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China's tungsten carbide imports fell by 97.4% from January to February in 2017

From the import volume point of view, according to the data show that in January-February 2017 China's tungsten carbide imports reached 0.64 tons, compared with the same period last year dropped by 97.40%. China's tungsten carbide imports in 2016 amounted to 47.82 tons, compared with the same period last year increased by 22.68%.

In terms of imports, the amount of tungsten carbide imports in China from January to February was US $ 0.07 million, down 91.25% from the same period last year. China's tungsten carbide imports in 2016 amounted to $ 2.18 million, down 17.74% from a year earlier.

China's nickel-cobalt project is running well

With the project put into production and the rapid rise in cobalt prices, China's nickel cobalt project in the first quarter to achieve a good start.

Lennon, head of China's nickel-cobalt investment partner Heights Pacific, said the nickel concentrate production was 7884 tonnes in the first quarter and 755 tonnes of cobalt concentrate in the first quarter. If the production capacity will be calculated due to the loss of maintenance, the annual output of the project nickel products reached 34,600 tons, the annual output of cobalt products reached 3300 tons, exceeding the project design production capacity. Recently, due to the rapid development of the battery industry, the rapid increase in demand for cobalt, cobalt prices over the past six months has doubled. The next few years, with the continued rapid development of electric vehicles, the demand for cobalt is expected to further increase. Lennon expressed great satisfaction with the project's yield and product price growth.

Taiwan Machine Tool Industry

China's machine tool industry, we can not ignore with Germany, Italy, Japan and called "the world's four major machine tool manufacturing base," Taiwan's machine tools, after decades of development, Taiwan with advanced design concepts, superb technology, Stable performance, and high cost, as the world's mid-range CNC machine tools and functional components of the important production and export, in the global machine tool market occupies an unshakable position. So, in the machine tool market is not the economy of the past few years, Taiwan's machine tool industry, how is it? Taiwan is the world's major machine tool production and consumer market, one to export market, up to 76%. Taiwan machine tool industry, the number of downstream manufacturers more than 1,600, of which nearly Jiucheng small and medium enterprises and concentrated in the large Taichung area. Taiwan's output, exports and imports fell in 2016, compared with 2015, while consumption was flat.

Export situation

Taiwan's total exports in 2016 US $ 2.896 billion, down 9.0% over the same period last year, the world's fifth largest machine tool exports. According to the Taiwan machine tool export machine from 2012 to 2016 statistics, Taiwan's machine tool exports or machining center machine accounted for the largest number, while the grinder exports slightly increased compared with 2015. To mainland China as the largest exporter, followed by the United States, Turkey, Germany and so on.

Import situation

Taiwan's machine tool in 2016 total imports of 722 million US dollars, the fourth quarter of 2016 Taiwan's imports fell slightly over the same period last year, the world's machine tool imports ranked 19th. According to the Taiwan machine tool imports from 2012 to 2016 statistics, Taiwan's machine tool imports were discharged, laser, ultrasonic machine accounted for the largest number, while the grinder imports compared with 2015 also have a slight growth. Japan is the largest importer, followed by Germany, China, the United States and so on.

Machine parts and parts, accessories exports

According to the 2012 to 2016 Taiwan machine tool parts, spare parts export machine statistics, metal cutting machine parts and accessories accounted for the largest number. 2016 Taiwan machine tool parts, accessories, the total exporting countries totaled 1.171 billion US dollars to mainland China as the largest exporter, followed by Japan, Switzerland, Germany and so on.

Machine parts, parts imports

According to the 2012 to 2016 Taiwan machine tool parts, accessories import machine statistics, the same metal cutting machine parts and accessories accounted for the largest number. 2016 Taiwan machine tool parts and components, the main importer of the total imports of 227 million US dollars to Japan as the largest importer, followed by China, Germany, Switzerland and so on. The next six months, the relevant industries, precision carbide products processing, auto parts manufacturing, electrical machinery and other development trends optimistic; machine tool industry, industrial machinery, metal molds, screws and nuts, locomotive manufacturing, motorcycle parts manufacturing, machinery Equipment repair, electronic machinery, metal products, such as the development trend of flat; automobile manufacturing, bicycle manufacturing, bicycle parts manufacturing and other development trends slowed.

Research Progress of Molybdenum Disulfide / Diamond-like Carbon Composite Films from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

With the rapid development of aerospace, high-precision CNC machine tools (precision carbide parts processing), advanced nuclear energy and other fields, the mechanical parts of the mechanical service conditions are increasingly changing, complex, harsh, surface lubrication and protective film (TMD) and diamond-like carbon (DLC), and so on. It is a serious challenge to lubricate thin film materials such as traditional transition metal disulfide film (TMD) and diamond-like carbon film (DLC).

Institute of Chemical Physics, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China In recent years, it has been committed to the study of TMD / DLC binary composites and their multicomponent doping films. Recently, the Mo-S-N binary composite film and the Mo-S-C-N composite film have been successfully prepared for the first time, and their properties have been studied deeply. The results show that the C / N co - doping of the non - metallic element makes the surface of the sputtered film more dense and flat, and the columnar structure is obviously weakened. The parametric optimized C / N co-doping can effectively reduce the sensitivity of N-doped MoS2 thin films to the humid atmospheric environment, while maintaining the mechanical strength and toughness of the films while maintaining the low friction and wear of the films in vacuum and humid atmosphere Which is a new way to realize the integration of low friction, antiradiation and adaptability of the composite film system in the space and fusion irradiation environment.

It is found that the self-adaptability of the TMD / DLC composite thin film system is affected by the evolution of the non-lubricating phase selectively transferred out of the contact surface. In the frictional chemical reaction, the degree of directional ordering of the lubricating phase is determined The minimum coefficient of friction of the film, the degree of selective transfer of non-lubricating phase determines the minimum wear rate of the film. At the same time, there is also a significant correlation between the microstructure of the composite composite thin film and the selective transfer behavior. The (002) plane-oriented MoS2 enrichment layer is very beneficial to the rapid formation of the two-dimensional layered structure in vacuum and dry atmosphere The highly directional and ordered TMD transfer film (Fig. 1) provides a significant reduction in the running time of the film, which provides technical support for optimizing the synergistic effect of different tribological reactions between the lubricating phase and the non-lubricating phase. Related research results published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.7 (2015) 12943-12950, ​​J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 48 (2015) 175304, Surf. Coat. Technol. 266 (2016) 185-191, Appl. Surf. Sci. 364 (2016) 249-256, Sci. Rep.6 (2016) 25378, Fusion Eng. Des. 104 (2016) 40-45, Tribology. 36 (2016) 1-6, Appl Sci. 0.46 (2017) 30-38 and Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19 (2017) 8161-8173 and other journals, and by Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. Selected 2017 19 period back cover.

The above work to solve the long life, high load joint bearing surface coating process and complex and volatile environment in the process of encountering low bearing capacity, environmental sensitivity caused by film failure and other issues in China's domestic EAST Tokamak device remote operation arm joint Bearings and micro-satellite solar panels secondary deployment of the lubrication and protection of the field of successful application.