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Nonferrous Metals Tungsten and Carbide Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Symposium held in Hawthorn

May 7 afternoon , non-ferrous metals tungsten and carbide industry technology innovation strategic alliance forum held in the pond area . Chinese Academy of Engineering Huang Bo Yun , deputy secretary of the district , the mayor Wang Libo attended the meeting . The meeting was chaired by Wang Huiping , party secretary of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Co , Ltd.

At the meeting , Wang Libo on behalf of the district , the district government attended the meeting of experts and scholars and entrepreneurs to welcome the arrival of the Hawthorn area and the situation was introduced ; Wang Huiping Zhuzhou Carbide Co , Ltd . on the basic situation of the Introduced the work of the non-ferrous metal tungsten and carbide industry technology innovation strategic alliance was introduced ; participants also discussed the construction of the Union and other related issues.

Huang Bo Yun said that the industrial technology innovation alliance as a new thing , need to explore and give full play to all members of the Union's intelligence , in promoting the development of the Union enterprises at the same time also on the development of national tungsten industry play a positive role . Non-ferrous metals tungsten and carbide industry technology innovation strategic alliance to fully understand the importance of national R & D platform for the development of the industry affect the common , key technical problems to sort out , organize the development of research and research , highlight the alliance support and Leading the role of industry development .

It is understood that non-ferrous metals tungsten and carbide industry technology innovation strategic alliance covers China's tungsten and carbide industry , the comprehensive strength of the top tungsten ore and carbide processing enterprises , domestic non-ferrous metals related areas of research and development of strong universities and research institutes.

The Union with its inception of 2007 , In 2010 by the National Science and Technology Department identified as the first batch of pilot alliance , in 2011 was awarded the " Eleventh Five-Year " National Science and Technology Program Organization Management Outstanding Organization Award , was selected in 2015 eligible Recommended national key R & D program pilot one of the 26 consortium.

Chinese scientists developed a high strength magnesium alloy material close to the theoretical strength limit

Chinese scientists developed a high-strength magnesium alloy material close to the theoretical magnesium-based alloy strength limit . In the " Nature " magazine , Hong Kong City University Vice President Lu Jian , Associate Professor Zhu Linli , Zhejiang University and other Chinese scientists jointly published the paper " Dual-phase nanostition as a route to high-strength magnesium alloys " became the magazine cover article.

Chinese team developed the strongest magnesium alloy material , boarded the nature cover , in this heavy paper , several Chinese scientists introduced their development of a high-strength magnesium alloy material - the strength of this material , more than all Known magnesium-based nanomaterials , and close to the theoretical limit of magnesium-based alloys . In the public view , magnesium alloy does not seem as famous as aluminum . In fact , as small as a penny of coins , mobile phone notebook shell , large aircraft rockets are inseparable from the magnesium alloy material . Magnesium alloy material with light weight , good performance , easy processing and many other advantages , has been a research hotspot of materials science.

People's common sense , the solid metal at room temperature is the presence of metal crystals in the phase . (Such as grain , twin , etc . ) form , proportion , size , etc . changes will have a significant impact on the nature of metal materials , which is a material in the case of a material Known as an independent branch of metallography . With the development of modern electron microscopy technology , scientists and engineers have been able to observe the metal from a microscopic perspective.

At the end of the century , scientists found that some of the properties of the material changed from the size of the microstructure that made up the metallic material . When the diameter of a single crystal grains reaches 100 nms or less , these phenomena become particularly conspicuous , for example , the strength and hardness of the material is greatly improved and the ductility and toughness is deteriorated . (Correspondents suggested : the hardness and strength of the material is not the same concept , the highest hardness of natural diamonds , although very weary , but it is " soft " much more than a hammer in front of vulnerable , so do not get married at home To try!

By this nano-microstructure of the metal material is called nano-metal materials , has been widely used nanostructure cemented carbide are one of the representatives . For example , tungsten-carbon nano carbons can be used to make high-strength drill bits less than one millimeter in diameter.

What is not knowing to the public is that the metallic material can exist in a homogeneous amorphous phase , which is similar to the microstructure of the glass , so that the metal in this form is called metal glass . The metal glass has good elasticity and resistance to plastic deformation , the golf club's hit area is made of metal glass , can withstand the huge impact to maintain the same shape.

The past nano-metal materials are difficult to achieve the theoretical strength . The reason is mainly in the preparation of nano-metal crystals when there are some defects , resulting in the overall lack of strength . In the relatively low stress , this is particularly prominent . Although the preparation of nano-metal materials in recent years , significant progress , but through the process to improve the single phase of the metal nano-materials limit.

Lu Jian and others tried another way of thinking , with amorphous metal glass wrapped metal nano-crystal particles . Lu Jian and other nano-magnesium-copper alloy crystal embedded in the magnesium - copper - yttrium alloy amorphous metal shells, made a new type of magnesium-based dual-phase nano-alloy material , and this name is super-nano Biphasic glass - crystal structure.

Magnesium alloy , which is composed of particles of a " shell " of less than 10 nanometers . The core components of the individual particles are magnesium : copper = 2 : 1 (atomic ratio , the same ) , The outer shell is estimated to consist of a typical amorphous metal of magnesium : copper : yttrium = 69 : 11 : 20 . The overall alloy material can be written in the form of magnesium 49 copper 46 yttrium 9 . By detecting the currently available thin layer material , it can be determined that the strength of this biphasic nanometer magnesium alloy is 3.3 kPas , which exceeds all known magnesium base nanomaterials and is close to the limit of the theoretical magnesium base alloy.

2017 Carbide Industry Summit Forum and production cooperation cooperation meeting held in Zhuzhou

"2017 Carbide Industry Summit Forum and production and demand cooperation matchmaking " held in Zhuzhou , Hunan , the theme of the theme of " on the carbide world , build China to build the future ." . This event is one of the important activities of the " 2017 National Entrepreneurs 'Day and China Entrepreneurs ' Annual Meeting " , which brings together a group of top experts and entrepreneurs of cemented carbide materials in China to discuss the research and cooperation of cemented carbide materials Cooperation , for the " Made in China 2025 " to seek " strong gluten bone bone " good policy.

The meeting was sponsored by Hunan Provincial Construction Bureau of Leading Province , Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission. Zhuzhou Municipal People's Government , Tungsten High-tech Materials Co , Ltd , Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co , Ltd , with more than 400 participants The Meeting by the Hunan Provincial Committee of the letter by the members of the party committee , chief engineer An Ke , Zhuzhou municipal party committee secretary , Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Chairman Mao Tengfei at the meeting , the Ministry of Industry and Industry Deputy Director of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Miao Zimin , Secretary , director Xie Chaoying speech respectively.

In the speech, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance of the development of new materials industry . In December 2016 , the National Leading Group for the development of new materials industry was set up , and the working mechanism was established . Innovation platform , and vigorously promote the application of new materials and promotion . Hunan new materials industry to maintain a rapid pace of development , formed into R & D into production , production and research , a complete range of new materials industry system , in the country and the world have a strong competitive edge , hope that Hunan relying on resources , scientific research and environmental advantages , In order to speed up the healthy development of China's new materials industry contribute wisdom and strength.

In recent years, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government actively docked the " Made in China 2025 " strategy , made the construction of a strong province decision-making deployment , the introduction of the construction of a strong province to build five-year action plan , the advanced hard Quality material industry chain as the province's 20 emerging advantages of one of the key industrial chain cultivation , Hunan is expected to build a world-class advanced hard materials R & D and manufacturing base . At the same time , he pointed out that the hope that the field of solid carbide field of entrepreneurs , experts for the development of cemented carbide industry in Hunan Province , the pulse of the prescription , advice , and strive to create a more shiny industry card , for the development of the national carbide industry Make a greater contribution.

The meeting also invited the Chinese Academy of Engineering Huang Bo Yun , Tan Jianrong academician , Chinese Academy of Sciences Ge Changchun academicians made academic reports , three academicians in their respective research areas , from the macro and micro aspects , combined with manufacturing strategy , carbide materials and related fields The development of the in-depth discussion . Tungsten High-tech Materials Co , Ltd , State Key Laboratory of Cemented Carbide , Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tool Co , Ltd , China Railway Construction Industry Group Co , Ltd . and other entrepreneurs at the meeting made a communication to promote the speech.

At the subsequent signing ceremony of the Cemented Carbide Production and Demand , 29 productions and application enterprises of China Tungsten High-tech Materials Co , Ltd , Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co , Ltd . and Yangquan Coal Group Huayue Machinery Co , Ltd . be signed at the scene . 17 production and demand agreements , involving strategic planning , business cooperation , product circulation in all aspects of the value of over 1 billion yuan.

Traditional carbide cutting tools faces a strong challenge

Since the 1970s , the market share of high speed steel tools has been eroded by carbide cutting tools. But in recent years , with the powder metallurgy high-speed steel (P / MHSS ) cutting tool cutting performance , high-speed steel tool market share has rebounded . Compared with the ordinary high-speed steel tool , the powder metallurgy high-speed steel tool hardness is higher , the toughness is better , more wear-resistant , so in some application areas (such as high impact , large cut processing ) , powder metallurgy high speed steel The tool has a tendency to gradually replace the fineness of the whole carbide , which is prone to fragmentation under cutting shocks.

Powder metallurgy high-speed steels manufacturing process of the late 1960s in Sweden successfully developed , and in the early 70s into the market . The process can be added to the high-speed steel alloy elements without damage to the material's toughness or easy to wear , which can be made with high hardness , high wear resistance , can absorb the impact on cutting , suitable for high rate of processing and Cut the cutting tool.

The use of powder metallurgy high-speed steels preparation process , steel manufacturers can fully increase the metal carbide content of the steel , without the material toughness or abrasion caused harmful effects . Although some people prefer the powder metallurgy high-speed steel people like to be known as high-speed steel and the overall carbide " half-breed " , but in fact it is only a small size of carbide particles and refined steel matrix particle structures of high-speed steel . However , it does combine the good toughness of high speed steel with the high abrasion resistance of cemented carbide.

As the powder metallurgy high-speed steel carbide particles of small and uniform distribution , so the same carbide content of ordinary high-speed steels compared to its strength and toughness greatly improved . With this advantage , powder metallurgy high-speed steel cutting tool is very suitable for cutting the impact of large and high metal removal rate of processing occasions (such as deflection cutting , intermittent cutting , etc . ) . In addition , due to the strength of powder metallurgy high-speed steel will not be due to the increase in metal carbide content weakened , so steel manufacturers can add a lot of alloy elements in the steel to improve the performance of tool materials . In the case of tap , for example , the tapered cutting edge is continuously contacted and separated from the workpiece , and the cutting impact is large . Therefore , it is necessary to manufacture the tap with the high strength and toughness grades . At the same time , in order to improve the wear resistance of the tap The carbide content of the tool material is high . The original commonly used tap material for the ordinary high-speed steels / steeled grades M-2 , now available powder metallurgy high-speed steels to grade M-4 replacement . (M-4 is 8% , M-2 is 7%) , but the powder metallurgy high-speed steel grades in the high hard carbides content are much higher than the ordinary high-speed steel (M-4 is 6% , M-2 is only 2%) , so M-4 tap wear resistance has been significantly enhanced , processing efficiency and tool life , while M-4 tap toughness is also much better than M - 2 tap , in the tapping process is not easy to break.

Today , the powder metallurgy high-speed steel tool has become a strong competitor of the overall carbide tool . Although the overall carbide cutting tool hardness is high , but the brittleness is also great , so more for turning , and not suitable for cutting the larger impact processing and rough . As the powder metallurgy high-speed steel contains a large number of hard carbides , so its wear resistance can be achieved with the overall level of cemented carbide , and its toughness is better than the overall carbide , more competent requirements of both abrasive wear And toughness of the cutting (such as tapping , milling , etc . ).