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China's manufacturing enterprises accounted for less than 10% of total revenue

China's manufacturing industry to service transformation, in fact, is to seek high-end development on the value chain. Chinese manufacturers can not be limited to R & D, manufacturing and sales of products, should also provide personalized customization, intelligent information services and other high value-added services. Service-oriented manufacturing is a systematic and complex project, the future need to strengthen the theoretical research and practical application, to explore the enterprise service-oriented manufacturing capacity to enhance the effective way and solution

"The development of service - oriented manufacturing, and guide enterprises to carry out service transformation, is conducive to improving the supply of industrial products, crack the current manufacturing industry is facing the development of contradictory constraints, improve the competitiveness of enterprises and market share.

China Service-based manufacturing alliance rotating director, Ministry of Industry and Electronics Institute of the fifth director said: will be based on the Union website, the construction of China's service-oriented manufacturing public service platform. At the same time, the integration of high-quality industrial service capacity resources, the formation of service system, the establishment of manufacturing enterprises, productive service enterprises, research service agencies, financial institutions and local governments benign interactive industrial ecosystem.

Help manufacturing transformation

What is service-oriented manufacturing? Service-oriented manufacturing is a new form of industrial development in the process of industrialization and manufacturing. It aims to meet the needs of the market and aim at the value-added of the industrial chain stakeholders. Through the production organization, the mode of operation and management and the business Optimization and upgrading of the development model and collaborative innovation, to achieve the extension of the manufacturing value chain and enhance.

"Made in China 2025" also pointed out that China's manufacturing to high-end, intelligent, green, service development. China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute of Equipment Industry Research Institute Zuo Shiquan that service is to the high-end development of the value chain, service and high-end is the upgrade, green and intelligent is the transformation.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Industrial Economics, said the Chinese state-owned industrial structure changes significantly, the service industry has become the largest proportion of the industry. But behind the transformation of industrial structure has emerged in the industrial structure "transformation" is not "upgrade" problem, one of the important reasons is that China's manufacturing service development is not enough.

"Manufacturing service has become an important source of manufacturing innovation and manufacturing efficiency, and service manufacturing has become the most promising business direction in the manufacturing industry." On the one hand, manufacturing services can get rid of resources, energy And other factors into the reduction of environmental pollution, while better able to meet user needs, increase the added value, improve the overall competitiveness. On the other hand, manufacturing is the most active sector of technological innovation. It is both an innovative source and an innovative application. Productive services must be closely integrated with manufacturing.

Explore the Chinese model,China is the world's largest manufacturing industry, but also the industry category, the industry supporting the most perfect system, the most abundant product manufacturing countries, China's manufacturing industry service transformation has a very broad space. China's current service-oriented manufacturing development is lagging behind. Survey data show that the current manufacturing enterprises in China accounted for less than 10% of total operating income, developed countries have more than 30%, individual leading companies such as the United States GE up to 70%.

"China's manufacturing industry has long been mainly engaged in processing and assembly, and is currently developing rapidly in innovative design, system solutions and after-sales service, but there is still a lack of leading enterprises in the system solutions." China's development of service-oriented manufacturing, Along the way "construction and international production capacity cooperation, to promote the total package, program design, financial leasing and other service industry development.

"For China, service-oriented manufacturing is still a relatively new issue, the industry, the degree of difference between the larger enterprises, to speed up theoretical research and innovation, research in line with China's manufacturing industry development of the basic theory." Alliance will gather enterprises , Colleges and universities, research institutions and industry agencies and other high-quality resources, the formation of a number of replicable, can be promoted with a leading, universal, practical development case, combined with the formation of specific areas to meet the actual development of China's manufacturing needs Of the overall solution, change over-investment, inefficient output, low value-added low-end extensive development model.

Do a good job of information integration, How to develop service-oriented manufacturing? To develop service-oriented manufacturing industry and information technology should be integrated. Compared with the developed countries, China's manufacturing industry as a whole in the "2.0" make up classes, "3.0" universal, "4.0" demonstration stage, "thirteen" during the development of China's manufacturing service is one of the key to digital, network. Zuo Shiquan also said that the development of service-oriented manufacturing, should pay attention to the application of new generation of information technology means such as things in the asset (equipment) remote operation and maintenance, predictive maintenance and other aspects to speed up the development of the layout, which is the focus of the US industrial Internet The

"Mobile Internet, large data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other information technology gradually mature and industrial use, greatly promoted the transformation of manufacturing services, new business model, the new format of innovation endlessly.Currently, manufacturing enterprises Not only limited to research and development, manufacturing, sales of products and improve the simple after - sales service, but also to its customers to provide more and more high value - added services, such as personalized customization, integrated solutions, intelligent information services.

Product and service has become the main basis for enterprise sales revenue and profit, becoming the core source of manufacturing competitive advantage. For example, HP, Dell and other computer companies have long been from the sale of hardware to service transformation, IBM is now proposed to the cognitive solution and cloud platform company transformation; BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other companies to carry out car sharing business, etc .; China's manufacturing industry But also the emergence of a number of service-oriented manufacturing done better business.

At the founding conference of China's service-oriented manufacturing alliance, as an extension of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent service is one of the important models of service manufacturing. All things intercourse pregnant with a huge market, of which China's cemented carbide products manufacturing enterprises will help China's business transformation and rapid development.

Chinese Academy of Sciences to prepare ultra-high hardness and anti-bacterial integration coating

The composite coating of multi-scale coupled superhard TiSiN and Ag was prepared by multi-arc ion plating technique in the laboratory of Key Laboratory of Marine New Materials and Applied Technology. Through the amorphous nanocrystalline TiSiN coating barrier and microchannel transport technology to achieve precise regulation of atomic and nano-scale Ag element distribution and trace controllable release. Based on the nanoindentation test, the distribution and scale of the Ag surface of the coating surface can be obtained intuitively. The hardness of the nano-pressed test coating is between 35-45 GPa. The TiSiN coating containing trace Ag was 100% sterilized in the Bacillus subtilis solution for 24 hours and had a significant effect on the inhibition of triangular algae on its surface. The functionalized superhard coating has potential application prospects in the field of anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial areas of marine key components.

Research results have been applied to China's national invention patent "a high hardness antibacterial nano-composite functional coating and its preparation method", patent application number 201610466291.2. Part of the research results published in the "Cemented Carbide and Superhard Materials" magazine.

2017 January-February China's other metals, cemented carbide imports with other molds fell 61.22%

From the import volume point of view, the economic research consulting data show that in January and February 2017 China's other metals, cemented carbide with other models (except injection mold or die) imports amounted to 42.66 tons, compared with the same period last year Down 61.22%. Other imports of other metals and other types of molds (except injection molding or stamping) for China in 1916 were 477.08 tonnes, down 34.59% from the same period last year.

Other imports of other metals and other types of cemented carbide (except injection molding or stamping) (HS: 84804900) The compound annual growth rate of imports is 6.60%.

Recently, the tungsten raw materials supply tensions more and more obvious, the mainstream tungsten concentrate production areas are tungsten sand tense market, the original is about to usher in tungsten ore production season, but with the tungsten concentrate prices rise, tungsten mine reluctant to sell.

China's current tungsten concentrate and APT two products are more than 4% increase in the spot trading market, the mainstream of the procurement of black and white tungsten ore mine has been from 1 yuan / kg price rose to 1.04-1.05 yuan / kg, tax transactions In the 75,000 yuan / ton more. Tungsten mines and trade-oriented enterprises do not ship, resulting in poor market transactions.

In addition, the impact of environmental shutdown and a large central enterprises in China procurement inquiry is also supporting the rapid warming of the tungsten market. Mainstream large-scale smelter has begun to stop the offer, APT prices once again jumped up, it is understood that a large central enterprises in China procurement inquiry APT in 118,000 yuan / ton cash price, but still not get the smelter's approval.

In the short term, tungsten prices in the positive stimulation still has a certain upside, but the downstream terminal needs still research, the market need to remain calm.

China diamond - like infrared infrared nonlinear optical materials research progress

Nonlinear optics have important applications in frequency conversion. Among them, the metal sulfide with diamond-like structure is the preferred frequency conversion material in the far-infrared band, because the diamond-like material has the intrinsic non-central symmetrical structure, which can meet the necessary conditions for nonlinear optical applications. And commercial non-linear optical materials are mainly diamond-like materials, such as AgGaS2, AgGaSe2, ZnGeP2, but they have some performance defects: low laser damage threshold and severe two-photon absorption, hinder their practical application. Therefore, in the diamond-like materials continue to explore new excellent performance (anti-damage and large frequency coexistence) of the infrared nonlinear optical materials become an important direction of material research.

Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the new photoelectric functional materials laboratory Pan Shilie research team in recent years committed to the new infrared nonlinear optical crystal material research and development. It is found that by using the link method of tetrahedral element, it can effectively design a novel quaternary diamond material as potential infrared nonlinear optical material. However, so far, mercury-containing quaternary diamond materials have been found to be less, but the introduction of mercury into the crystal structure helps to improve the nonlinear optical coefficient of the material and improve the material properties well. Based on this, the team researchers preferred Li-Hg-Ge-S system as the research object, designed and synthesized a new infrared nonlinear optical material Li4HgGe2S7. The material was crystallized in a non-centrosymmetric space group: Cc, and its structure was observed to have a honeycomb-like two-dimensional lamellar structure and co-local linkage (Ge2S7) 6-dimer. It is worth noting that the structure of the material contains 10 rings formed by LiS4 tetrahedra interlinked, different from the previously discovered 4-ring and 6-ring structure, which is the first in the four-element diamond Found in the material. Performance tests show that the material has good optical properties, including high laser damage thresholds and large multiplier capabilities, well to meet the balance between material properties, to eliminate the performance defects of commercial materials, better than cemented carbide The performance can be used as a potential for excellent infrared nonlinear optical materials.