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Effect of adding various metal powders respectively on properties of 316L stainless steel

MEN G Fei , GUO Shi2ju , ZHAN G Heng , YAN G Xia , GUO Lin (Powder Metallurgy Institute , University of Science and Technology Beijing , Beijing 100083 China) Abstract : Effect of various metal powders addition on the properties of 316L stainless steel was investigated. Spec2 imens containing 20 %(mass fraction) Sn , Cu , Al , respectively were sintered in a dissociated ammonia atmosphere at 1 100 ℃ temperature. Hardness , density and microstructure of the specimen were exmamined. The results re2 vealed that : 1) aluminum additions could greatly increase the compressibility of powders but the reaction of alumi2 num with stainless steel deteriorated the material property ; 2) Sn additions could enhance the hardness of 316L stainless from 75 HRB to 97. 2 HRB ; 3) copper additions led not to obvious hardness decrease. Large percentage liquid phase of 20 % low melting point metal powders additons didn’t enhance greatly the relative density of the materials. Key words : powder metallurgy ; 316L stainless steel ; liquid phase sintering

Powder metallurgy Austenitic stainless steel production is more economical, corrosion resistance, and therefore the development of faster. In order to improve the sintering density of powder metallurgy austenitic stainless steels, in order to further improve its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, many scholars have done a lot of research on additives. Used additives are copper, silicon, tin, boron, aluminum, carbon, nickel, Cu3 P and SiC [1]. It has been reported that adding copper powder can improve the mechanical properties of stainless steel [2], but also the opposite reported [3]. The effect of adding a large amount of tin powder on the mechanical properties of stainless steel is rarely studied, mainly to study the effect of adding about 5% tin powder on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel [4]. With regard to the effect of adding aluminum on the performance of stainless steel, some conclusions at home and abroad to adjust the sintering temperature can improve the wettability of aluminum and stainless steel [5 - 6]. The authors studied the addition of 20% (mass fraction) of copper powder, aluminum powder, tin powder to 316L austenitic stainless Steel mechanical properties.

The first half of Zhuzhou Carbide Group, tungsten carbide storage 1835 tons

The first half of the company tungsten carbide storage 1835 tons, completed the annual plan of 56.82%, to achieve more than half of the time, the task of more than half of the target. The headquarters of the production units all reached the task of more than half of the target, part of the unit output cumulative year on year increase.

Drill Alloy Division Completion Year Plan 60%

The first half of the cumulative output of 630.042 tons, 60% of the annual plan, an increase of 20.3%. Drill bit alloy business unit in the alloy plant a full load operation of the case, and actively mobilize and encourage semi-check and transfer workers and other auxiliary positions on the machine production, the successful completion of production tasks. Alloy plant in the face of tight supply of raw materials, lack of capacity to overcome the difficulties, to ensure the completion of the production tasks. Drill bit alloy division go all out, for three consecutive months of a record high.

Shaped Alloy Division in the first half of the contract plan is sufficient but the sinter production capacity is insufficient, through the Division and the brothers within the unit to coordinate sintering production capacity, completed the output of 287 tons, 58.64% for the year plan, an increase of 18.36%. In addition to work overtime to complete the emergency drilling of 9963 shield knife and 4.2 tons of fine grinding products storage.

Large products alloy business department to track the raw material to the material every day to overcome the continuous failure of multiple equipment, slotted products and other difficulties, the first half of the completion of storage production 366 tons, 62% of the annual plan, an increase of 21.71%.

The Division of the new process batch production of new products 280kg, powder particle size and metallographic performance is good, compared with the traditional products have improved significantly. The business unit for three consecutive months to complete the company issued the total amount of products in the indicators. Tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder in the first half of the output were completed 100.44%, 60.58%, respectively, year on year growth of 23.42% and 6.33%.

This year the development of a new customer demand for a larger product, but its processing is difficult, the delivery of anxious, after six months of running, the product is now a few tons of production capacity. The division finished 59% of the first half of the year. The cumulative increase of 12.97%.

This year, tantalum and niobium products division to increase marketing efforts as the core, lean management as a means to increase the pace of scientific research and development to promote technological transformation, scientific research results. The first half of the year to complete the production plan for 58%, an increase of 29.77% year on year.

Tungsten market supply and demand denomination tungsten goods prices consolidation

12 domestic tungsten market continued stable operation, the fundamentals of the role, the owner reluctant to sell the main buyers carefully operating, buyers and sellers stalemate game, the market trading atmosphere bearish, and guide the tungsten goods prices to run the main line.

Supply side, Hunan, Jiangxi and other tungsten ore origin is still affected by the impact of heavy rain, the supply of tight support to the miners very price mentality, tungsten concentrate outlook is optimistic, shipping prices in the uplift stage. While the raw material side of the conduction cost of pressure to the downstream smelting enterprises, low-cost raw materials difficult to increase production upside down risk, APT manufacturers are also slightly adjusted bid.

Demand, by the impact of environmental policy, downstream smelting and chemical plant operating rate is relatively limited, and the end consumer consumption, the market orders less than normal, in this context, the smelter tungsten concentrate for the procurement of raw materials demand is relatively weak, Affect the market inquiry operation activity in the doldrums.

On the whole, the domestic tungsten market supply and demand sides tug of war is the main factors affecting the current price changes, the market outlook tungsten prices need to examine the state of environmental protection policy control level, as well as the large tungsten enterprises to guide the operation.

The 6th Superhard Tool Technology and Application Seminar was held in Zhengzhou

July 13, 2017, hosted by the Zhengzhou Diamond Sixth Superhard Tool Technology and Application Seminar in Zheng drilling headquarters successfully held, this session in addition to the user to show new products, new technologies and industry application solutions , Also jointly discussed the overall development of superhard cutting tools.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Zheng Liping, Zhengzhou Diamond, introduced the company's 20 years of development to the participants. 20 years, Zheng drilling has always been focused on super-hard tool manufacturing and cutting technology, widely used in automotive, aviation, electronics, medical and other fields. Today, Zheng drilling has become the production plant layout Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu three, more than 500 employees, hundreds of advanced equipment, service outlets all over the country, the product supply the world's super-hard tool industry leader. The future, Zheng drilling in the uncompromising attention to every product, carefully and meticulously the concept of every service, adhere to the win-win situation with customers, the principle of common development, and strive to lead the Chinese tool industry, build world-class brand.

Zheng drilling application technology Yang Yafei introduced Zheng drilling in the cylinder head lift products and efficiency of cutting solutions. According to the needs of customers, Zheng drilling research and development produced a high-speed, high-precision combination of surface milling tools - P aluminum base milling cutter and PCBN milling cutter. At present, the automotive market, high-speed growth and fierce competition, the auto parts manufacturers continue to improve the quality and performance at the same time, pay more attention to parts processing efficiency and cost. Zhengzhou diamonds in the automotive industry has 20 years of experience in cutting applications, has been committed to the key parts of the car engine and demanding parts of the supply of mature processing solutions, Zheng drilling products in the country has been covered to 95% Automotive engine market. For the processing of key components such as pipe seat ring, tappet hole, spark plug hole and fuel injection hole of automobile engine, such as difficult hole, crankshaft, camshaft hole machining, cylinder bore, cylinder joint surface and cylinder head joint surface, Zhengzhou diamonds have targeted tool solutions.

In the field of aviation manufacturing, Zheng drilling products used in the fuselage structure, aero engines, landing gear and so on. Zheng drilling aviation industry application Department Lei Bing from the aviation materials and aviation metal efficient cutting tools to do the application. We know that the aircraft parts of the processing of materials difficult, high requirements for cutting tools, must meet the high strength, high hardness, high toughness and high wear resistance characteristics. And Zheng drilling developed PCD tools and carbide cutting tools to meet the aviation material efficient, high precision machining requirements, in the precision, smooth cutting effect at the same time, the processing efficiency is higher, better wear resistance, tool life Longer.

Zheng drilling as China's super-hard tool industry leader, but also the national super-hard tool industry technical standards, super-hard tool national technical standards presided over the development of units, with world-class tool manufacturing base and industry veteran tool design and development, technical service personnel The In the afternoon to visit the factory, the reporter saw from the product design research and development to manufacturing, and then to the product test and after-sales service, Zheng drilling to excellence throughout. 20 years, Zheng drilling has been focused on the super-hard tool industry, is committed to providing users with impeccable cutting tools. Engraved fine grinding in the eyes of general manager Zhang Fengming just to do the initial requirements of the product, not the highest standards. Eliminate the chaos of interference, focus on product innovation, focus on process improvement, is Zheng drilling consistent awareness and adherence.

Knife is also a way to fight is hard effort. In the face of industrial transformation and upgrading of the environment and intelligent manufacturing vigorous development trend, Zheng drilling with the innate innovation of genes once again become the pioneer in the way of exploration. In the face of the future, Zheng drilling will, as always, focus on the cutting market, working with users, continuously improve the product, improve service quality, reduce costs for users and create more cutting value. Line of heavy words, Zheng drilling will be based on now, step by step to practice their own ideas and promises, continuous focus on cutting technology innovation, and continuously enhance the comprehensive service capabilities, to create the domestic first-class tool brand. The future can be expected to work together to build!