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China's long-term use of carbide cutting tools in the low customer base

Carbide Tool as one of the typical superhard tool is a powerful tool for industrial production, high-end carbide cutting tool products require rigorous scientific and practical, with higher performance leading cutting. China's high-end tool market is basically occupied by imported tools. Especially in the automobile engine manufacturing workshop, aircraft engine manufacturing enterprise processing workshop and ship turbine manufacturing workshop, efficient, high-precision high-end carbide cutting tool machining tool are imported tool products. China's carbide cutting tools are mostly used in the low, low customer base, such as general machinery, rough processing workshops.

China's many high-end manufacturing technology development to the metal tool to bring new requirements. Such as the automotive industry requirements of high efficiency, high stability and specialization, and with the development of the automotive industry forward, the new requirements came into being, from the technical requirements point of view, there are heavy, compound, specialization, standardization, High-speed and diversified varieties of the trend. In the field of aerospace manufacturing, with the titanium alloy, high temperature alloys and other difficult to use a wide range of materials, the right choice, the rational use of high-quality high-quality machining into the industry topic, which requires high-end carbide cutting tool products leading metal cutting market.

The development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which opportunities for the development of high-end tool market is obvious, carbide cutting-edge high-end market momentum can not be high-speed, coupled with the guidance of high-speed development of macro-control inevitable. To meet the opportunities and challenges of high-end market of carbide cutting tools, China's domestic production of carbide cutting tools should be the size of the market demand-oriented, and actively adjust the industrial structure, improve product quality, develop to adapt to cars, high-speed rail, home appliances and other relevant international livelihood High-performance carbide cutting tools. The prospects are so broad, their own production capacity must also be improved, basic technology, innovation, promotion and service capabilities must be supporting development.

China's overall carbide end mill and the world's first-line brand is still a certain gap

Common knives in China's market with high-speed steel cutting tools, carbide cutting tools, metal ceramic cutting tools and PCD / PCBN super-hard tools. High-speed steel cutting tools in addition to complex forming tools (leaves milling cutter, gear hob, broach, tap), most of the low value of low-end tool. With the rapid upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, advanced cutting technology and the continuous promotion of carbide cutting tools, high-speed steel cutting tools in the domestic market is shrinking, the current share of less than 60%; metal ceramics in the steel and cast iron in the precise turning The market share of superhard materials PCD / PCBN is about 2%, and the market share of super-hard material PCD / PCBN is about 2%. The market share of super-hard material PCD / PCBN is about 2%, and the market share of super-hard material PCD / PCBN is about 2% Concentrated in the processing of non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals.

Full hard end mills can be divided into general and high-end type two. In general, the general technical difficulty of the whole hard end mill is relatively small, the product quality and foreign gap is not great. In fact, the vast majority of China's carbide cutting tool enterprises, including private knife enterprises, state-owned tools factory and Taiwan's knife in the mainland to produce the entire hard end mill industry. Domestic hard end mill at a lower price to occupy most of China's low-end market, competition is also very intense.

However, in some difficult processing, high-speed milling and other high-end manufacturing areas, the quality of China's hard end mill and the world's first-line brand tool is still a certain gap between, for example: high hardness materials milling cutter, high speed cutter, titanium Alloy cutter, graphite cutter, aerospace synthetic materials cutter, precision cutter, and so on. The added value of these hard end mills is higher, and the main market share occupied by foreign manufacturers.

China's carbide industry innovation capacity has been enhanced

Tungsten is a unique and excellent performance of the strategic rare metals, widely used in civil, industrial and military and other fields. China's tungsten resources reserves, production, trade and consumption rank first in the world, is a tungsten industry, but not tungsten industry power. Since the new century, China's tungsten industry to achieve a leap-forward development, industrial scale, economic strength, technology and equipment level significantly improved, but China's tungsten industry in the global tungsten industry chain is still in the low-end, tungsten resources control Force, market influence, technical guidance and cultural appeal is not strong, the development of quality and efficiency is not high. "Thirteen Five" period will be China to speed up the transformation and upgrading of tungsten industry, into the world tungsten industry power of the critical period.

Import and export tungsten goods overall showed a downward trend, exports of cement to maintain growth. By the financial crisis, economic growth slowed down, the international tungsten market demand in the doldrums, as well as domestic tungsten enterprises to strengthen environmental constraints and artificial costs of rigid growth and the international tungsten industry to tungsten resources expansion, waste tungsten recycling increased Factors, the absolute advantage of China as a tungsten raw material supply is weakening.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's imports of tungsten (tungsten concentrate) total of 29,900 tons (tungsten metal), an average annual import of 5993 tons; "second Five-Year" period China's total imports of tungsten goods 24,900 tons, Are imported around 4993 tons, than the "Eleventh Five-Year" period fell 16.69%. China tungsten smelting process technology and equipment level significantly improved. Low-grade tungsten ore, black and white mixed tungsten ore smelting technology to achieve a new breakthrough, tungsten smelting process technology and product quality has reached or exceeded the world's advanced level; through independent innovation and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, China's carbide production technology And technology and equipment level ahead of a big step forward, the industry innovation capacity has been enhanced, greatly reducing the gap with the international advanced level. Ultra-fine grain, ultra-coarse grains, functional gradient cemented carbide materials and ultra-large carbide products and other high-end carbide products and foreign trade gap between the narrow, tungsten products to high-performance, high precision, high value-added direction.

China's industrial enterprises profit "dragon rise" rose two months ago, 31.5%

China National Bureau of Statistics released on March 27 data show that from January to February, the national total industrial enterprises above the scale of total profit growth of 31.5%, faster than last year in December to accelerate 29.2 percentage points higher than last year to speed up 23 percentage points. In the 41 industrial sectors, 36 industry profits increased by 5% year on year. It is noteworthy that the oil processing, non-ferrous metal smelting and other raw materials processing industry before the change in the downturn trend, profits soared, including ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, carbide industry increased by 21.1 times. "Overall, the current profits of industrial enterprises is still a resumption of growth." National Bureau of Statistics Industrial Division Director He Ping analysis pointed out that 1 to 2 months of industrial profits increased rapidly, more dependent on coal, steel and crude oil The price of the rapid rise. However, although the profits of these industries grew faster, but still belong to the resumption of growth.

Warming Asset Equity Research Director said that from last year to the present is a round of capacity recovery cycle. The emergence of this round of recovery cycle, on the one hand because the industry has been about a downturn for six years, on the other hand because China began last year on the supply side of the structural reform, accelerating the completion of the macroeconomic cycle.

Price increases push up profits

The rise in prices is an important reason for the sharp rise in profits of current industrial enterprises. Data show that from January to February, industrial producer prices rose 7.3% year on year, or more than in December last year increased by 1.8 percentage points. Among them, in February rose 7.8%, a record high since 2008,

According to the preliminary calculation of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, due to rising factory prices, resulting in the main business income increased by 1,166.43 billion yuan; due to industrial producer purchase prices rose 9.1%, the main business costs increased by about 936.2 billion yuan. Income and expenditure, profit increased by about 230.23 billion yuan, an increase over the previous year in December was significantly expanded.

It is worth mentioning that this year from January to February, including tungsten ore main raw material products showed a decline in prices trend. Among them, crude oil production fell 8%, while oil and natural gas extraction prices rose 70.9% year on year; coal production fell 1.7%, while coal mining and washing prices rose 39%; ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry added value decreased 9.1 %, Non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry fell 0.4%, the price increase was 38.9% and 18.4%.

(The mining, smelting, chemical, and cemented carbide) accounted for more than 30% of the total profits of industrial enterprises, and some industries were in the range of 1 to 2, which was related to oil, coal, black and nonferrous metals. Month's profits have doubled.

China National Bureau of Statistics spokesman, from the industrial field, the price of industrial products is rising, mainly the relationship between supply and demand has changed, the most fundamental factor affecting the price is the relationship between supply and demand, so the industrial sector from the original deflation For the recovery of the rise, which in itself shows the market supply and demand in the event of some positive changes.

Expert: Earnings improvement is sustainable

In addition to price increases, the supply side of the structural reform brought about by the structural changes in the production of industrial enterprises is also an important reason for rising profits. Since the middle of last year, many people think that this is a recovery of the inventory cycle, but the inventory cycle recovery is generally about 40 months, the rise cycle is one year, to the first half of this year will be short-term bottom again. Therefore, the current round of rising is not only a recovery of the inventory cycle, superimposed in the cycle to drive the economic recovery of the background to industrial enterprises as the representative of the corporate earnings improvement is sustainable.

In the early part of the structural reform of the supply side, corporate profits may be more from the price rise, in the latter part may be more from the industry concentration and asset turnover rate of the upgrade. He believes that since 2016, with the supply side of the structural reform continued to advance, chemical fiber, coal and hard alloy and other steel industry concentration has been significantly improved in the future with the supply side of the structural reform continued to promote, industry focus Degree will also be further enhanced, the resources will be further concentrated to the advantages of enterprises. In the steel industry, for example, the share of the 10 largest companies in total industry output (CR10) rose 35.9% in 2016, up 1.7% year on year; CR4 rose 21.7%, up 3.1% year on year.

In the context of the structural reform of the supply side, this improvement in the profits of industrial enterprises will become more apparent, because some of the industry's relatively poor qualifications have been completed. In addition, the decline in unit costs is also an important reason to push up the profits of industrial enterprises. According to the China National Bureau of Statistics released data, 1 to 2 months, above-scale industrial enterprises per hundred dollars in the main business income in the cost of 84.91 yuan, down 0.28 yuan. Per hundred dollars in the main business income of the three costs totaled 7.7 yuan, down 0.46 yuan, less than the previous year in December 0.32 yuan.