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Carbide deep processing of products in many areas of demand will continue to grow

Carbide products are widely used in metal cutting machine tool industry, mining industry, automobile industry, oil drilling industry, electronic information industry and other fields. With the continuous development of modern processing technology, carbide high-precision blade, PCB drill, Tools and other deep processing of carbide products in these areas will continue to grow, due to the downstream industry is a very broad market potential, the future development of tungsten products industry is not limited to a downstream industry development cycle.

Technological progress has made significant progress towards the high-end industrial structure. The state will implement innovation-driven development strategies, adopt major measures such as high-end equipment, information networks, integrated circuits, new energy, new materials, bio-pharmaceuticals, aeroengines and gas turbines to foster a number of new leading industries, With the development of advanced manufacturing, CNC machining technology, Chinas carbide CNC blade market is booming, the localization process of speeding up the pace of domestic production of CNC machining technology, the rapid development of China's domestic market, . As of the end of 2015, China has 15 enterprises to build cemented carbide NC blade production line, the formation of 160 million capacity, production close to 100 million of the scale, but only 1 in 2010.

Consumption structure to upgrade China's cemented carbide has greater room for growth

In recent years, China's overall weak demand for tungsten, but the carbide market space. Affected by the weak macro economy, LED alternative tungsten consumption, in recent years, China's tungsten demand is generally weak. However, taking into account the consumption structure upgrade, carbide penetration, high-end products such as import substitution and other factors, China's carbide has a larger room for growth.

Carbide tools is mainly used in cutting tools, mining tools, molds and high temperature high temperature rejection cavity, etc., of which cutting tools and mining tools accounted for carbide applications, respectively, 33% and 25%. At present, China's cutting tool manufacturing industry opportunities and challenges coexist, but overall, the favorable factors in the development of the industry occupy a dominant position.

The development of domestic mining tools in China's economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development to occupy a very important position and role, is the pillar industry of the national economy. Mine tool manufacturing industry is the foundation of the country to establish an independent industrial system, but also an important indicator of a country's industrial strength. In recent years, China's mining industry has developed rapidly, from the long-term growth point of view, China's geological mining tool industry still has considerable room for growth, large-scale railway, highway, mineral, urban renewal will last at least 10 years. During this time, the demand for high-end mining tools will continue to increase. Geological mining tools to enhance the demand will largely drive the demand for cemented carbide, carbide tools, China's geological prospect of broad prospects for mining tools.

Zhuzhou City efforts to build "China Carbide Capital"

In recent years, Zhuzhou City, around the cultivation of cemented carbide superhard material characteristics of the leading industry cluster objectives, focus on innovation-driven development as a priority strategy, adhere to market-oriented, gathering resources, talent first, key breakthroughs to scientific and technological innovation Drive comprehensive innovation, in order to speed up the rapid development of Zhuzhou City, in the country called "China Carbide Capital" brand provides a strong support.

Zhuzhou City, highlighting the build 10 billion superhard materials industry cluster, and actively cultivate the development of high-tech enterprises. At present, Zhuzhou City, industrial clustering area were assigned to 61 cemented carbide superhard materials enterprises, including 13 high-tech enterprises, built provincial engineering technology research center, engineering laboratories and enterprise technology center 11, built in Henan Province, artificial hard Quality supervision and inspection center of quality alloy, carbide nano-powder materials, academician workstation and the provincial post-doctoral research and development workstations. The formation of carbide single crystal synthesis, powder processing, serialization of the production of more complete industrial chain. Products from the primary, low-end to the high-grade, high-tip extension, the field of applications from the industrial sector to civilian areas.

In the development of superhard materials, Zhuzhou City to explore a production, learning and research with a new school-enterprise cooperation. Zhuzhou City in accordance with the "government set up the stage, the enterprise singing, government services, business development, government-led, the mainstay of enterprises" ideas to organize the production and research docking activities as the carrier in scientific and technological research, transformation, technology consulting, talent, talent Training and project placement in areas such as cooperation with research institutions to jointly establish a positive and interactive cooperation mechanism. At present, Zhuzhou City has been with the Zhengzhou Institute of abrasives grinding, Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and other 16 research institutions to establish a close strategic partnership. Through the government, enterprises at all levels and universities, institutions for production and research cooperation, and a national annual industry forum for the superhard materials industry, technological innovation provides a strong technical support.

Industry growth and rapid development of the determinants or talent. In order to attract talents, Zhuzhou City introduced a variety of preferential policies to implement the treatment of talent, innovative talent introduction model, to take technical cooperation, weekend engineers, school-enterprise marriage and other forms of the introduction of highly educated, highly skilled personnel. At present, Zhuzhou High-tech Zone has introduced more than 220 senior technical personnel, more than 30 graduate students, 7 doctoral students. At the same time, Zhuzhou City closely around the needs of enterprise employment, give full play to the role of vocational and technical training platform, and vigorously carry out counterpart training, linked training, order training, to strengthen the vocational skills training of workers, effectively enhance the skills of workers And management level, improve the production efficiency and efficiency.

The long-term development of the industry, system security is the key. Zhuzhou City, research and formulation of the "speed up the implementation of scientific and technological innovation on the views of the work", "on accelerating the mass entrepreneur Peoples Innovation Implementation Opinions", the full implementation of superior support for enterprise innovation preferential policies to encourage key enterprises to improve their independent R & D and innovation , Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, break through the core technology of the industry, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Zhuzhou City, set up 20 million yuan each year of scientific and technological innovation fund to support enterprises to introduce advanced technology and equipment, carry out scientific and technological innovation, independent research and development. Zhuzhou City, also set up a talent award fund, technical subsidies paid on a regular basis, the implementation of county-level leadership to contact personnel system, strengthen the assessment and evaluation of talents for the introduction and cultivation of talent to provide a strong guarantee. At present, in the super-hard materials, Zhuzhou City, 150 independent intellectual property rights, 14 invention patents, the introduction of new technologies to promote 28. Zhuzhou City, independent research and development of enterprise technology and production equipment in the world leading level, such as wisdom Carbide Co., Ltd. production of precision superhard materials tools, precision carbide tools and other products with international leading level; 10,000 grams of carbide tools independent R & D and production of carbide thin-walled bit is an international high-tech sophisticated products, has a strong market competitiveness and development potential.

At present, Zhuzhou City to cultivate and expand the BTCarbide Co., Ltd, the strength of new materials, Huifeng Cemented Carbide Technology, Houde Carbide, Wanke Carbide Technology, Xinyuan Carbide Precision Manufacturing, Ding Xuan Carbide Technology and a number of key enterprises. Zhuzhou cemented carbide production capacity of 10,000 tons, the annual output of 47 million karats of powder, carbide products 13 million (sets), of which carbide powder production and export share of the national market share of 70% and 50%, Carbide products to 9 major series of more than 180 varieties of products from the primary, low-end to the high-grade, high-end extension of the application areas continue to expand.

Zhuzhou City will continue to expand the production and application of high-end carbide products, elongated cemented carbide superhard materials industry chain, enhance the influence of superhard materials brand, and strive to 2017 main business revenue reached 12 billion yuan, called Zhuzhou "China Carbide Capital "brand.

Zhuzhou City, annual output of cemented carbide accounts for 37% of global production of 14.5%

Carbide is known as the "industrial teeth", widely used in automotive, aerospace and other industrial fields, Zhuzhou BTCarbide Co., Ltd is a new type of hard alloy business. At present, BTCarbide self-developed one-way valve is the coal-to-oil process technology, one of the core components. Previously only German companies can produce, priced up to 180 million, but the service life of only 1 to 2 hours. BTCarbide through innovative technology, so that one-way valve to extend the service life of more than a year, the price dropped to 200,000 yuan each.

Reporters learned that, in order to overcome the technical difficulties carbide, the company each year 10% of sales revenue into scientific and technological research and development and training of senior technicians. Since last year, BTCarbide in this area of investment has more than 30 million yuan. At present, Zhuzhou has become China's largest cemented carbide industry base, with an annual output of nearly 10,000 tons of cemented carbide, accounting for 37% of national production, global production of 14.5%.