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Zhuzhou third "Buffett Lunch" focus on the development of carbide industry innovation

July 13, organized by Zhuzhou City, the letter led by the letter, Zhuzhou City Federation of business associations, entrepreneurs, organized by the third wave of Buffett lunch - entrepreneur salon series activities, the theme of this issue Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Industry Innovation Development path.

The scene of the activities of the city by the letter of the Deputy Director Zhang Zhen interpretation of the national new material development guide, the tungsten high-tech materials Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Carbide Group Co., Ltd. General Manager Xie Kande on the hard alloy to help China made 2025, Central South University business College of Zhang Gangming on the development of small and medium-sized carbide development and financing options, Zhuzhou City Carbide Industry Association Executive Director Zhang Zhongjian Zhuzhou City Carbide Industry on the development prospects of innovation, Zhuzhou Ouke billion CNC Precision Tool Co., Ltd. Chairman, Vice President Yuan Mei and on the development of small and medium-sized carbide companies were thinking about the theme of the report, the participating carbide companies on behalf of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide industry innovation and development expressed their views.

Zhuzhou is the birthplace of China's cemented carbide. In 1954, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide plant construction, opened the China Carbide from scratch, from small to large development of new journey. After 60 years of development, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide industry has made great progress, formed a relatively complete industrial system, has become the country's largest carbide production base. At present, the city gathered more than 100 enterprises, such as the hard group, Ouke billion, Seiko, Kent, Huarui, Sidi and other enterprises, with an annual output of nearly 10,000 tons of carbide, accounting for 37% of the national production, accounting for 14.5 %, With an annual output of 100 million carbide carbide blade, accounting for 62.5% of the country, at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation.

"Iron Fist 7" Producer explains why robotic sister can breast shake

From the outside, "Tekken 7" in the Eliza Persian Norwich is pink hair girl, but in fact she is made by Dr. Bosconovic made artificial man. As a simulation of female robots, her simulation of Chengdu how much? Such as ...

Yes, although Eliza is a robot, there are players curious why she will have milk shake this setting ... ... Most of the fighting in the past few years the game has a bodybuilding body and full of chest, so why the robot Also need to send Europe and can shake it? There are players on this issue on Twitter asked the "iron fist" series of producers Mr. Tian Shenghong.

You may think that this is to give players the benefits, but Harada P said that there is a reason for this design. He replied on Twitter: "Her skeleton is made of tungsten carbide , the external armor is made of titanium and depleted uranium, but the whole body used all the artificial bionic skin ... ..."

And the real reason to shake the milk, Harada P said: "This is used to absorb the impact of the." ... ... actually there is still this operation?

If you play "Tekken 6" to know, Eliza is Dr. Persicovic based on his daughter design man-made, although she has a strong combat effectiveness, but did not think this can shake the European faction is actually used to reduce Shocked armor

Although this is not a woman's exclusive defense it No wonder this year's FTG warriors, both men and women, are full of physical fitness, it seems that scientists designed man-made when brought a lot of inspiration.

In short, do not use the mortal eyes to understand the scientists, robots and fighting the world, probably is the case The current "iron fist 7" has been on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on sale.

COB has found a world-class major cobalt resource

CobaltBlue (COB.AX) The board of directors recently announced its successful profile study of the Thackaringa joint venture in western New South Wales, and is confident that it has a world-class cobalt mine project.

We completed a major drilling activity (foot 8000m) in the Thackaringa project area, and on 5 June, we disclosed a total of 55 million tonnes of resources (presumed and marked) and 910 ppm of cobalt. Thackaringa project contains about 50,000 tons of cobalt, and some prospects have not yet verified, the project is no doubt a global important resource.

Obviously, more work is needed to delineate the overall range of cobalt resources.

In the drilling program, the next step is to delineate the 40 million tons of marked resource targets.

Guizhou Zigong Cemented Carbide tungsten carbide accumulated sales of 1526 tons

Recently, the reporter learned from the Zigong Carbide Company, as of July 13 this year, the company's carbide sales of 1526 tons, an increase of 41%, a record high in recent years. Due to the expansion of production and sales scale, the company's large-shaped, mining alloy, blade alloy, wear-resistant alloy, precision parts and other alloy plants all profit.

According to the person in charge of self-hardened company, this year, the company developed a perfect marketing person in charge of the special assessment methods, requiring the main task of the decomposition of the marketing task, implemented, in place. The main marketing of the product according to their own products, to identify key products, identify the difficulties and breakthrough points. As of July 13, the company's large-scale plant around the key products, key customers, seize market opportunities, the development of new customers 18; mining alloy plant focus on product sales to achieve the target progress of 131%; blade plant to seize the main Raw materials rose opportunities, with the price for the lever to obtain more orders, sales growth of 16%; wear-resistant alloy plant and key products in the field of benchmarking enterprises to establish a direct relationship of cooperation, product sales increased by 26%; precision parts factory In the foreign trade market to resume growth while actively developing domestic market, total sales increased by 200%.