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Application of a new hard alloy die processing technology in refractory industry

Abstract: a flat, hard together die processing technology is introduced in this paper, the process effectively using the hard alloy with high wear resistance, and extremely clever solves the hard alloy material toughness and the disadvantage of the process is easy to break. It has reached the goal of reducing the consumption of the die, improving the inner and exterior quality of the product and improving the forming efficiency.

Key words: hard alloy die processing technology; die cost; product quality; production cost; production efficiency; labor intensity; tungsten carbide nail tools;

Over the years, people have been exploring how to carbide this high wear-resistant materials, applied to the refractory mold up, there are two main forms in the structure, one is the overall structure, that is, the whole mold using carbide materials , The advantage is simple processing technology, but the cost of this structure is high, when the thickness is lower than a certain thickness, it will break the scrapped. The other is because the toughness of cemented carbide material is very poor, even if there is a part of foreign relatively good point to do, but still very low, so even in the thickness of 50 ~ 70mm or so, often began to use when the break Situation, resulting in scrapping, the cost is very high.

Another structure is a split structure, the main purpose of this structure is to reduce the proportion of cemented carbide in the mold, reducing the use of the process of the break caused by the loss, then most of the carbide plate in the 10 ~ 16mm , The size of the alloy plate, a certain strength and toughness, the use of the whole board mosaic and adhesive way, the advantages of this process is relatively complex. In theory, the mold can be very standard installed in the mold box, a variety of templates, pad, slightly board and no gap between the mold box, in fact, can not, so in the course of the process is easy to break, resulting in abnormal scrapped , And did not put the advantages of carbide material to play out, the cost of mold is often not down, but increased. For example, tungsten carbide nail tools, how to prevent this material from breaking during use is the key to the application of this material in the refractory mold industry.

Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies Impact on Friction

With the increasingly serious energy crisis, people will be more concerned about the quality of the environment, coupled with increasing market competition, to promote the production of forgings to high efficiency, high quality, refined, energy saving materials direction. So the extrusion process and other means of production of refined forging production, in the market competition will be a greater development.

Cold extrusion deformation process, the mold surface and the deformation of metal contact, there is a sliding friction between them, so there is friction, the presence of friction in the following aspects of the adverse effects.

Extrusion is a process that forces the metal particles to produce plastic activity, through the gap between the punch and the die or die exports, the manufacture of hollow or cross section than the blank section of a small part of the process. If the rough is heated without being squeezed, it is called cold extrusion. Cold extrusion is no chip, less part of the processing of chip parts, it is a plastic processing of gold in an advanced process. If the blank is heated to a temperature below the recrystallization temperature for extrusion, it is called temperature extrusion. Warm extrusion still has the advantage of little chiplessness.

According to the relationship between the direction of metal movement and the direction of movement of the punch, due to the role of external friction, stress and deformation caused by uneven distribution, so that the internal parts of the additional stress and residual stress, reducing the quality of the product. This is explained in the previous analysis of additional stresses and residual stresses. Due to the external friction effect, an increase of customer service friction additional deformation force, so that the work stress increased energy consumption increased.

Due to the application of external friction, so that increased deformation, increased the load of the mold, causing mold wear, shorten the life of the mold. From the above analysis, it can be seen that in most cases the friction of the Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies is an unfavorable factor and the value of the friction should be minimized during the cold extrusion process. The working surface state and lubrication of the mold are two main factors that affect the friction. Practice has shown that the surface roughness of the working parts of the Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies has a great influence on the friction, so that the roughness of the working part of the mold is reduced by the manufacturer, sometimes Ra0.2-0.1, and the adverse effects of external friction are reduced To the minimum.

Wuyi held the National Hardware Tools Expo

Robot show, DC power tool show, high-end UAV performances ... ... May 25, the 28th National Power Tools supporting conference and hardware tools Expo in Wuyi opening, more than 200 power tools, garden tools, supporting collaboration and related Equipment manufacturers to come to the exhibition, domestic and foreign buyers have to attend the concept of exhibition procurement.

The current exhibition by the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Power Tools Branch, Wuyi County Government, Shanghai Electric Tools Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. co-sponsored. National electric tools supporting the meeting by the Wuyi County Power Tools Industry Association contractors. This year is the national power tools supporting the meeting held in Wuyi the first six years, the exhibition has been in the sale of goods, establish a brand, trade cooperation, investment and other aspects play an important leading role, and gradually grow into a national high-end platform.

The exhibition will be divided into seven major areas, namely, new product new technology area, high-end accessories area, robot area, special equipment area, equipment area, standard booth area and industry association to discuss the two-day exhibition, the total size of 8000 square meters Area, of which the special area from the previous 9 to 17. There are more than 200 power tools, garden tools, supporting cooperation pieces and related equipment manufacturers exhibitors. 2017 "Wuyi Yida Cup" China Power Tools Product Design Competition will also start the same period.

The exhibition highlights, the exhibition for the first time to open trade associations to discuss the area, give full play to the industry joint role, to strengthen regional cooperation, invited Qidong, Yuyao, Yongkang and other industry associations to participate. During the exhibition, the National Power Tools Industry Association General Assembly spent Wuyi, the organizers will be held in the exhibition hall of new materials, new technology seminars, Wuyi investment environment promotion and "machine substitution" technology docking site. In the center of the booth, there are five local enterprises to bring a DC power tool show.

Tungsten Carbide Cold Heading Dies Material Performance Introduction

Tungsten carbide cold heading dies are mainly used in the steel hardware industry, its main performance is:

Grade: YG20, the recommended application areas, suitable for the production of impact resistance requirements of the general stamping die, such as stamping battery shell, small size ball, general hardware products.

Grade: YG20C for standard parts, fasteners hardware industry for the general steel products of cold heading, cold punching and other processes used.

Grade: MB60 is YG20C improved after the new grades, to ensure that the premise of wear resistance, improve the strength and toughness.

Grade: Yl90.3 has high wear resistance and impact toughness, especially for the impact of relatively large forging molds, such as COMPLEX MULTI-MODE HORN Plate-Type Blanking Dies, Reducing Die and so on.

Grade: MB70 has a high toughness and impact resistance, can be used for the impact of a large punching die forging and strength requirements for the use of high forging process.

Grade: YG16C, with a certain strength and high wear resistance, suitable for the use of Red Die.