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China's tungsten carbide saw blades industry is currently in good shape

Tungsten carbide saw blades the application of technology is more advanced , the current domestic enterprises in China's private mold enterprises generally have advanced equipment resources . New technology can be widely used in the industry , rapid , from design and manufacturing to the relevant information production , heat treatment , the formation of industrial chain , integrated advantages.

The current lack of funds and lack of own-owned enterprises , enterprises will increase investment in management and technological transformation , expand the proportion of high-end products , and set up domestic sales departments , and actively expand the domestic market . Technology , China's domestic tungsten carbide saw blades need to vigorously carry out technical research and development , from time to time to learn from foreign advanced technology and digestion and absorption on the basis of the original technology , the second innovation ; In the management , to break the scale of China's mold industry , industrial structure and other unreasonable management malpractice , the introduction to advanced management methods and management personnel , and gradually eradicate the management of China's casting industry malpractice.

In recent years , with the industrial level from time to time to improve , but in the development of the same time , China's domestic industry there is still a technical level of the industry , the development of the industry , Is not high , the industry scattered , unreasonable structure and other issues , according to experts believe that the current industry is also rising industry , but also need a considerable period of time in order to achieve the current level of development of developed countries . At this stage , we produce tungsten carbide saw blades already have a strong competitive edge , the biggest advantage and strength lies both in private enterprises , but also in traditional industries. Into the high-end market, can not do without high-tech.

In order to catch up with or exceed the level of developed countries , it is necessary to carry out technological innovation and management reform from time to time . According to the experts believe that the current Chinese enterprises in the management and technology are still weak , through scientific management methods and technological innovation , the industry will achieve more remarkable results . With the development of China's tungsten carbide saw blades industry , the increasingly fierce competition from the provinces , the industry began to show disorderly competition , the emergence of low-cost hardware , product structure and technical content is not high and other defects are increasingly exposed The.

China 's first international mainstream lines of passenger aircraft C919 first flight success

China produced the first international mainstream of the domestic large passenger aircraft C919 , 5 at 14 o'clock in Shanghai , China Pudong International Airport first flight .

From the China Commercial Aircraft Co , Ltd . learned that , C919 first flight is expected to last more than 1 hour , the aircraft cruise altitude of about 3000 meters , cruising speed of about 300 km / hs . After the first flight is completed , the aircraft will land at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai , China.

C919 full name is " COMAC919 " , COMAC is the main manufacturer of C919 Chinese commercial company's English name abbreviation , " C " is the " COMAC " the first letter , but also the Chinese English name " CHINA " the first letter , Embodies the large passenger aircraft is the will of the country , the people's expectations . The first 9 meaning " forever " , 19 meaning C919 large passenger aircraft maximum capacity of 190 people.

C919 has completely independent intellectual property rights in China , is China's construction of innovative countries , the landmark project , embodies the best domestic design talent and engineering talent , for the advanced aerodynamic layout , structural materials and a variety of high-tech materials (precision carbide Parts) and airborne systems , developers have planned a total of 102 key technical research , including aircraft engine integrated design , telex flight control system control law design , active control technology.

China as the world's largest manufacturer of carbide cutting blades of the most widely used

The prosperity and development of China's market economy is the best embodiment of advancing with the times . Carbide blade as one of the super-hard tool , is the production and processing industry a powerful cutting tool , carbide as a modern industrial teeth on the manufacturing industry has a strong role in promoting.

Carbide blade as a weapon of wealth cutting , is the modern production and manufacturing industry the most effective processing tool for the development of social economy has an important role in promoting . Carbide belongs to the powder metallurgy industry , is a refractory metal hard compounds and bonded metal through powder metallurgy made of an alloy material . Carbide has a high hardness , wear resistance , strength and toughness is better , heat , corrosion and a series of excellent performance , especially its high hardness and wear resistance to become the most important use . China as a carbide production power , but also a global manufacturing country , the carbide cutting blade cutting rate is the most widely used , is the world's cement carbide tool market share of the most adequate position , all carbide countries to The Chinese market as a long-term goal , which is both an opportunity and a challenge for us.

Economic globalization requirements , so that the increasingly fierce market competition showing the obvious effect of the survival of the fittest , carbide blade market development also need to advance with the times , walking in the trend of economic development front . China's " second Five-Year " plans has a clear role in the socio-economic , especially high-end equipment manufacturing industry on the carbide blade , carbide tool needs increasingly front-end , coupled with the times of domestic solid carbide blade Performance advantages become increasingly evident , China's cement industry is from the production of power to the production of power to enter.

The rapid development of economy is an increasingly obvious manifestation of economic globalization , but also China's reform and opening up the best results with the times , tungsten carbide blade with the times the overall development of cemented carbide industry is the inevitable direction , but also the most direct market competition Performance.

China's Ministry of Industry and Industry to improve the industrial robot industry access threshold

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Industry is developing industry access conditions , improve the access threshold , strict control of industrial robot high-end industry low-end and low-end product overcapacity risk. High-profile announced the investment of 20 billion yuan to build a robot industrial park , local government support , 500 acres of industrial land quickly in place . Can be more than a year later , in addition to a core technology without the low-end robot assembly plant , the original planning reducer , servo motor and other high-end supporting business traces no . The real case of an ordinary county in a central province of China reflects a side of the development of China's industrial robots industry . Recently , the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , said : " The field of high-end robot industry and low-end products , the risk of overcapacity , has caused the relevant departments attach great importance."

More than 40 industrial parks, more than 800 enterprises to grab cake " In 2010 , China's Wuhan , the United States to produce 500,000 units of air-conditioning , more than 10,000 employees; now, to produce 55 million units, 3,000 employees. " U.S. group of Wuhan refrigeration equipment company equipment manager said that large-scale industrial robots Use , the production processes information transformation , so that per capital efficiency increased by 20% per year.

Robot masses to use, in recent years, manufacturing enterprises to upgrade the outstanding features. Statistics show that since 2013 to become the world's largest industrial robot market, the Chinese industrial robot usage rose sharply. In 2014, sales of industrial robots exceeded 57,000 units , an increase in 54% ; sales in 2015 increased to 68,000 units ; 2016 robot installation capacity is as high as 85,000 units , more than the global number of new industrial robots 30%.

Industry analysts predict that in 2017 China's industrial robot sales will reach 102,000 units , the cumulative holdings will be close to 450,000 units , China's domestic robot market share from less than 5% in 2012 , to 2017 more than 30% ; In 2020 , China's industrial robot ownership will reach more than 80 million , the potential market demand value of nearly 500 billion yuan.

Industrial robots have been widely used in the national economy 37 categories of industry , 91 industries in the class . In 2016 , 3C (computer , communications equipment and high-end carbide cutting tool production) manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry , the total sales of domestic industrial robots accounted for 30% and 12.6%.

However, the strong market demand , but also brought the industry overheated signs . According to statistics , the domestic focus on the development of the robot industry has more than 20 provinces , more than 40 robots industrial park . The past two years , the number of robot enterprises from less than 400 quickly increased to more than 800 , while the industrial chain-related enterprises over 3400 . Among them , only the number of Zhejiang robot enterprises have more than 280 . " There is a certain degree of overheating and low level of construction in the Chinese robot industry , and the phenomenon of blindness has indeed existed on some areas , " he said.

"5 years later, the domestic robot enterprises can leave a good 1/5 , and no core technology and core components of the manufacturers basically no living space ." . A domestic robot manufacturing enterprises to judge . More than six-axis multi-joint robot , about 90% from abroad . China's northeast of a car company , the procurement of a domestic enterprises to develop their own welding robot , due to lack of reliability , the production line was once stopped.

Geely Automobile Chunxiao factory procurement stamping workshop handling robot , many times to study the domestic robot enterprises , but in terms of load , repeat accuracy , control stability are not up to the design requirements , and ultimately had to choose ABB . SAIC GM has considered a few years ago domestic brands of welding robots , accuracy and reliability is also good , but the key parts dependent on imports , the price of 70% - 80% higher than foreign products.

"China's industrial robot development weakness for three : foreign brands accounted for more than 60% of China's industrial robot market share , more complex six-axis multi-joint robot , foreign companies market share of about 90% ; difficult to operate , the most widely used international welding Field , foreign robots accounted for 84% ; high-end applications focused on the automotive industry , foreign companies accounted for 90% of the share . " Shenyang Xin Song robot automation company president said.

(Wuhan ) company chairman , they gave a robot enterprises in South China opened the welding clamp interface agreement , but after several months of research , the enterprise welding robot reliability and stability Always meet the production requirements . In recent years , although the core components of the robot precision reducer , servo motor and other research and development has made " point " breakthrough , and has been put into production , but the Chinese enterprises in the robot core technology there is a big gap , reliability still need to continue to improve . In addition , the welding , surgery and other complex technology to master the grasp is not enough , especially in the perception and control technology , human-computer interaction technology , need to accelerate catch up.

High-end industry , low-end , industry barriers to entry to be improved " China's large manufacturing enterprises are still in the 'industrial 2.0 ' to 'industrial 3.0 ' transformation and upgrading stage , can replace the heavy manual labor workers and harmful environment in the operation of low-end industrial robots , the market is huge ." . In the first half of 2016 , 60.1% of industrial industrial robots are used in the field of handling and loading and unloading , sales increased by 94.3% year on year ; for cutting , grinding , deburring and other areas of processing robots , sales up 103% year on year.

In the low-end market demand for rapid expansion , industry investment enthusiasm naturally high . How to change from quantity to speed to quality , connotation type , is the current development of the local robot industry the biggest problem . It is reported that Dongguan , Guangdong , engaged in the robot industry-related enterprises over 200 , but most or buy foreign equipment integration , or procurement of foreign core components assembled , with less than 1/3 of intellectual property.

" While the transition to play a significant role in promoting the same time , local support policies may lead to some problems ." . First , lead to duplication . Support the manufacturing enterprises to purchase local equipment policy , so that robot enterprises blossom everywhere , resulting in a large number of low-end production capacities . The second is to lead to vicious competition . Support policies to a certain extent , cause enterprises to re-production , light research and development , gave birth to a group of quick moneys to get a small business , leading to low-cost low-cost competition . Third , the impact on independent brand image . The survey found that there is a local support policy , there is no open and transparent audit standards and processes , enterprises in the design of products when the lack of uniform norms and indicators , some technology is not yet mature to preemptively list , uneven quality , weaken the user confidence in the use of autonomous robots The.

Policy optimization is imperative . First , the implementation of good industrial conditions and industrial development of health guidance , to promote resources to the advantages of enterprises to focus on encouraging the industry to the high-end development ; the second is to strengthen the robot standard system to speed up the development of the industry need to develop the technical standards ; Good national robot innovation center , production and research with close cooperation to solve the key issues of common technical issues . Ministry of Industry is developing industry access conditions , improve the access threshold , strict control of industrial high-end industrial robot industry and low-end product overcapacity risk.