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China Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Industry Summit Forum

China's domestic cement industry boss will gather Zhuzhou. April 26, from the Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd. learned that the Chinese Academy of Engineering Huang Bo Yun, Tan Jianrong, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ge Changchun, will be held on May 7 Carbide Industry Summit Forum, production needs cooperation matchmaking, Discuss the development of cemented carbide industry.

It is understood that the three academicians will be "hard alloy power" made in China 2025 '"intelligent manufacturing and manufacturing services: key technology and enterprise applications" and "strategic emerging industries in some of the key requirements of carbide materials and research status "As the theme, at the summit to speak.

"Such a high-standard summit, Zhuzhou Carbide industry is the first time." As the host of the contractor, Zhuzhou Carbide Group Co., Ltd. General Manager believes that the summit, not only can expand Zhuzhou hard Alloy industry influence, more for the development of the industry broaden horizons, gather wisdom.

According to the preliminary negotiations, there are 11 pairs of enterprises to reach a cooperation intention, production needs cooperation docking, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group and Yangquan Coal Group Huayue Machinery Co., Ltd., Lotus Hill Rock Drilling Tools Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou BTCarbide Precision Carbide Co.,Ltd., Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Kent Carbide Co., Ltd. will be signed with China Petroleum Gem Machinery Chengdu equipment manufacturing company signed a cooperation agreement.

2017 China "Friends of Tsinghua University - high mountain tool scholarship" award ceremony was held

"Friends of Tsinghua University - high mountain tool scholarship" award ceremony in Tsinghua University, China Department of Mechanical Engineering was held. Shan Gao Tool Co., Ltd. has set up a scholarship for Tsinghua University in the Department of Mechanical Engineering for 11 years, each year to the Department of students with excellent scholarships to provide scholarships. This year a total of 10 students won the prize. Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Department of Shenzhen Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, attended the award ceremony.

The award ceremony was chaired by the head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We would like to thank you for the arrival of the guests, and thank you for the support of the mountain tool. And then on behalf of the Department of Mechanical speech, introduced the Department of Mechanical Engineering, especially the situation. Then announced the list of winners and congratulated 10 award-winning students. Hope that students can continue to forge ahead, combined with the current development of the manufacturing industry with great concentration to carry out research to achieve greater breakthrough. Shan Gao China's Managing Director awarded the award-winning students and had a cordial conversation with the award-winning students.

Representatives of graduate students and representatives of undergraduates, published award-winning speech and shared their own learning experience, expressed the gratitude of the high mountain tool, and determined in the future study and work to better serve the community and contribute to national development. At the end of the ceremony, the manager of the high mountain in China expressed his affirmation to the achievements of the winning students in the field of research, and encouraged the students to continue their efforts on the road of scientific research and strive for innovation to apply their research results to the manufacturing industry. The development of the country's manufacturing industry contributes power. The High Tool (Carbide Tool) has been dedicated to training and education, and will provide more support for the future development of young students.

New materials industry welcomed the good, China's Ministry of Industry to promote the implementation of key new materials research and development and application of major projects

China's Ministry of Industry announced on April 26 that the revitalization of the real economy, to speed up the implementation of "Made in China 2025", nurturing the development of strategic emerging industries, both to the development of new materials industry has brought a broad market space, but also the new materials industry Development made a higher demand. China Ministry of Industry and Technology will be based on the national new materials (including superhard materials, tungsten carbide tools materials) industry development leading group deployment, pay attention to promote the work carried out. The lifeblood of manufacturing New materials industry usher in major good news.

First, strengthen the cohesion. Strengthen the division of labor between the various departments and coordination, the formation of new materials to promote the development of the industry together. Second, research and implementation of special policies. In conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, the CIRC and other departments to carry out the first batch of new materials, the use of insurance compensation mechanism pilot to promote the implementation of "key new materials research and development and application of" major projects, focus on breaking a number of key strategic materials. Third, strengthen the support system. Develop a new material technology maturity evaluation standard system, speed up the new material production and application demonstration platform, test evaluation platform, parameter library platform and resource sharing platform and so on. Fourth, focus on the focus, breaking a number of key new materials, the formation of a number of typical application demonstration results.

New materials industry short board more than China's new material industry output value has increased from 0.65 trillion yuan in 2010 to nearly 2 trillion yuan in 2015, innovation capacity has steadily increased, the application level significantly improved. 2017 countries will focus on supporting the new materials industry, continue to introduce and implement the relevant industrial policy. Compared to developed countries, new materials or China's industrial short board, we must accelerate the development of the industry. It is expected that including airgel, including new materials, the country will increase in 2017 science and technology research and development, capital investment.

Up to now, China's high-end applications of high-end materials, but also with the international advanced level there is a certain gap, the use of a number of basic industries of new materials or the use of foreign technology and products, rather than domestic technology and products, because China's new materials industry Has not yet formed. Many domestic enterprises can be said that the basic affordability of new materials, science and technology research and development and capital investment. Moreover, the enterprise first to survive, even if they have better creativity and technology, but in research and development, production is not strong financial support and practical industry supporting policy support, it is difficult to achieve very good results.

New materials industry investment in the cold and hot, "thirteen" during the new average annual growth rate of China's new materials industry is expected to be around 25%, is expected by 2020 the new material industry will exceed 6 trillion yuan. In the forefront of new materials, China is expected to form a number of potential market size of 10 billion to 100 billion level of sub-industries. In the national good policy support, to graphene as the representative of the new materials industry by the capital of the favorable. According to the relevant data, from 2010 to 2015, China's new materials industry VC / PE investment case 358, the disclosure of investment amounted to a total of 2.249 billion US dollars (about 13.9 billion yuan).

And because the new materials industry, small, scattered, slow features, but also attracted more and more M & A fund participation, according to Wind information, 2016 new material industry mergers and acquisitions amounted to 48.8 billion yuan. Because the new technology industry, the high threshold of technology, almost half of the investment case is generated in the enterprise when the quantitative production, in the start-up period will be very cautious. "In general, more than one-third of the investment cases will occur in the angel round, but in the field of new materials only 2%." In other words, although the investment hot, but many start-up entrepreneurial team may not get effective funds stand by.

New materials industry from research and development to become an industry, the route is too long. "Its cycle is longer than 80% of the fund's life cycle, the domestic three to five years of short-term funds too much, and foreign generally do ten to fifteen years, which in itself is a relatively quick profit Investment phenomenon. "In addition to the time cycle of the factors, but also need to be alert to the new material because the capital of the flood out of the normal commercial value of the investment institutions, the withdrawal is the essence of return, rather than investment, rationality is critical.

"The new material industry first has the scientific properties, by burning can not solve the problem. Over the past year or two, there are many new materials in the secondary market concept, obviously contrary to scientific common sense." Capital flocked to a sub-field , Supply and demand serious mismatch, the bubble is too large, bad money to drive out good money. Good money inside the relatively rational investors and entrepreneurs, to some extent, the industry and pragmatic entrepreneurs will cause harm. Therefore, in the investment institutions to select the entrepreneurial team at the same time, for the team itself, how to identify the capital also need to be careful, need different institutions to do financial relay.

In addition to generally taking into account the investment in angel investment, VC, PE and post-IPO mergers and acquisitions, the government's support will be more reliable in the research and development phase of new state-focused research areas. The laboratory stage is not suitable for seeking venture capital. Because the fund for the industry incubation uncertainty is too large a technology or product, the tolerance is limited, but the government does not consider the problem. And some have come out from the laboratory, after a small test pilot, and even the customer to send the team, you can properly docked some of the early stages of the fund, then the next can be docked in the open market.

In recent years, all levels of innovation funds, China's national scientific and technological achievements to guide the Fund, China's advanced manufacturing industry investment funds and so can be used as an option, "for investment institutions, the Government to join the new material industry's long incubation, through research funding, Resources and R & D resources to support, but also to help us fill the early investment of the 'pit'. New materials industry is a high-tech industry, its development can promote the development of China's intelligent manufacturing, and with the continued development of new materials, for the relevant concept stocks, is undoubtedly good news.

China's first quarter of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing results show

In the first quarter, China's industrial sector supply side of the structural reform in depth. In the cost reduction, to promote the introduction of a series of measures to reduce tariffs. The steady development of the current pressure still exists, the next step to increase the intensity of efforts to strive for more obvious negative results in response to social expectations; "China made 2025" policy measures since the implementation of stable industrial growth, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing play an important Effect, the effect of the initial show.

The latest release of industrial communications industry development data show that in the first quarter of China's industrial capacity above the scale of profit margins reached 75.8%, compared with the first quarter and fourth quarter were higher than 2.9 and 2 percentage points higher. Iron and steel industry in the last year out of more than 65 million tons of production capacity on the basis of the first quarter of this year, crude steel production increased by 4.6%, capacity utilization reached 73.7% over the fourth quarter of last year, capacity utilization increased by 0.7 percentage points. In this regard, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology spokesman said at a press conference, the first quarter, China's industrial sector supply side of the structural reform in depth, "three to remove a supplement" to make new progress.

"Land Steel" action hundred days countdown, in terms of production capacity, to promote steel and other industries to deal with "zombie enterprises", the decomposition of the implementation of 2017 to resolve 50 million tons of excess steel production capacity plan, crack down on "bargain" and other illegal production behavior. The current clearance of "Land Steel" action has entered the 100 day countdown. China Steel Association vice president revealed that the "land of steel" clearance work before the end of June to complete without much problem. At present, the provinces and autonomous regions have cleared the "strip steel" enterprises a total of more than 500, involving production capacity of 119 million tons. May 2 to May 25 to the production capacity of the inter-ministerial joint meeting will also send nine working groups around the "land steel" clean-up to carry out special inspections, is expected in July, August, will be to " Steel "clearance work total acceptance.

In this regard, in July this year, in August, China's Ministry of Industry to carry out a check-up inspection work to ensure that the first half of the "land steel" completely banned, not banned in accordance with the requirements of the "land steel" enterprises, as a negative typical According to regulations, strictly and severely responsible. It is noteworthy that, with the "land of steel" gradually clear, the effectiveness of China's steel industry rebounded significantly, but the output did not decline. According to China Steel Association data show that in the first quarter, China's crude steel production increased by 4.6%; average daily crude steel was 223.44 million tons, equivalent to an annual output of 816 million tons of crude steel, slightly higher than last year's crude steel production; March Nissan level reached 232.25 million tons, a record high.

"Clear the 'steel', to the production capacity does not represent the output." China Steel Association executive vice president said that China's steel production capacity is still far greater than demand, is expected to produce capacity will be greater than demand. Iron and steel enterprises to overcome short-sighted behavior, not blindly expand production. Under great efforts to reduce the burden on enterprises, in terms of cost reduction, to promote the introduction of a series of measures to reduce tariffs. It is reported that the first two months above the scale of industrial enterprises per hundred yuan in the main business income in the cost of 84.91 yuan, down 0.28 yuan. "As the leading unit of the joint meeting of the State Council to reduce the burden on enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has made great efforts to promote the establishment of a fee - list system,

In promoting the work to reduce the burden of enterprises, the Ministry of Industry has established four mechanisms, one through the enterprise burden reduction survey work evaluation system, found that the problems involved in the charges, the formation of the problem discovery mechanism; the second is through the special report, briefings and other forms To the Chinese State Council to reflect the problem; Third, through the supervision system at all levels of joint meeting to establish a coordinated mechanism to solve the problem; Fourth, through the reporting platform to establish problems and exposure mechanism. These efforts, especially the establishment of the relevant mechanisms have been generally welcomed by enterprises.

For example, through the 'camp by variable' tax reduction of nearly 10 million; by reducing the insurance contribution rate, the enterprise has reduced spending 50,000 yuan; as the government to reduce the cost of the enterprise, Science and technology enterprises, we received hundreds of thousands of government support funds ... ... these measures not only reduce the expenditure of enterprises, more enterprises to provide a broader development of the broader space. "Speaking of the government's" cost reduction "measures, BTCarbide Precision Carbide Co., Ltd president to the reporter forget such an account.

"The current steady growth pressure still exists, Tungsten carbide manufacturers in China, production and operation which also faces many difficulties and problems, carbide manufacturers on the burden of subjective feelings are still relatively strong, especially to reduce the burden on enterprises The next step is to increase the intensity of work, and strive to respond more clearly with the results of social expectations.

The transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry show that, in the aspect of supplementing the shortcomings, since the implementation of the "China-made 2025" policy measures, it has played an important role in stabilizing industrial growth and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. China in 2015 issued a "Made in China 2025" notice. Since the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" since the implementation of the national manufacturing innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, industrial strong base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation and other "five projects" solid progress; 2016 annual 15 major landmark projects, Implementation, four basic implementation, the rest is advancing.

China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Operations Monitoring and Coordination Bureau deputy director said that this year the Ministry of Industry will focus on six aspects of work: to increase the "five projects" to implement efforts to actively promote the construction of innovation centers; expand the pilot model city (group) coverage; Round of major technological transformation and upgrading project; to promote the integration of manufacturing and Internet development; optimize the manufacturing environment.

This year continue to carry out "Internet +" manufacturing pilot demonstration, accelerate the upgrading of industrial Internet infrastructure. Now, 47% of the large enterprises to build a collaborative operation of innovation platform, two integration (information and industrial integration) management system operating costs of enterprises operating standards fell by an average of 8.8%, operating profit increased by an average of 6.9%. This year will also select 20 to 30 cities (groups) to continue to carry out the "China made 2025" pilot demonstration to create a pilot pilot city (group), in the implementation of new development concepts and other aspects of the pilot.

Through the "Internet +" to promote China's nonferrous metallurgy, superhard materials and tungsten carbide tools production transformation has been reflected in the obvious results.

From an international perspective, the world economic recovery is slow, the growth rate of domestic industrial investment is low, the production and operation costs increase, the old and new energy conversion also need a process to support the stable growth of industrial factors to be further cultivated. To achieve stable industrial growth, and continuously improve efficiency, there are a lot of work to do, need to pay hard work.