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China's carbide cutting tool product technology content is not high

China's carbide cutting tool market is rare , really can be called " globalization " of the market . Do not say that the industry has a small reputation , a certain size of the tool company have set up offices in China or find agents to sell , and even only two or thirty employees of the German company also sold its tools to China , The market can be seen everywhere from Germany , Japan , the United States and other countries of the tool products.

But the industry analysis , China's carbide tool market industry concentration is not very high , mainly due to the tool industry itself is not high threshold , many small businesses set up a few lathes to start production , and in the entire industry boom Of the time , in the low-end market products were in short supply , but also objectively accelerate the decentralization of the industry.

According to industry experts , this year the industry situation has changed , many in the low-end business days began to become too good . But in general , the tool is a consumable , even if there is no new machine into production line needs new tools , the old machine also need tool products , this year's biggest feature is in a large area of ''consumption of inventory.

China's carbide cutting tool industry continues to grow rapidly, behind the rapid development, enterprises are also clearly aware of the domestic tool industry, high growth rate of gold is not high, of which a considerable part of the enterprise at the expense of the environment at the expense of cheap labor , The production of inferior products to obtain profits.

In recent years , China's many high-end manufacturing technology development to the carbide tool products to bring new requirements . Such as automotive carbide cutting tools must be efficient , high stability and special characteristics , and with the continuous development of the automotive industry forward , the new requirements came into being , from a technical point of view , there are heavy , compound , Specialization , standardization , high-speed and diversified varieties of the trend . In the field of aerospace manufacturing , with the titanium alloy , high temperature alloys and other difficult to use a wide range of materials , how to correctly choose , the rational use of carbide cutting tool for high-quality high-quality cutting has become a very important industry topic.

Shaanxi to create a good market environment to promote non - ferrous metal industry to adjust the structure to promote efficiency

The municipal people's government, the provincial people's government departments, the institutions directly under:

To implement the "General Office of the State Council on the construction of a good market environment to promote non-ferrous metal industry to promote restructuring and increase the effectiveness of the guidance" (State Council issued [2016] No. 42 spirit to promote the province's non-ferrous metal industry restructuring, transformation efficiency, With the consent of the provincial government, the following implementation of the views.

First, the overall requirements

(A) guiding ideology. Comprehensively implement the party's eighteen and eighteen three, four, five, six in the spirit of the plenary session, insist on steady progress in the overall tone, firmly establish and implement the new development concept, firmly grasp the "catch up beyond" Positioning and "five solid" requirements, adhere to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, to speed up the non-ferrous metal industry supply side of the structural reform, optimize the stock, to guide the incremental, technological transformation, agglomeration development, Enhance the value chain, with new supply to create new demand, promote non-ferrous metal industry structure, promote transformation, increase efficiency.

(B) development goals. Titanium, molybdenum, aluminum magnesium, vanadium and other areas to break through a number of key core technologies and achieve industrialization, to create a number of sustainable innovation with the industry alliance to expand non-ferrous metal materials in aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, electronics and other fields , Major international production capacity cooperation projects have made substantial progress. Built an important domestic deep processing of non-ferrous metal production base, non-ferrous metal deep processing accounted for 50% breakthrough, electrolytic aluminum production capacity remained at 80% or more, the average annual growth rate of 8% or more. By 2020, the added value of nonferrous metals industry reached 100 billion yuan, the main business income into the top 10.

Second, the key tasks

(A) to strengthen technological innovation. Make full use of the existing industry platform, innovation "Internet + colored" model, to promote innovation and model innovation. The implementation of key process numerical control project to promote high-performance titanium and titanium plate rolling digital control molding technology, aluminum electrolysis efficient energy-saving control system. The implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects, for intelligent manufacturing demonstration plant national pilot, to promote the production mode to the flexible, intelligent, fine change, improve enterprise digital, network, information level. Guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development and technological transformation, and comprehensively enhance the design, technology, equipment and energy efficiency level, improve product performance stability and quality consistency. We will give full play to the advantages of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to promote the innovation of production and research, and strengthen the research and development innovation in the areas of selection, smelting and processing of titanium, molybdenum, vanadium, lead and zinc, and form a group of industries with continuous innovation capability Union, in the labor intensity and safety risks, poor operating environment, high precision machining and manufacturing links, vigorously implement the "machine substitutions" program. (Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Science and Technology Department is responsible).

(B) to expand the market application. Around the aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, electronics and other fields, to promote the structural adjustment of nonferrous metallurgical industry, accelerate the promotion of titanium, molybdenum, aluminum and magnesium, lead, zinc, vanadium and other new materials research and development. Encourage the non-ferrous metals industry and downstream application industry in the design, production, use, maintenance and other aspects of strengthening cooperation, the establishment of industry associations led the upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in the relevant parties involved in the consultation and cooperation mechanisms to address the application of technology constraints, product quality, Project construction standards and other bottlenecks, expand consumption areas and space. (Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Provincial Department of Commerce is responsible for).

(C) the development of intensive processing. The titanium alloy high-performance structural materials, new functional materials, advanced composite materials as the focus, fully built to the structure of titanium alloy as the main body, the function of titanium alloy, titanium alloy deep processing, titanium alloy equipment and application as a branch of the new industrial structure system. Strengthen the extension of the molybdenum industry chain, the development of ultra-fine ultra-pure molybdenum disulfide and heptamolybdate, to achieve special molybdenum powder, large-scale molybdenum sheet and follow-up product industrialization. To focus on the development of new aluminum alloy construction profiles and other varieties, to support the comprehensive utilization of high-alumina fly ash technology research and development and industrialization of the aluminum alloy material, graphene aluminum composite materials, multi-layer metal plate as the focus of development. To focus on high-strength, heat-resistant, ultra-light magnesium alloy new materials research, and actively develop new lightweight magnesium alloy products, breaking the aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, electronics and other fields with high-performance magnesium alloy production bottlenecks to achieve smelting capacity Deep processing supporting. Encourage the recycling of non-ferrous metals recycling technology and new equipment demonstration applications, improve the use of recycled non-ferrous metals ratio. (Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Science and Technology Department is responsible).

(D) to speed up industrial agglomeration. Relying on leading enterprises, major project construction and key technology tackling, increase investment efforts, improve the upstream and downstream supporting system, lengthen the industrial chain, bigger industrial clusters. Around the building of international competitiveness of the new titanium materials industry, the implementation of a number of industrial prospects, driven by strong quality projects, accelerate the construction of Baoji titanium Valley new materials industry cluster development base. Focus on the efficient use of resources as the core, to build coal and aluminum aluminum deep processing industry, promote the construction of Tongchuan River Industrial Park and Yulin new materials recycling economy industrial park aluminum magnesium alloy new materials industry cluster development base. Around the high-quality molybdenum resources, the implementation of a number of market demand for molybdenum materials industry projects to speed up the construction of Weinan molybdenum new material industry cluster development base and Xi'an molybdenum and molybdenum alloy deep processing base. Around the vanadium ore in the catalyst, new energy, high temperature and high strength alloys and other fields, accelerate the development of a number of vanadium ore and deep processing projects, the construction of high-end vanadium industry cluster development base, to promote non-ferrous metal enterprises to focus on industrial park cluster. (Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Science and Technology Department, the municipal government is responsible for).

(E) promote green development. Promote the transformation of non-ferrous metals industry green, strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection technology, technology, equipment, promote the use of. The implementation of cleaner production, reduction of heavy metals and other unconventional pollutants, and strengthen the product life cycle green management. Support the comprehensive utilization of high-alumina fly ash, strengthen low-grade mineral resources, smelting slag and dust, tailings and other comprehensive utilization, improve resource utilization efficiency. Improve the standard system of non-ferrous metal products, strengthen the industry quality control. (Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Science and Technology Department is responsible for).

(F) to strengthen international production capacity cooperation. Actively implement the national "area along the way" strategic plan to encourage enterprises in our province to rely on advanced technology and equipment advantages, speed up the "going out" pace, to participate in the global mining market cooperation and competition. Increase the intensity of foreign investment, take holding, equity participation, acquisition, equity replacement and other means to participate in foreign mine development and utilization. Through cooperation with the central enterprises, well-known private enterprises, promote titanium, magnesium, molybdenum smelting and other advantages of production capacity and technology, equipment output, the formation of new growth points. Support the construction of non-ferrous metal finished product export base, improve the dependence on foreign trade. Strengthen the relevant national laws and policy research, effectively avoid and prevent foreign investment risks. (Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial SASAC, the provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce is responsible).

(G) Yan control electrolytic aluminum industry new capacity. Resolutely implement the "State Council on resolving the serious contradictions of production capacity of the guidance" (Guo Fa 〔2013〕 41) and other relevant requirements, and strictly control the new capacity of electrolytic aluminum industry. There is a need for new electrolytic aluminum (change, expansion) construction projects, to strictly implement the same amount of capacity or reduction of replacement programs, and online publicity. The use of social supervision and other means to increase supervision and inspection efforts, severely punished illegal new electrolytic aluminum project. According to the relevant provisions of the illegal production capacity of the responsible units and personnel serious accountability. (Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Department of Land and Resources, Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the provincial SASAC, the municipal government is responsible for).

(H) to speed up the withdrawal of excess capacity. We will investigate the environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and technology of key varieties of nonferrous metals, improve the on-line monitoring system of major pollutants, strengthen fair and impartial law enforcement, and do not meet the requirements of laws and regulations, industrial policies and related standards. Immediately rectify the rectification within a time limit; did not meet the rectification requirements, according to the law according to the regulations to stop, at the same time in the provincial government or the relevant departments of the website announcement, accept social supervision. (Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the provincial SASAC, the municipal government is responsible).

Third, policy support

(A) the implementation of electricity policy. Continue to implement the policy of differential pricing; to speed up the implementation of non-ferrous metal enterprises in line with the policy of electricity and power generation enterprises direct transactions, through consultation to determine the price; to encourage qualified non-ferrous metal enterprises to develop electricity management joint venture. (Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial power company is responsible for).

(B) reduce the cost of business. Conscientiously implement the "Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Work Plan for Reducing the Cost of Entity Economy Enterprises" (Guo Fa [2016] No. 48) and the Notice of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province on Printing and Distributing the Cost Reduction Plan for Structural Reform of Supply Side 2016] 38), strict implementation of natural gas, railway road transport prices and other policies, in strict accordance with the list of fees charged by the charges, shall not be free to add fees, expand the scope of fees to raise fees. (Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial finance department, etc.).

(C) improve the land policy. To protect the demand for land use projects in key industries, to simplify the land approval procedures, shorten the approval time limit. After the withdrawal of production capacity, the land can be transferred or reimbursed by the municipal and county governments to recover the land transfer income after the original appropriation of land use rights, and can be arranged by the budget to pay for the resettlement costs. After the production capacity of industrial land, in line with urban and rural planning and environmental protection requirements under the premise can be used to convert the development of the tertiary industry, the local government to collect land sales revenue, according to the provisions of the budget through the arrangements for the bankruptcy or restructuring of state-owned enterprise workers Placement. Conversion to production services and other countries to encourage the development of the industry, in 5 years to continue to use the original use and land rights type of land. (Provincial Department of Land and Resources, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the municipal government is responsible for).

(D) to increase financial support. Give full play to the provincial industry guidance, technological transformation and high-tech industrialization and other provincial-level special funds and industrial funds to guide leveraging the role of qualified non-ferrous metal enterprises in green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-end manufacturing, brand building, public service platform To increase support. Actively for the central budget investment and the national special construction fund to support qualified major projects. Through the financial science and technology plan (special, fund, etc.) to support the requirements of scientific and technological innovation. Improve the province of non-ferrous metal resources tax from the price of reform, clean up the relevant tariff funds, regulate the burden of mining taxes and fees, the implementation of mergers and reorganization of tax policy. Support in line with relevant laws and regulations of the enterprises to carry out titanium, aluminum and magnesium, lead zinc, molybdenum concentrate processing trade business. (Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial State Taxation Bureau, Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Department of Land and Resources, Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Science and Technology Department, Xi'an Customs).

(E) to strengthen financial support. The implementation of a controlled credit policy, the establishment of financial and financial information docking mechanism, strengthen the information sharing, and guide financial institutions in accordance with the risk of control, business sustainability principles, focusing on supporting industry standards, environmental protection and safety production standards, Prospects and operating efficiency of the backbone enterprises. Support qualified non-ferrous metal enterprises to use multi-level capital market for direct financing, broaden the financing channels. Guide non-ferrous metal enterprises to make full use of capital market mergers and acquisitions tools for resource integration and industrial upgrading. Research through the insurance compensation mechanism to support the first batch of non-ferrous metal materials application. To meet the conditions of major international cooperation projects, to guide financial institutions to give preferential loans. (Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial financial office, the People's Bank of Xi'an Branch, Shaanxi Banking Regulatory Bureau, Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, Shaanxi Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shaanxi Golden Control Group).

(F) improve the reserve system. Focus on the future development of nonferrous metals industry, taking into account the strategic reserve demand and market conditions, improve the government reserves and commercial reserves of the reserve mechanism, the appropriate increase in some non-ferrous metal reserves. To explore the commercial reserves of non-ferrous metal business pilot, to encourage financial institutions to support non-ferrous metal commercial purchasing and storage products. (Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Shaanxi Banking Regulatory Bureau, Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, Shaanxi Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the provincial financial office is responsible for).

(G) Proper placement of workers. And actively cultivate the characteristics of entrepreneurial innovation to adapt to the characteristics of non-ferrous metal enterprises to expand the scope of entrepreneurship pilot, to enhance entrepreneurial service incubation capacity, to cultivate the continued industrial clusters, to guide the surplus workers on the spot employment, ease the diversion pressure. Through the skills training, employment and other employment services and employment entrepreneurship support policies to promote the reemployment of unemployed or self-employed. To meet the conditions of employment difficulties, through the public welfare jobs to be helped. On the eligible unemployed personnel in accordance with the provisions of the unemployment insurance, in line with the conditions of relief should be timely into the scope of social assistance to protect the basic life. Shall not implement the protection of funds is not in place, the program is not perfect and not by the workers' congress or all staff to discuss the adoption of the staff placement program. (Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial SASAC, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Science and Technology Department, the municipal government).

(H) to strengthen the industry self-discipline. Strengthen self-discipline of non-ferrous metals industry, and guide enterprises to standardize business, fair competition, maintain a good market order. Strengthen the industry key, common problem research, timely release industry capacity monitoring and early warning information to support enterprises to promote mergers and acquisitions. Give full play to the role of the bridge link, summed up the promotion of advanced experience, to guide enterprises to make good use of the relevant policies; timely reflect the enterprise demands, feedback policy implementation, put forward relevant policy recommendations. (Ministry of Industry and Information Management).

Cities in accordance with the views of this request, combined with reality, pay close attention to formulate specific programs, clear objectives and tasks and timetable, road map, and effectively implement the various policy measures to ensure effective. Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology to strengthen co-ordination, in conjunction with the relevant departments to carry out supervision and inspection and follow-up analysis, major issues in a timely manner to report the provincial government.

Machine tool industry continues to pick up

In the Chinese government supply side of the structural reform and real estate, automotive and other industries to grow in the environment, the machine tool industry is "back to life."

According to media reports, during the 15th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2017), the reporter visited a number of domestic and foreign machine tool exhibitors, they generally reflect the real feeling of the market to pick up the temperature, especially for the automotive market to provide processing programs Of the manufacturers, new orders are more impressive. Through the feedback from the exhibitors, the machine tool industry in the past few years after a long "winter", it seems ushered in the development opportunity, which the whole machine tool market is undoubtedly a good sign.

In recent years, China's machine tool industry has been struggling in the development of difficulties, orders for several months of negative growth is commonplace. It is understood that in 2016, some domestic machine tool enterprises due to stand up to "winter" collapse of the enterprise is not unusual. In this regard, many people on the development of China's machine tool industry seems to have lost hope.

In the machine industry downturn, the end of 2016, the Ministry of Industry issued the "thirteen five" "intelligent manufacturing development plan 2016 - 2020" clear, promote intelligent manufacturing implementation of the "two-step" strategy: the first step, by 2020, Intelligent manufacturing development base and support capacity was significantly enhanced, the traditional manufacturing key areas of the basic realization of digital manufacturing, conditional, based on the key industries have made significant progress in intelligent transformation; the second step, by 2025, intelligent manufacturing support system is basically established, Industry to achieve the initial smart transformation.

The industry planning for the downturn in the machine tool industry has injected a "tonic."

In fact, the machine tool industry to pick up another reason to benefit from the real estate and automotive growth in areas such as. Data released from the relevant departments show that from the first two months of 2017, China's real estate development investment grew 8.0%, the car market in January and February's performance is also good, 2017 two months before the rapid growth of automobile production and sales in February domestic Automobile production 215.96 million, an increase of 33.77%.

Increased orders

South China Institute of Intelligent Innovation Zeng Haiwei said that the machine tool market to return to the industrial structure due to the adjustment and upgrading. At present, our government is embarking on the structural reform of the supply side. The machine tool industry, in order to meet the market demand, starts from the supply side and provides the products and services to meet the new demands of science. Such as automation packages, customized customization and shift upgrades have become the main direction of the market.

The machine tool industry to pick up the same time, enterprises have frequently ushered in the domestic and international orders. According to reports, Shenyang Machine Tool Group independent research and development of i5 intelligent machine tools in the automotive shaft and other industries to demonstrate the application, and now has signed 18,000 orders, shipments reached 8400 units. Dalian Machine Tool Group to be outdone, its construction in Dongguan City, the first 3C industry unmanned intelligent manufacturing plant basically completed, all using domestic machine intelligent production line is waiting for the arrival of the first batch of products.

It is understood that Hubei Li Di Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in the first quarter of this year has completed 160 million yuan of orders, its products are sold to the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries. And Guangzhou City Express Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. shipments shipments per month shipments are also up to dozens of times.

In the excellent financial research institute macroeconomic research researcher Wang Jiankun view, machine tool business order gradually recovered, in fact, starting from the fourth quarter of 2016, the industry has developed a trend to stabilize the current situation.

According to the China Machine Tool Industry Association Information Statistics Department to provide data show that in 2016 China's total machine tool consumption of about 27.5 billion US dollars, flat year on year. Among them, the metal cutting machine tool consumption of about 16.4 billion US dollars, down to 4.1%. Metal forming machine tool consumption of about 11.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.7%.

It is not difficult to see from the above data can be seen, the machine tool industry from 2016 has been showing signs of warming. Wang Jiankun said that the economic cycle level, China has 3 to 5 years a round of the stock business cycle, there are across the entire reform and opening up the Kangbo cycle, the machine tool industry is part of our stock cycle and Kang Bo cycle under the influence of supply side reform common Superimposed generation.

So, the next period of time, the industry can be strong to warm up? Wang Jiankun that the supply side of the reform match the Kangbo cycle only for high-end products. In other words, the future for a long time, high-end machine tool market or sustained prosperity, low-end machine pick up may be just "short-lived." Warmer to the entire machine tool industry relieved, but the industry understand that the machine in order to achieve "gorgeous turn", but not a day of power.

High-end machine machine opportunities

So, China's high-end machine tool industry is how the development of the status quo? South China Institute of Intelligent Innovation Zeng Haiwei said that China's machine tool industry started relatively late, is still in the development stage, high-end machine tool market occupied by Europe and the United States Japan and South Korea, Machine tool business, there is a huge business opportunities.

It is reported that Shenyang Group Intelligent Machine Tool i5 occupy half of the group, its production workshop CNC machine tool production is also rising.

Not long ago, China's production of high-end CNC machine tools have been used for missile engines, materials, such as forming the field of precision manufacturing. Aerospace Science and Technology official said that the current domestic high-end CNC machining equipment, such as the accuracy of key indicators gradually reached the international advanced level, while the cost of equipment to maintain a 30% to 50% of the great advantage.

It is worth mentioning that, as China's economic slowdown continues to slow down and structural adjustment of the deepening of China's machine tool market has also undergone a significant change in its total demand significantly reduced demand structure to accelerate the upgrading of the market characteristics In fact, more and more obvious.

"Machine tool market structure upgrade, the performance of automated demand for the rapid growth." Wang said, "on the one hand, small, personalized, customization needs have increased significantly. General product performance, reliability, Large; on the other hand, the development trend of CNC machine tools in the efficient, sophisticated, composite on the basis of the intelligent and green put forward higher requirements.

Zeng Haiwei said, high-end CNC machine tool market will gradually become China's manufacturing enterprises, "meat and potatoes." With the rise of China's manufacturing industry, machine demand is driven to promote the technological progress of domestic machine tools, high-end machine tools personalized, digital, intelligent development trend.

Analysis of the industry, which means that the high-speed machine tool industry, the pace of rapid development has come.

China 's machine tool industry in January - March 2017 economic operation and market conditions

January to March 2017, China's machine tool market demand showed a slight stabilization, the overall operation of the industry showed a slight increase. The following from the China Machine Tool Industry focus on network and customs statistics, the Chinese machine tool industry and the market operation and development trends for a brief analysis.

First, the industry operating profile

By 2016 so far this wave of market demand to pick up the impact of the industry in January-March 2017, the main economic indicators showed a slight rebound year on year. Industry focus on the network statistics show that the main business income and profits showed a decline in the proportion of enterprises accounted for 30.9% and 45.4%; finished goods inventory showed an increase of 44.3% of the proportion of enterprises, the overall situation than the previous year Improved over the same period. Industry operations highlighted in the following areas.

1. Demand for small growth, sales rebounded weakly

From January to March of 2017, new orders for metalworking machines increased by 1.4% year-on-year and 16.8% in hand orders. Among them, new orders for metal cutting machine machines fell 5.7%, hand orders grew 12.0%; metal forming machine orders increased 42.5%, hand orders grew 34.1%.

From January to March of 2017, the industry's main business revenue grew 0.9% YoY. Metal processing machine machine main business income fell 12.0% year on year. Among them, the metal cutting machine machine main business income fell 18.8%; metal forming machine machine main business income increased 24.9%. The main business income increased by 25.9% year on year.

2. Production fell slightly, stocks rebounded slightly

From January to March of 2017, metal machine tool production fell 1.9% year on year. Among them, the metal cutting machine tool production fell 5.4%, metal forming machine tool production increased by 17.2%.

From January to March of 2017, the finished product of the whole industry grew 6.9% year on year. Metal processing machine finished goods increased by 6.2% year on year. Among them, gold cutting machine machine grew 8.8%, metal forming machine fell 9.4% year on year. Inventories of finished goods fell by 9.0% year on year.

3. Profit picked up significantly and the loss was narrow

From January to March of 2017, the total profit of the whole industry increased by 165.0%, and the total profit of metalworking machine tools increased by 200.1% year on year. Among them, the gold cutting machine machine grew 46.9%, metal forming machine increased by 38.8%. Total profit of construction tools increased by 350.1% year on year.

In March 2017, the industry-wide loss-making enterprises accounted for 38.7%, metal processing machine loss enterprises accounted for 43.1%, of which gold cutting machine tool was 46.1%, metal forming machine 28.6%, compared with 2017 January-February Respectively, down 9.8,10.6,11.7 and 4.7 percentage points. The proportion of enterprises with a loss of 25.0%.

4. Exports are experiencing resilient growth

Starting from January 2017, machine tool merchandise exports grew at an average of 18 months of negative growth since July 2015. From January to March of 2017, the export of machine tools was US $ 2.42 billion, up by 8.9% year on year. Among them, the metal processing machine tool exports 680 million US dollars, an increase of 8.3%; metal cutting machine tool exports 440 million US dollars, up 7.0%; metal forming machine tool exports 240 million US dollars, an increase of 10.7%. Cutting tool exports 550 million US dollars, up 4.9%; abrasive abrasive $ 490 million, an increase of 12.7%.

From January to March, the export growth rate was highest among the top three commodity sectors: machine function (19.9%), abrasive abrasive (12.7%), numerical control device (11.1%). Exports to the top three are: the United States 370 million US dollars, up 7.2%; Japan 210 million US dollars, up 10.4%; Germany 160 million US dollars, up 0.4%.

From the nature of export enterprises, private enterprises and foreign investment (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) enterprises accounted for 55.9% and 31.8%, state-owned (including collective) enterprises accounted for 12.3%; from the export growth point of view are showing a growth, Private enterprises increased by 12.0% year on year, foreign investment (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) enterprises increased by 0.8%, state-owned (including collective) enterprises increased by 18.9%.

Second, the import trade situation

January to March 2017, the overall decline in imports showed a slight decline, the decline over the end of last year has been narrowed, but the mainframe imports still show year-on-year decline in the trend. Among them, the metal processing machine tool imports 1.59 billion US dollars, down 20.3%; metal cutting machine tool imports 1.29 billion US dollars, down 19.2%; metal forming machine tool imports 310 million US dollars, down 24.6%. Cutting tool imports amounted to 360 million US dollars, an increase of 23.9%.

From January to March, the growth rate of imports from high to low is the top three commodity areas: machine function (33.0%), abrasive abrasive (24.9%), cutting tool (23.9%). Imports of the top three are: Germany 770 million US dollars, up 0.5%; Japan 750 million US dollars, down 11.9%; Taiwan region 400 million US dollars, an increase of 24.8%. The first quarter of the source of imports showed a significant low before the trend, the growth in March more obvious.

(Including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) enterprises 60.5%, private enterprises 24.6%, state-owned (including collective) enterprises 14.8%; from the same period of growth, foreign investment (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) enterprises fell 10.3%, private enterprises An increase of 17.8%, state-owned (including collective) enterprises fell 11.4% year on year.

Three estimates for 2017

This round of market demand in 2016 began to pick up the recent rebound in the industry, the reasons are many, involving the recent domestic political and economic situation and the environment, the supply side of the structural reform, the financial industry continues to increase the support of the real economy The strength of the "steady growth" measures the gradual emergence of the effect, as well as the market new energy and investment in new hot spots and so on. On the other hand, after the recovery of China's economy over the expected period, the problems and worries that affect the smooth and sustainable operation of the economy are attracting great attention. One outstanding performance is the rise of financial security to the height of state governance, the future financial supervision The impact of tightening on the real economy will gradually appear. The above factors on the 2017 machine tool market and the impact of industrial operation both long-term, but also short-term; both the root of the problem, but also a temporary solution. Machine tool market demand changes in the long-term trend still need further observation. Considering the overall trend of China's economy in 2017, it is expected that the machine tool market and industrial operation will show a trend of stabilization.