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China's rapid development of new materials industry but the competitiveness is still weak

In recent years, under the policy support, China's rapid development of new materials industry, the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy has played a positive role. But at present, the new material industry competitiveness is still weak, the core key material external dependence is still high. The future, but also need to further strengthen the policy guidance, improve the market environment.

Material industry is the basis of a country's industrial system, the development of new materials is related to the development of high-tech industries and emerging industries. As a result, China has introduced a number of targeted policies to encourage the development of new materials industry.

However, the material field is a major feature of R & D investment, research and development cycle is long, so despite the strong national support, but the actual situation is not optimistic, the key new material self-sufficiency rate is still worrying.

In addition to the core key new material self-sufficiency rate is not high, there are some areas of excess concerns. For example, polysilicon, carbon fiber, lithium and other hot new materials appear together, in some areas into a structural excess dilemma.

In this regard, the future can try to build a world-class new material innovation heights to attract more professionals. At the same time, landing related industries to support policies, improve the policy guidance mechanism.

New material is considered one of the most promising areas of the 21st century, and its importance is self-evident. In particular, China's economic structure is facing transformation and upgrading, but also need to support the new materials industry, laying the foundation for the development of manufacturing and real economy, the prospects are very optimistic.

According to the prospective industry research institute released the "China New Materials Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" data show that China's new material industry output value from 650 billion yuan in 2010 to 2014, 1.6 trillion yuan, the average annual growth rate Up to 25%.

It is foreseeable that in the next few years, the new materials industry will remain in the gold development period, the output value to maintain rapid growth, the average annual growth rate is expected to remain at 20% or more, the development of huge space.

At the same time, with the policy support continued to increase, the new material industry market potential gradually released. By 2020, the new materials industry is expected to become the leading industry of the national economy.

In addition, new energy vehicles, wearable equipment, aerospace industry and other emerging areas of vigorous development, will also further stimulate the growth of new materials industry, accelerate the core key material breakthrough.

China's carbide cutting tool market industry concentration is low

China's carbide cutting tool market is rare, really can be called "globalization" of the market. Do not say that the industry has a small reputation, a certain size of the tool company has set up offices in China or find agents to sell, and even only two or thirty employees of the German company also sold its tools to China , The market can be seen everywhere from Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries of the tool products.

"China's carbide cutting tool market concentration is not very high, which is mainly due to the tool industry itself is not high threshold, many small businesses set up a few lathes to start production, and in the entire industry boom, Low - end market products were in short supply, but also objectively accelerated the decentralization of the industry.

According to reports, this year the industry situation has changed, many in the low-end business days began to become too good. But in general, the tool is a consumable, even if there is no new machine into the production line needs new tools, the old machine also need tool products, this year's biggest feature is in a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčconsumption of inventory.

China's tool industry continues to grow rapidly, behind the rapid development, companies are also clearly aware of the domestic tool industry, high growth rate of gold is not high, of which a considerable part of the enterprise at the expense of the environment at the expense of cheap labor, Product profiteering.

In recent years, China's many high-end manufacturing technology development to the tool to bring new requirements. Such as the car tool must be efficient, high stability and specialization of the characteristics, and with the continuous development of the automotive industry forward, the new requirements came into being, from a technical point of view, there are heavy, complex, Standardization, high-speed and diversified varieties of the trend. In the field of aerospace manufacturing, with the titanium alloy, high temperature alloys and other difficult to use a wide range of materials, how to correctly choose, the rational use of cutting tools for high-quality cutting has become a very important industry topics.

Zhuzhou vigorously promote the development of cemented carbide industry cluster

A theme of development and upgrading of Zhuzhou Carbide Industry will be held at the Enterprise Service Center. Carbide State Key Laboratory Director, Central South University Powder Metallurgy Research Institute and Zhuzhou City, 21 Carbide entrepreneurs on behalf of Zhuzhou to achieve the upgrading of cemented carbide industry, activation of carbide companies to discuss the development of exchanges.

According to Zhuzhou City Carbide Industry Association statistics, Zhuzhou City has more than 33 large-scale production and processing of cemented carbide enterprises, Zhuzhou municipal government attaches great importance to the development of cemented carbide industry, will strive to build carbide industry cluster, through the district enterprises Service center, build industrial service platform, to enhance political, enterprise, garden tripartite interaction, and actively listen to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs to promote Zhuzhou cement industry cluster development. In the future, will also hold other topics, various forms of salon, and effectively provide enterprises with more quality service.

Salon meeting, BTCarbide company responsible person analyzed the development trend of cemented carbide industry and market prospects, the participating entrepreneurs on Zhuzhou City Carbide industry upgrades, enterprise innovation and development in-depth discussion and exchange.

Zhuzhou City is the birthplace of the new China after the establishment of the scale of the production of carbide, to achieve regional development of cemented carbide industry, Zhuzhou City, "to do a strong leader, headquarters, science and technology support, international cooperation, gathering and win-win" for industrial upgrading The main line, focusing on the implementation of the "project construction, enterprise development, innovation-driven, agglomeration development, platform construction, talent support" six actions to promote the upgrading of leading enterprises to upgrade, expand the expansion, bigger and stronger; guide small and medium enterprises complementary cooperation, Win; extend the industrial chain, the establishment of a complete strong industrial ring, access to economic benefits, Zhuzhou hit the city to create a world-class level of advanced hard materials characteristics of industrial clusters.

Zhuzhou BTCarbide Precision Carbide Co.,Ltd, Zhuzhou City Enterprise Service Center is mainly responsible person to participate in the salon meeting.

National People 's Congress: to strengthen the industry to promote tungsten ore mining, tungsten raw materials industry healthy development

Tungsten with excellent physical and chemical properties, in economic construction, national defense construction is widely used, is the most important carbide production of raw materials, has a very important strategic significance. China's tungsten resources reserves, production, trade and consumption rank first in the world, with a larger resource advantage.

National People's Congress said that due to various reasons, the current domestic tungsten mining enterprises are facing a serious crisis, in some places Pirates of mining, stealing mining, private mining phenomenon despite repeated prohibitions, some local enterprises without indicators, super indicators of production, Polluting the environment and other blind pursuit of short-term interests of the behavior, the impact of the industry order. In addition, in the process of price tax reform, due to the high value, the adjusted tungsten ore resource tax rate has increased, the industry loss of expansion, some enterprises suffered losses or low profits. He suggested that to increase the protection of resources, strengthen the industry regulation, and promote the healthy development of tungsten mining industry.

It is suggested that the structural reform of the supply side of the tungsten industry and the cemented carbide production enterprises should be deepened, the supervision and management of the tungsten industry should be strengthened, and the enterprises that do not meet the requirements should be shut down and strictly controlled, and the capacity expansion should be strictly controlled to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity , Proposed to introduce production capacity subsidy policy, a strong push to the tungsten industry supply side of the structural reform;

Second, strict control of the total amount of mining control management, joint business, public security, tax and other departments to strengthen the supervision of tungsten ore production enterprises;

Third, it is recommended to implement a flexible resource tax collection policy. It is proposed to reduce the resource tax rate, the implementation of tungsten concentrate market price linked to the floating tax rate policy, and effectively for enterprises to reduce the burden;

Fourth, it is proposed to develop a national tungsten resource reserve plan to speed up the establishment of a reasonable structure of the national tungsten mineral resources reserve system to protect the national economic security, national defense security and market supply and demand balance. Continue to stop the handling of tungsten mining warrants, clear new proven tungsten resources into the national strategic resource reserves;

Five is to improve the national strategy, commercial reserve mechanism, according to the specific needs of domestic tungsten industry production and domestic and international tungsten market price of tungsten products to prevent tungsten concentrate is excessive consumption, to ensure smooth operation of tungsten raw materials prices, promote tungsten industry Healthy and sustainable development.