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Material Scientists expose the ashes of diamond scams to analyze the status of hair diamonds

Recently, because of the March 19 held in China's superhard materials (mainly diamonds and other synthetic materials) exhibition's sake, remember the moment on the most popular ashes diamond diamond hair interview with well-known domestic experts on this Problem experts rage: now unscrupulous business people really deceive no bottom line! Ashes Ashes can make diamonds Really nonsense!

Reporter: not that the human body inside the bone containing 18% of the carbon, diamonds is not carbon allotrope it? Since it is now possible to use industrial pure carbon (ie 99.99% pure carbon) why can not be used ashes to grow diamonds?

Experts: This is the clever of the liar, the human body is containing carbon inside the bones, but the body burned in the cremation furnace, look at the data (body cremator technical parameters: 1. Use of fuel: 0 ~ 20 # light Diesel oil; 2. body cremation fuel consumption: ≤ 35 liters; 3. continuous cremation fuel consumption: ≤ 20 liters; 4. single body temperature into the furnace cremation time: ≤ 90 minutes; 5. continuous cremation time (three body Continuous combustion) ≤65 minutes; 6. The main furnace working pressure: -1 ~ -15Pa; 7. The main furnace maximum negative pressure: more than -500Pa; 8. Main combustion chamber operating temperature: 550 ~ 950 ℃; 9. Re-burning room work Temperature: 500 ~ 800 ℃; 10. cremator surface temperature rise: less than 30 ℃; local less than 60 ℃; 11. insulation performance: combustion chamber temperature 900 ℃, 24 hours after the shutdown, the main temperature is greater than 350 ℃; This data is clear that the bones of the carbon all burned, even if there is a trace of diesel is also the carbon. This is actually like charcoal, you see that through the confined environment produced charcoal is black (containing carbon can burn), but take it after baking lamb skewers after the full combustion of him into a white ash all the calcification, the body you want Want to extract the carbon in the bones must first be in the vacuum environment is not fully burned to remove the carbon, but China, including the body of the world did not put in a vacuum environment to deal with their own, right? From the raw material that this is a hoax! In order to be careful, we have from the north and west of the country 20 cities and cities in the crematorium made 100 ashes sample organization of domestic and international 10 several industry experts to try to extract the elements of carbon, the results found impossible, in fact, even if there are individual But also diesel and other combustion agent. You claim to use the carbon in the ashes to cultivate diamonds, unless the ashes are your own in the laboratory under the conditions of their own incineration!

Reporter: Yes, foreigners do not say that has been able to use carbon ashes out of carbon to make it?

Experts: This is another clever of the liar, that is how to use foreign countries how to flicker the Chinese people, to know the world now look at the most mainstream man-made diamond equipment six presses 8 Chengdu is developed in China, 90% of the world's synthetic diamond is produced in China! Why do foreigners all over the world go to China to purchase equipment, procurement of artificial diamonds in China? This means that either a Chinese liar under the guise of foreigners, to nothing foreign cheat in the flicker of the Chinese people.

Experts: whether it is China or foreign countries are now using a one-time planting in the crystal bed and then add dozens of particles and then add a large number of graphite in order to cultivate a few diamonds, and not every success, that is successful Rate 2% already has great commercial value. Do not say to him a box of ashes, that is, you give him a small piece of 99,99% of industrial carbon to make more than 50 minutes the probability of not more than 2% diamond, not to mention you give him no carbon ashes!

Reporter: Austria, the original is the case! Now there are many businesses using hair carbonization to cultivate diamonds, this Kaopu it?

Experts: it is possible to do diamonds after they have been treated with hair, and then it is possible to do diamonds with pure carbon. However, there is no technology at home and abroad to purify the carbon in the hair to 99.99%, and this carbon treatment needs this The whole means, as far as I know at present only a company in Shanghai with this hair graphitization technology and equipment (the general furnace can only burn to 1500 degrees, this to burn to XX degrees can be hair graphitization)

However, the problem has come again, this deal with the bio-charcoal (even if it is handled to 99.99%, of course, now the world only in Shanghai this country focus on supporting high-tech enterprises with this full set of technology), but an adult man cut hair Shaved three times to collect the hair is not enough to cultivate a 20 points of small diamonds (even if the success rate of 100%, of course, now the whole world and this technology), so generally mixed with part of the industrial pure carbon in order to the greatest possible Made a diamond, but this is even four of the four biological pure carbon now he and industrial pure carbon as a mixture of industrial carbon activity all poisoned, so still can not do, but still this institution in Shanghai is said to be They face the last break (it is said that in June and July 2017 can be launched to reach the jewelry level of hair diamonds). Now they can not accept the order.

See the equipment of the bar, the equipment called BARS Russian invented, can only do low-grade industrial grade industrial diamond, the equipment has long been eliminated by the Russian Americans, this thing rushed too low, simply can not like video In which a handful of hair is made into a diamond! On the success rate is still very low things, you see him on the video made a time? Oh, there is a technology called the clip.

Now the most advanced in the world is this six-sided press, but the Chinese and international technology are only able to use industrial graphite occasionally make qualified jewelry level diamond, made with hair? This is true, every time can be done 100%? Now there is no one can, the international super hard technical seminars every year, the Americans British Germans are only announced to do it, but are still not repeat, did not grasp every success. At this point, the company in Shanghai is nearing success, and this is not the time in Changsha held superhard materials forum also put their Professor Gu invited to do a special speech, you mentioned that several foreign companies simply did not dare to The Of course, some people simply do not have announced that people can do, both before and after the Chinese people themselves where Huyou.

This is the purity of high-purity graphite 4 9, that is, the use of such materials, the world has no one to ensure that every time I use a small piece of graphite can breed a jewelry-level diamonds, are a pile into, Particles into the drill (now generally 0.2 below), so now the big cavity of the six top presses selling. Because the feed more than a large probability. With a small piece of ashes made of carbon (let alone say) to come out a diamond cheat! Ghosts know that they are not the people ashes are not washed down the toilet! And then casually buy a few completely unrelated industrial diamonds (each will not exceed 300 yuan, and then sell you 5000,8000, you still feel cheap!)

In fact, they both hurt your wallet also hurt your feelings, this behavior must resolutely resist and expose!

Look at this is just hundreds of domestic man-made diamond business, a corner of a workshop, which there are a number of listed companies, so do not blindly parrot, that the name of the foreign flag to believe it!

We talked with the Shanghai company counterparts, and now they use the hair after a set of processing to the final wedding requirements in line with the 50 size of the diamond now cost about 30 million, so now they can not accept the order, according to Professor Gu said that with their technical improvement, the process of continuous correction and improvement, and ultimately can achieve a success rate of more than 85%, then the cost can be reduced to a 0.5 karat cost can be reduced to 50,000, do one The cost of a carat can be reduced to less than 18 million, then you can accept the customer booked.

Reporter: Austria, the original is the case! What time will they accept customization at that time?

Experts: Oh you have to ask Professor Gu, but there must be sure that if the business that custom jewelry grade diamonds, 50 points customized price of less than 20,000, then the business to lose when the pants!

Zhuzhou BTCarbide's $ 1 billion project is signed

Zhuzhou Municipal People 's Government and Zhuzhou BTCarbide Precision Carbide Co., Ltd is a state-of-the-art high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D and manufacturing of carbide products and mining rock drilling tools. Zhuzhou BTCarbide Precision Carbide Co., Of the professional company, with Zhuzhou City, a large manufacturing base, with the world's most advanced production and testing equipment, is the most advanced technology, the largest oil with alloy pillar tool R & D and manufacturing base.

Its products are exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, more than 10 countries and regions, the oil drilling carbide, mineral tools, carbide alloys, alloy substrates and various types of nozzle products in the domestic market dominance, accounting for Market share of more than 20%, and the output value and market share continued to grow significantly, and can gradually replace imported products. At present, the company has been listed on the new board, will be listed on the motherboard.

"Zhuzhou BTCarbide" project is a strategic emerging industries, can effectively fill the field of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide production gaps. Will invest 1 billion yuan for the project huge amounts of money. Is expected to put into operation, the rapid output value of 600 million yuan, and will have a more substantial annual growth.

Ministry of Land issued the first batch of rare earth in 2017, tungsten mining total control indicators

According to the Ministry of Homeland news, 2017 annual rare earth ore, tungsten ore mining total control index released in two batches.

In the year of 2017, the total amount of rare earth mining in China was 52,500 tons, of which 8950 tons of ionic rare earth index and 43550 tons of rare earth mine were the most. The first batch of tungsten concentrate mining total control index was 45650 tons, of which the main indicators of 36550 tons, comprehensive utilization index 9100 tons.

With the tungsten ore raw material supply guarantee, carbide products market prices will become more rational, carbide products market sales will be more robust.

How to choose the thickness of the carbide saw blade?

The thickness of the saw blade Theoretically we hope that the blade is thinner the better, the saw is actually a consumption. The technology of the alloy saw blade matrix and the process of making the saw blade determine the thickness of the saw blade, the thickness is too thin, the blade is easy to shake when working, affecting the cutting effect. The thickness of the saw blade should be selected from the stability of the saw blade and the sawing material. Some special purpose materials require a specific thickness, should be used according to equipment requirements, such as slotted saw blade, scribe saw blade and so on.

Carbide saw blade contains the type of alloy head, the material of the matrix, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, tooth shape, angle, aperture and other parameters, these parameters determine the processing capacity of the blade and cutting performance. Select the blade according to the type of sawing material, thickness, sawing speed, the direction of sawing, feeding speed, saw the width of the need to correctly select the blade. Carbide saw blade is the most commonly used cutting tool for woodworking. The quality of the carbide saw blade is closely related to the quality of the processed product. Correct and rational selection of carbide saw blade for improving product quality, shorten the processing cycle, reduce processing costs is of great significance.

A. the choice of carbide type

Carbide commonly used types are tungsten cobalt class (code YG), tungsten and titanium (code YT). As the tungsten cobalt carbide impact resistance is better, in the wood processing industry to use more widely. YG8-YG15 is commonly used in wood processing, and the number after YG indicates the percentage of cobalt content, the cobalt content increases, the impact toughness and flexural strength of the alloy are improved, but the hardness and wear resistance are decreased. According to the actual situation to be selected.

B. the choice of the matrix

1.65Mn spring steel elasticity and plasticity, material economy, heat treatment hardenability is good, its heating temperature is low, easy to deformation can be used for cutting requirements of the blade is not high.

2. Carbon tool steel contains high thermal conductivity, but by 200 ℃ -250 ℃ temperature, its hardness and wear resistance decreased sharply, heat treatment deformation, poor hardenability, tempering time is easy to crack. For the manufacture of economic materials such as T8A tool, T10A, T12A and so on

3. Alloy tool steel and carbon tool steel compared to heat resistance, good wear resistance, good handling performance, heat distortion temperature of 300 ℃ -400 ℃ suitable for the manufacture of high-grade alloy circular saw blade. 4. High-speed tool steel has good hardenability, hardness and rigidity, heat deformation is less, is a high-strength steel, thermoplastic stability suitable for manufacturing high-grade ultra-thin blade.