, the bond phase began to plastic flow, when the liquid phase temperature, the sintered body to produce liquid phase, the liquid phase sintering.

In the liquid phase sintering process, the carbide surface appears liquid phase, carbide particles by means of diffusion dissolved in the binder phase to form a co-solution, carbide particles through the liquid recrystallization and grain growth, so that adjacent carbonation The particles are tightly joined and the sintered body is further contracted and rapidly densified. In a sintering temperature above the liquid phase for a period of time so that the sintering process is carried out sufficiently and then cooled down.

Throughout the sintering process, the sintered body is dense to near-free porosity, and produces a series of physical and chemical effects and organizational structure adjustment, and ultimately the formation of dense, have a certain chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties, the structure of the cemented carbide.

Carbide low-pressure sintering principle Under vacuum conditions, vacuum dewaxing sintering process, is conducive to the exclusion of impurities, improve the purity of sintering atmosphere, improve the wetting of the bond phase to promote the reaction; at the same time at the sintering temperature In the product, to promote further densification of products to eliminate product defects, improve the overall performance of the product.

Carbide Production Principle: Carbide looks complicated. In fact, the principle is not imagined so complicated. Carbide components in the melting point of refractory metal compounds, low melting point of the bonding metal, component melting point difference, can not be used casting manufacturing carbide. Usually using powder metallurgy method, that is, first made of various raw materials powder, and then by the ingredients, wet grinding, drying, forming, sintering made of cemented carbide. The heating temperature of the cemented carbide is the melting temperature of the low melting point component in the alloy composition, the melting temperature is the melting temperature of the low melting point component in the alloy component, and the melting temperature is the melting temperature of the high melting point component. Only some of the components are melted during the sintering process. The molten part of the alloy is bonded together by liquid phase sintering. Carbide sintering in the emergence of part of the liquid phase, is its significant feature.

Carbide composition:

According to the composition and structure of cemented carbide, carbide can be divided into the following categories.

(1) WC / Co type cemented carbide

This type of cemented carbide is often referred to as non-alloyed WC, cutting cast iron or hard alloy wear parts. Most of these alloys are made of metal cobalt bonded WC particles, but also useful metal Ni or Fe as a binder material. Used for cutting tool grade alloy, its cobalt content is generally 3% -13%; for wear parts grade alloy, the cobalt content can be as high as 30% or more, WC crystal average size is generally below 10μm. Increased cobalt content or increased WC grain size, will reduce the hardness of the alloy, but the material can enhance the ability to resist mechanical vibration.

(2) WC-TiC-Co type cemented carbide

This type of cemented carbide, also known as alloyed WC, cutting steel or anti-crescent wear. In these grades of alloys, cobalt is a binder phase, WC and alloyed WC (such as WC-TiC solid solution) is the main hard phase, also contains tantalum carbide and other hard phase. WC in titanium carbide in the great solubility, WC dissolved in titanium carbide in the formation of solid solution almost ideal TiC lattice, titanium carbide to maintain the inherent high hardness and high wear resistance. The basic composition of these grades is 3% -12% cobalt, 60% -85% WC, 4% -25% titanium carbide and up to 25% of tantalum carbide. (NbC) -Mo-Ni, which is characterized by high hardness, good abrasion resistance, especially red Hard is good.

(3) special hard alloy

The structure of such cemented carbide is complex, such as coated hard alloy, steel bonded carbide, titanium carbide titanium carbide, cast WC, chromium carbide / nickel carbide, titanium carbide Such as quality alloys.

Rational thinking under the new normal state of the automobile tool market

Now, referring to the hottest terms of the automotive industry, I believe that many people will think of new energy vehicles. Nearly two years, the new energy vehicles were fried hot, usher in the investment tide, this piece of future market big cake who do not want to miss. In China, the new energy vehicle era seems to have arrived. "The breakthrough of new energy vehicles requires a process that conforms to the laws of evolution, and this evolution is not an easy thing, and it is a relatively long process that requires all aspects of improvement."

"The future of the cake will certainly be part of the new energy vehicles, but the whole market is growing, is expected before 2025, traditional energy vehicles are still in an increasing state, to 2040 may have a turning point, but also a gradual process, tool companies do not blind Pessimistic. "

Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Senior Manager, China University of cutting and advanced manufacturing technology research executive director, China knife association tool management professional committee secretary Zhang Shuqiao analysis, the traditional energy car is a cornerstone, not to completely replaced the degree of new energy And the traditional fuel cars go hand in hand, now in both hands, both hands have to hard situation.

The automobile industry is an important downstream industry of the tool, which is the main business growth point of the tool enterprise. Its engine and gearbox are the main application fields of the tool. But because the new energy vehicles do not use the engine and gearbox, the new energy vehicles, the heat on the tool industry is a disadvantage.

Superhard tool market outlook is optimistic

The engine is the key component of the car assembly, and the engine parts of the assembly quality is the quality of the vehicle and the quality of the key reasons. Engine parts are divided into box parts and shaft parts, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, balance shaft, etc., these parts for precision, surface quality, surface particle size, bumps and other requirements are very high. High processing technology, the process is relatively complex, the main processing methods are milling, drilling, boring, heat treatment and polishing, to complete such a level of processing, requires the tool with high speed, high precision, high efficiency characteristics. National car manufacturers are in the pursuit of the engine of the lightweight, high-speed, high-power, Zhang Shuqiao published in his article has elaborated that if a car to reduce the quality of 10%, the fuel economy can be increased by 3% 4%, while the car's emissions will be reduced. For this reason, the best way is to use lightweight materials. "Aluminum, magnesium alloy and other lightweight materials in the automotive industry has been widely used, super-hard tool is the best choice for processing these light materials.

The future of super-hard tool will be more and more car industry users of all ages. "Super-hard tool with high cutting characteristics, long service life and good quality of the workpiece, etc. As an advanced tool, super-hard tool in the market has a very good application prospects. At present, the domestic production of super-hard tool Manufacturers are not much, do a relatively good Zheng drilling, Visa, Yamada, Shenzhen transit and so on.

Intelligent manufacturing has become the development trend of China's manufacturing industry, which is particularly evident in the automotive business, part of the auto production line automation rate of up to 80% or more, in the context of intelligent manufacturing tool management is particularly important, "the use of tool cabinet is the current automotive industry automation The popularity of an efficient and convenient tool management approach. "Zhang Shuqiao introduction Road, through the tool cabinet, can quickly with a knife, tool change, tool parameters, life at a glance.

At present, Suzhou Arnold Precision Cutting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Arnold") is one of the best domestic tool management solutions provider, China's earliest tool management practitioners, can really do for the customer tool zero Inventory, reduce tool management costs, with a strong field processing intelligent group, to achieve process optimization, improve processing efficiency, to achieve processing management information base. Reporters learned that in Arnold for a car company car wheel bearing tool management application case, Arno contracted a line of hole processing tools, through tool optimization, improve tool life and grinding times, tool costs fell by 34%.

Focus on doing fine, take the road of the brand

Admitted that such as high-end car engine market, so far, basically by the occupation of imported tools, tool localization rate is very low. China's many tool companies, light Xixia Xia area no less than 100, but a large part of which in the low-end repeat, really can replace the import of rare. But we also have to see that some of the mechanism is relatively flexible, pay attention to professional, branded domestic tool enterprises take off.

"When I walked into Chengdu Bangpu Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., I am excited about the achievements of today's private sector tool brand." Zhang Shuqiao excitedly said that this is a metal cutting carbide carbide indexable blade and Its tool, wood processing with carbide cutting blade, drilling and hinge drilling professional manufacturers. With an annual output of more than 20 million, and passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. The company's products have been exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, and in January 5, 2016 in the new three board listing. Such as the state of such a domestic private knife brand there are many, Wuxi Guohong Carbide Die Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. in the processing of PC tool product maturity is the APPLE, NOKIA, Samsung, DELL, Sony Ericsson and other end customers Recognition and adoption, in the 3C industry has a good reputation, I believe that if the country to the war industry will achieve very good results.

Domestic tool brand in the international market achieved remarkable results in the "area along the way" strategy under the guidance of China's equipment manufacturing industry more to look to overseas markets, Zhuzhou machine tool manufacturing enterprises are also exploring the Russian market. According to Zhuzhou City, foreign trade comprehensive service center is not complete statistics, recently, at 2017 Russia International Machine Tool Show, six Zhuzhou enterprises received more than 3,000 visitors, distributed corporate promotional materials and product information nearly 5,000 copies, and reached a number of cooperation intention. 5 days show down, Zhuzhou products are fully affirmed, a group of exhibitors purchase intention is obvious. Is expected in the second half of the exhibitors will bring about millions of dollars in sales revenue.

Once the industry has revealed to reporters, he analyzed, then, China's tool market will enter the era of warm boiled frogs, although there will be no big turbulence. Poor quality of the blade will gradually withdraw from the market, the quality of domestic blade is about to play the protagonist, I hope we can adjust the attitude, grasp the trend. Who can finish the brand building before the trend, who will be able to get a place in the industry. Thanks to the domestic market early cruel verification, and then its brand will shine in the international market. Domestic knife brand in order to compete in China and the international tool market, to strengthen the institutional system, so that flexible response to the transformation and upgrading of the road, focusing on technological innovation, strengthen brand building, product fine, do on the continuous efforts, then in the increasingly fierce In the competition, there will be a share.

Build a platform to promote the healthy development of the industry

"Domestic knives to be concentrated, we must open the aerospace, automotive, mold and other major industries of the hole which requires the cohesion tool suppliers, industry associations, research and development institutions and other multiple forces." Zhang Shuqiao suggested Road.

Among them, the association played a role of government and enterprises, peers and enterprises, suppliers and users, domestic and foreign enterprises. As the Secretary of the Chinese knife association tool management professional committee, Zhang Shuqiao know the importance of building a platform. "

The work of the Tool Management Committee focuses on the field of automotive tools, mainly in:

First, by solving the tool management and tool technology problems for enterprises to reduce costs and bring benefits;

Second, advanced technology promotion, leading the tool brand to high-end, with the international advanced level, driven domestic enterprises to move forward, out of the wandering in the low-end level of the dilemma;

Third, the establishment of a platform to promote the tool industry between the various units to learn from each other, communication and communication for the healthy development of the industry. "

Zhang Shuqiao introduced to reporters the focus of the Tool Management Committee. China knife association tool management professional committee is one of the few focus on the tool industry, one of the technical association, the importance of technology for the brand is self-evident. R & D and innovation can give the brand a steady stream of fresh blood. China is also raising the localization rate of the lathe tool made outstanding progress, in which the national science and technology major project "engine supporting precision tool development" for the market part of the brand tool for the experimental study of the key process analysis, given the corresponding Optimization of the program, in the engine parts processing solutions, tool modular design principles of the study, tool performance analysis and test methods, crankshaft processing high-speed dry cutting mechanism research, car comb processing stability analysis and other aspects have made a breakthrough.

One of the biggest dilemmas is the constraints of talent, one of which is the technical, skilled personnel, the lack of innovative talents, become the "fatal injury" on the road of enterprise development. How to attract talent, retain talent is one of the serious problems facing enterprises. Among them, good vocational education is "learning" and "production" between the lubricant, to achieve the content of learning is to work through the work to achieve the effect of learning; everyone in the enterprise have his pursuit of the goal, fair remuneration , The chances of promotion, the enthusiasm of the work, the company's appreciation, open management, decentralization of authority, the necessary training is now the needs of most employees; employees themselves have to seize the opportunity to learn and training. From the perspective of the development of the automobile industry, it is facing the two major backgrounds of economic transformation and technological innovation. It is necessary to cultivate the tool enterprises in the automobile industry, but also in the fields of product development, technological innovation, service, personnel training and brand building. Internal strength. In the industry associations, R & D units, enterprise institutions and other multi-synergy, the road will go more robust.

Sharing economy "into the machine tool industry to help SMEs to achieve unattended workshop construction

CNC machine tools (CNC), is a program control system with automatic machine tools. The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode it by a computer so that the machine performs a specified action and automatically processes the part according to the shape and size required by the drawing.

Although China's machine tool industry has experienced long-term rapid growth, but the level of NC still can not meet the needs of high-end market, many high-end machine tools still need to import, and the price at a high level. Recently, the investment community interviewed the sharing of CNC machining center project leader Ye Jinsong. He intends to introduce the concept of "shared economy" into the industry, leasing high-end equipment to the demand side, to help its low-cost expansion of production scale.

High-end CNC demand for a wide range of prospects for the industry point of innovation

From 1997 to Guangdong to learn mold processing began, Ye Jinsong has been engaged in machine tool processing industry, flash has been 20 years. Years of work experience, he profound understanding of many small and medium enterprises in the industry because of financing difficulties, high equipment costs can not expand the plight of production, so combined with the current "shared economy" trend, decided to do sharing CNC machining center this project.

It is understood that the sharing of CNC machining center is the company to buy domestic high-end CNC (to Han's laser, Ningbo Haitian Seiko-based) and foreign high-end CNC (mainly in Germany), leased to the needs of small and medium enterprises or individuals, or Sold in the form of finance leases.

With the development of domestic science and technology, the demand for medium and high-end machine tools in military, aerospace, shipbuilding, 3C industry and automobile industry is increasing, especially for high precision, high speed, high efficiency and intelligent high-grade CNC machine tools. Significantly increased, the future high-end market share will be further enhanced.

Relative to the increasing demand, the supply situation is not optimistic. He pointed out that China's domestic enterprises CNC products generally low technical standards, especially the core components are purchased from abroad, some leading companies are only assembled in the high-end products, of which more than Jiucheng high-end machine tools loaded foreign companies CNC system, Known as the machine "brain" of the CNC system in the past has been Germany's Siemens, Japan and other small companies that fast in the hands of China, high-end machine tool manufacturing costs in 40% of the purchase of foreign systems.

Rising costs and supply and demand imbalance, creating a high-end machine tool is expensive, investment equipment, financial costs. The use of machine tools downstream of small and medium enterprises themselves high cost of social financing, making a lot of small and medium enterprises unable to expand production or transformation of unattended workshop.

Team industry experience, improve product services, the establishment of its own brand

Ye Jinsong is committed to the "shared economy" model to ease the problems in the industry to help small and medium enterprises or individuals can start the capital to lower the order, or more orders, low-cost expansion of production scale. At present, the company purchased the equipment brand, model and other screening work has been completed, and with some of the tenants in the negotiations, but also in preparation for intelligent CNC system of four personal invention applications, new company registration application, team expansion and other matters The

Ye Jinsong said that the current industry has not yet a similar company, the project has the market first advantage. At the same time, the company team members are engaged for many years, has a wealth of operations, design experience, and a wide range of channel resources, mainly in Guangdong and Beijing and Beijing surrounding areas market.

The project started mainly through the purchase of high-end equipment and its rental, sales, access to rental income. With the development of the project, with more data accumulation (various process parameters), the company will independently research and development, production of intelligent products, the establishment of its own brand, to provide more perfect after-sales service, with "leasing + sales" The model, laying the national market, to maintain industry-leading competitiveness.

For the project's revenue source, Ye Jinsong revealed that there are three main parts: rental income, spreads and interest income and service income. The Company obtains the rental income in the form of ordinary leasing, obtains the equipment spread and interest income by means of finance leasing, and obtains the service income through the process improvement and the design service. In the future, the company will also sell its own production of self-brand CNC equipment, etc. to obtain sales revenue.

Abrasives can usher in "shared revolution"

The emergence of a shared economy has facilitated people's lives, improved the utilization of resources, and accelerated the efficiency of the economy. Such as bed and breakfast, travel and other fields, sharing the economy has taken the pace of the market, both sides of the market supply and demand have brought benefits.

The essence of the shared economy is the integration of the line of idle goods, labor, resources, market players in different ways to pay and benefit, to obtain economic dividends, activation of the market. At present, the shared economy has been a lot of innovation in the industry, the data shows that it has swept the nine industries, more than thirty sub-areas, effectively promoted the innovation of all walks of life.

Then we can not help but ask: with such a magical power of the shared economy, with the abrasive abrasive industry friction sparks, and thus the birth of abrasive abrasive industry share revolution?

The answer is yes. As long as there is demand, there is a market. The current economic situation of the industry compared with previous years, there are still many uncertainties. And between the upstream manufacturers supply side and downstream demand between the demand side of the market there is a clear structural contradictions, high-end products can not meet the demand, low-end products uneven, making the market competition, especially between manufacturers, dealers Increased competition. To offset the harm caused by competition, to win-win cooperation, sharing and exchange, innovation as the key concept of shared economy, the industry to the main body has brought a good role model.

I learned that in the abrasive abrasive industry, although the Internet did not achieve full penetration into every corner of the industry, but online and offline combination of Internet marketing, etc., or let the industry under the tide of the Internet is not outdated. Moreover, the most important thing is that the practice of sharing the economy is also in an orderly way to take root.

So what areas of abrasive abrasive industry has begun to achieve sharing model?

Industrial park sharing. The industrial park idle resources through the way of sharing shared rental, to attract more upstream and downstream enterprises settled, and supporting facilities to do a good job, strong gathering effect, so that enterprises between enterprises into a new business community, common The industrial park bigger and stronger.

Platform sharing. Not only the market information, including supply and demand information, product information, technical information, through the mobile Internet platform to share, information exchange, the individual needs and the effective supply of the market one by one in series, improve operational efficiency.

There are enterprises to predict, sharing the economy is between enterprises and enterprises, business and business cooperation between the business model, such as strong combination, mutual participation and other integrated mode of emergence, in order to achieve the common goal of building the industrial chain brand.

Moreover, the current industry in the shared economic development model is not perfect and mature, there are still a lot of space worth digging. This is inseparable from the relentless exploration of the industry, constantly defeated, immortal courage.The wisdom of mankind is endless, in the creation of wealth, leading the determination of the times change is met with a hundred fold and wavering. Share the economy Ye Hao, the Internet + Ye Hao, to the external environment is not forced to industry reform, but the industry and enterprises from the inside and outside to detect the external changes, put into action, have a new situation.