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Smart manufacturing industry and education integration alliance set up a grand meeting

March 8, 2017 Smart Manufacturing Association of the establishment of the Association of the establishment of the General Assembly Hefei Crowne Plaza Hotel held a grand, from the national representatives of a number of industry associations, equipment manufacturing industry's top business representatives and the national vocational colleges, skilled workers 300 people attended the meeting. Metal processing magazine reporter was invited to participate in and on-site coverage of the meeting.

The purpose, nature, function and main activities of the alliance are summarized in detail: the intelligent manufacturing industry and education integration alliance is composed of industry organizations, equipment manufacturing industry enterprises, processing enterprises and schools. Class organization, is a non-profit, non-legal nature of the open type of the Commonwealth. The alliance is guided by the national manufacturing upgrading strategy, which focuses on the urgent needs of high-end functional talents by manufacturing leap-forward in manufacturing industry (such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, precision mold making, IT and other industries). (AHK), Higher Education Press, Mechanical Industry Press, De Ma Gisen Precision (AHK), Higher Education Publishing House, Mechanical Industry Publishing House, and the German Industry and Commerce Conference, (China) Co., Ltd., Sandvik Coromant Cutting Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou BTCarbide Precision Carbide Co.,Ltd., KUKA Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Rockwell (China) Co., (China) Co., Ltd., Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and many other industry associations, equipment manufacturing industry's top international enterprises, as well as a number of domestic and international famous manufacturing enterprises, the joint more than 100 outstanding vocational colleges, School, jointly set up "smart manufacturing industry integration alliance."

The establishment of the alliance, through the integration of industry, enterprises and schools and other resources to play a synergistic role in focusing on mechanical processing enterprises in complex, precision carbide parts processing technology, automated manufacturing technology, information technology, manufacturing and other new manufacturing technology and Vocational colleges in the numerical control, machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing, mechanical and electrical related professional development of the relevant, so that the new technology industry to better promote professional development, and jointly build school-enterprise personnel training platform, technical and professional development of collaborative platform, Training integration platform, through the integration of production and education in the talent, technology, production of the three core elements of the channel, the establishment of integration of ecological and industrial chain.

There are four main functions of the alliance: one is to develop teachers (teacher training center), to strengthen the training of professional teachers, to carry out certification training system construction and operation; the second is to promote professional development (professional development center) to industry technology and professional focus , To carry out the relevant brand of professional construction and curriculum construction, to guide the school-enterprise cooperation to build intelligent manufacturing-related professional production training base; third is to promote cooperation between industry and education (production and education integration service center), the organization of industry enterprises and institutions docking; Depth cooperation with the production and research (competition cooperation center), to play the Union resources to carry out the world skills contest related to the game, help the Chinese world team, to carry out the world in China to promote.

Union set up the General Assembly presented the Union chairman and vice president of the certificate. The chairman of the Chinese Vocational and Technical Education Institute of vocational education equipment professional committee Zhang Lihua and Demagason Seiki Machine Trade Co., Ltd. Tian Xiaodong.

Union vice president of more than a total of vocational institutions and enterprises from the 43 members, namely: the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shanghai Representative Office Chen Liwei, Beijing Automotive Technician College Jing Pingli, Changchun Automotive Industry College Wei Jianjun, Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational and Technical College Kang Guochu, Zhengzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College Su Dongmin, Wuxi Electrical and Mechanical Vocational and Technical College Wang Jiawei and so on.

Jan Mollenhoff of the DeGaggon Seiki introduced the company's approach to the integration of production and education: DeMajichen Seiki has been working closely with educational institutions, and the company can provide holistic solutions for education and training, including teaching software and teaching equipment The The company has more than 200 training engineers in the world, for the user enterprises and institutions for training, in addition to Demaghen Sen Seiki in Germany there are vocational qualification training in Germany want to engage in machining related work, it must be through the induction.

Rockwell is one of the world's leading automation companies, providing automation solutions for more than 80 countries worldwide. They have been concerned about China's higher education, and that strengthening China's higher education can promote the further development of China's economy. They set up laboratories with Chinese universities, introduced advanced equipment from abroad for laboratory applications, pay attention to cultivating students' practical ability. At present, they and the universities are studying the development of systematic teaching programs, to further support the Union related work.

Aerospace has been the top manufacturing industry, especially now due to the requirements of lightweight, a large number of composite materials used. Composites are not only costly and very difficult to process, and Sandvik Coromant engineers Zhang Zhongxian introduced the use of Coro Plus in shaping the future manufacturing industry: networking tools and Internet of Things (IoT) allows you to control machine processing status, access to the necessary information , So as to make a wise decision to optimize the processing technology. Cloud-based analytics and field devices combine to enable you to take full advantage of all the data collected from the process. In the process and planning links to save time and improve quality. Tool and cutting parameters can be integrated into your CAD / CAM environment The tool database developed based on the ISO 13399 standard is open to all cutting tool suppliers.

As the machine tool industry leader, Dema Gisen Seiki has been concerned about aerospace manufacturing technology, the company's aerospace product manager Sun Huili share the relevant technology, he said: aerospace industry planning time is relatively long, Demagginson Seiki also need With far-sighted and extremely advanced and revolutionary manufacturing solutions. Heavy duty kits, such as high-performance gear spindles with active damping and torque up to 1800 Nm for duoBLOCK® series machines, DMG MORI maximizes the machine's metal removal speed while maintaining high accuracy. DMG MORI's ultrasonic processing technology also meets the requirements for efficient processing of fiber composites. In addition, it also includes laser welding LASERTEC 653D and LASERTEC 43003D machine tools for increased manufacturing technology.

World Skills Competition is the countries are more concerned about the event, De Ma Gisen Seiki German world experts to share the experience of the World Series of NC events, he said the world has a strong influence in the world through the game process and results , We can reflect on how to promote the development of technology, how to train to achieve the best results. De Ma Gisen Seiki in the tournament each game has a lot of equipment to support the contest, many countries will be developed through the World Championship for teaching equipment, so the game on the participating countries of the technological progress has a great role in promoting.

China's absolute advantage as a tungsten raw material supply is weakening

Tungsten is a unique and excellent performance of the strategic rare metals, widely used in civil, industrial and military and other fields. China's tungsten resources reserves, production, trade and consumption rank first in the world, is a tungsten industry, but not tungsten industry power. Since the new century, China's tungsten industry to achieve a leap-forward development, industrial scale, economic strength, technology and equipment level significantly improved, but China's tungsten industry in the global tungsten industry chain is still in the low-end, tungsten resources control Force, market influence, technical guidance and cultural appeal is not strong, the development of quality and efficiency is not high. "Thirteen Five" period will be China to speed up the transformation and upgrading of tungsten industry, into the world tungsten industry power of the critical period.

Since the beginning of the new century, China has made great efforts to promote the old mining area to replace the resource exploration and the new district resource evaluation work, the Ministry of Land and Resources to implement the "prospecting breakthrough strategic action outline (2011-2020)", put forward "three years of significant progress, Breakthrough, eight years to remodel the geological and mineral exploration and development pattern, "the" 358 "target, and to strengthen the old mine prospecting work, tungsten ore exploration work has made new breakthroughs. "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" during the new discovery of tungsten resources, mineral resources, 25, of which 23 large and medium-sized, the cumulative new reserves of tungsten reserves of 4.549 million tons (WO3), an increase of 598.9%.

China's tungsten exports generally showed a downward trend, exports of carbide to maintain growth. By the financial crisis, economic growth slowed down, the international tungsten market demand in the doldrums, as well as domestic tungsten enterprises to strengthen environmental constraints and artificial costs of rigid growth and the international tungsten industry to tungsten resources expansion, waste tungsten recycling increased Factors, the absolute advantage of China as a tungsten raw material supply is weakening.

New materials and advanced manufacturing technology or to build a new world

In 1962, the United States staged a hot science fiction cartoon drama: "Jason" (The Jetsons). In the play, robots, aliens, holograms, and a variety of whimsical, a wide variety of small inventions to meet the people of that era, or another time and space of the various imagination.

 The charm of imagination is that things that seem helpless at that time may become realistic at an unexpected rate. Just like the play of the smart watch, tablet PC, 3D printing has become a reality, and full of futuristic flying cars are also coming to us.

Recently, engineering and manufacturing technology company ARCONIC launched a new "The Jetsons" activities, the company engineers and several futurists, as well as Chinese film director Lin Yibin (Justin Lin), etc. to share their 1962 years later 100 years, that is, the vision of 2062. Practitioners, theorists, artists ... ... this combination itself is very interesting, but also very clearly reflects the development of science and technology needs bold imagination, as well as the artist's creative thinking.

In these visions, high-speed air travel is a norm; 3D printable self-cleaning skyscraper can be as high as several miles; architecture not only provides us with living space, but also provides us with food; on the ground, ; Adaptive transport system ... ... all of these scenarios will depend on the realization of new materials, advanced manufacturing technology development.

At the same time, it is particularly noteworthy that, whether car, architecture, or aircraft construction, will be largely to achieve the imitation of nature. After all, nature is the best teacher of mankind.

First, the future of forming technology

 Next generation ultra-light aluminum-lithium alloy. Al-Li alloy than traditional aluminum alloy material lighter, more solid, can effectively reduce the weight of vehicles, improve energy efficiency.

Organic body design. Organic body design from the imitation of nature, through the smooth curves and features to imitate the biological organic form, can effectively reduce the resistance.

Titanium aluminum alloy engine parts. Titanium aluminum alloy components than the traditional super (high temperature) alloy components lighter 50%, can bring higher fuel efficiency.

Second, the future of air travel

Multi-material 3D printing parts. Titanium, nickel, aluminum 3D printing structure will be used for jet engines and aircraft fuselage, window frames, wings, etc., for the design and performance to bring more possibilities.

Bionic aerodynamic surface technology. Imitation of natural surface technology can enhance aerodynamic performance, such as imitation of the "micro-groove" of the surface of the shark's skin, which is the ability to allow the shark to slide quickly in the water.

Thrust vector, supersonic propulsion system. The thrust vector engine can control the angle between the direction of the engine thrust and the aerodynamic surface of the aircraft (to enhance aircraft maneuverability and increase the range); supersonic engines with several times the speed of systolic thrust will make high-speed air travel possible.

Third, the future of the car

Organic metal bonding technology. Arconic's A951 surface treatment technology is an organic, environmentally friendly bonding technology that solves the aluminum and aluminum, as well as the bonding problems between aluminum and other metals. This opens up a new door for lightweight, aluminum alloy lift performance and fuel efficiency.

3D printing integrated car chassis design. 3D printing allows for greater design freedom, opening a door for more geometric shapes in automotive chassis design applications. 3D printing technology can be integrated streamlined design, simplify the manufacturing process, enhance structural integrity.

 Superformed alloy. The use of Arconic's Micromill technology to manufacture automotive aluminum alloys, 40% higher than conventional aluminum alloy forming performance, and the ability to provide greater design flexibility and vehicle performance without compromising vehicle strength and durability.

 Fourth, the future skyscrapers

Energy saving, protective structure technology. Arconic's breakthrough technology to enhance the performance of high thermal performance to meet the energy efficiency and flexibility to enhance the demand to enhance the ability to resist natural disasters such as hurricanes. In this case, up to 3 miles, the real towering sky skyscrapers are not impossible.

 Active self-cleaning coating technology. Atconic's EcoClean surface treatment technology allows building panels to make more efficient use of solar energy, water vapor and oxygen to achieve self-cleaning and clean the surrounding air.

Body shape. 3D printing building materials can be built to more natural inspiration to the body shape of the building.

 Five, future space exploration

Integrated into the load structure of the solar propulsion system. 3D printing solar cells are integrated into the surface of the load bearing structure, like the structure and suspension of the detector, meaning that the solar panels have two jobs: generating electricity and carrying loads.

Dynamic insulation coating. The dynamic insulation coating means that the coating properties change as the external environment changes. When the temperature heat, the coating will protect the object from solar energy hazards. When the temperature turns cool, it can be protected from freezing.

3D printing without pneumatic tires. Increased material manufacturing, no inflatable, flexible tires may end up the demand for suspension systems. The ideal material will be the perfect combination of high strength and light weight, aluminum and aluminum lithium alloy will be one of the best material choices.

Six, flying car

In the car and the aviation industry at the intersection, can produce a manned autopilot unmanned aerial vehicles? Can a strong super capacitor and battery allow the machine to fly and charge it through a small gas turbine generator? Additional control and mitigation of the resistance may be achieved in the form of a plasma reactor.

Seven, enhance the reality of technology

 If the display of information and images is no longer limited to the screen? Enhancing reality and virtual reality is expected to be a bigger part of everyday life, helping us to work, learn, entertain, and communicate.

Eight buildings

 3D printing and topology optimization is becoming viable, and the buildings we see will be different from today's buildings. A few buildings still look like boxes or rectangles, and more buildings will be similar to the organic form of nature. The architect will tend to be free to think like an artist, and less like an engineer.

Nine, green space

 With the growing population in the city, can the green space be integrated into the building, help us relax and produce food for us? Rugged, lightweight materials, and structural coatings that can manage biomass and water in the structure are critical.

Ten, Mars roaming

Many of us will be on Mars for 50 years, and advanced materials and materials will provide an important contribution to this mission. Theoretically speaking, from the surface of the mineral on the surface of Mars, we may be able to print some of the key parts on the Mars, so as to avoid the trouble of transporting materials from the earth.

80% of the country's diamond drill is made by Yongzhou

Most Yongzhou people do not know the country 80% diamond drill produced in Yongzhou, is Yongzhou manufacturing. This is a market that is almost monopolized by Yongzhou diamond drill production enterprises. Yongzhou people will be surprised that the country's 80% market share, Microsoft's computer operating system is the leading boss, the US monopoly prosecution, Microsoft's market share reached 60.98%, which is the first time by Windows7 more than 60% turn off. How do I not know that the city has done such a good industry.

Yongzhou has nearly 40 diamond drill enterprises, there are factories in the production of nearly 30 (below 47 Yongzhou diamond drill production company name), diamond drill is mainly used for oil, natural gas, mining or exploration, mainly oil drilling It is used for the drilling of soft and medium hard (drillable rock formation) strata of carbonate rock blender, limestone, chalk, clay rock, siltstone and sandstone.

Diamond bit. The drill bit is a one-piece drill, the whole drill bit is not active parts, the structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance, is the 20th century, 80 years, one of the world's three new drilling technology. Field use proved that the diamond drill bit in the soft - hard ground drilling, the speed, footage, long life, smooth work, less underground accidents, good quality and other advantages. Diamond bit not only use a long time, you can also re-use. The biting effect of the diamond bit is done by the diamond particles. To know the role of rock drill rock, it is necessary to understand the role of single-grain diamond rock breaking. In the hard layer, the single diamond under the action of the pressure of the rock in a very high stress state (about 4200-5700MPa, some data that up to 6300MPa), the rock lithology transition from brittle into plastic. Single grain of diamond into the formation, under the action of torque cutting rock breaking, cutting depth is basically equal to the depth of diamond particles into the food. This process is like "plowing" so called the diamond drill bit plow cutting effect.

Yongzhou diamond bit industry after 20 years of development, from high-priced high-profit delivery of goods to sell, to the beginning of the year to pay a relatively low-profit pre-sale model, and then cash spot low profit model development process. Model changes, the interpretation of a lot of business stories, from small entrepreneurs into a large industrialist, the achievements of the legend of the sea, there are many business owners out of the industry.