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Btcarbide tool for continuous investment to achieve continuous improvement

Btcarbide tool every year 10% of the company's income to invest in research and development work, so as to continue to create and optimize the tool to help manufacturers come to the fore. Btcarbide works closely with engineers, technical experts and salespeople from around the world to accurately identify the problems and future needs of manufacturers, and then develop products that meet the needs of the market.

In February 2017, btcarbide introduced an end mill with a new tool nose radius design to help aerospace manufacturers reduce parts weight. In addition, btcarbide expands its solution portfolio to deal with challenging viscous materials such as titanium alloys and heat resistant alloys. For cast iron processing, btcarbide uses Duratomic's new generation of diamond technology to expand the manufacturer's processing diversity. And that's just the beginning. Btcarbide's new features of each tool can meet user-specific needs and help manufacturers continue along the road to continuous improvement.

Get rid of analog, greet digital - EPB digital boring head

Fine boring is one of the final steps to be used on expensive parts, where significant cost savings can be achieved to eliminate significant risk savings. With the new EPB 890 digital boring head, btcarbide achieves easier and more accurate boring operations than ever before. As the only boring heads on the market that can display absolute diameter settings and relative diameter adjustments, they can provide diameter readings and settings within 1μm, thus ensuring precise cutting.

EPB 890 Universal Digital Display Controller (UDDC) can be directly inserted into the boring head and self-locking, so that users can free hand to adjust. The large display panel always displays the reading horizontally, so it is easy to read from any location. The patented automatic balancing function automatically adjusts the counterweight (for the adjustment of the piston) on the same axis for the tool holder. This ensures that the EPB 890 achieves a perfect balance every time you adjust the diameter.

New end mills for aerospace applications Tool nose fillet - Jabro-HPM JHP 770, JHP 780, Jabro-Solid2 JS522, JS554

In response to the aerospace industry in the continuous development of parts design, btcarbide for the industry's parts manufacturers used a number of standard end mill introduced a new RE = 6 nose fillet. The new tool nose fillet increases the strength of the part wall compared to the sharper blade base, thus allowing for thinner wall thickness and bottom, thereby reducing the weight of the part. RE = 6 Tool nose fillets available for Jabro-HPM JHP 770 and 780 and Jabro-Solid2 JS522 and JS554

Applicable to the new T4-12 LOEX12- M09 cutting groove for viscous materials

The new LOEX12-M09 blade slot for the T4-12 mounted milling cutter series provides excellent performance in the processing of viscous materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloys, and other heat resistant alloys. The new trough extends tool life and extends the high metal removal rate of T4-12 to these materials. The LOEX12- M09 has an optimized rear angle to ensure uniform and uniform cutting forces throughout the cutting corners, which not only provide superior surface quality, but also achieve longer tool life and higher productivity. The new troughs help to process a wide range of materials and provide superior value in the processing of viscous materials commonly found in aerospace, power generation and general processing industries.

The new TP3501 offers the best versatility and safety

Our standard series, based on the Duratomic King Kong technology TP material grade recently added TP3501, the material grade can provide the best versatility and application security, is the following characteristics of steel turning applications preferred material grade: Heavy-duty intermittent cutting, less stable machine tools, small internal features, or poor clamping due to part size or shape. This versatile material grade is also very suitable for stainless steel processing.

Double handle

Through a knife handle to complete the outer and inner processing, so as far as possible to shorten the tool change time and save the space on the tool turret. Btcarbide's innovative double-headed shank perfectly combines round bevels and face milling as well as inner ring boring in a single process. These products demonstrate our commitment to providing a comprehensive tool clamping solution for the field of oil and gas, while also benefiting all other industries involved in inner / outer machining.

The double-headed shank provides powerful performance and excellent rigidity that can be used with a variety of blade grades to ensure easy handling of a wide variety of materials. The coolant flush valve can be opened before threading to flush the chips in the hole and the system can provide a single coolant for the CNMG insert and provide dual coolant for the SNMG insert. The new double-headed system provides excellent performance in many different applications, providing a high level of versatility and flexibility. Zhuzhou BTCarbide Precision Carbide Co.,Ltd.

Polycrystalline diamond drawing die in the drawing industry has been widely used

Polycrystalline diamond is carefully selected by the quality of synthetic diamond single crystal with a small amount of silicon, titanium and other bonding agent, in the high temperature and pressure conditions from polymerization. Polycrystalline diamond has a high hardness and good abrasion resistance, and it has its own unique advantages over other materials: due to the anisotropy of natural diamonds, when the entire hole is in the process of drawing In the working state, the natural diamond in the hole will occur in a certain position of wear and tear; and polycrystalline diamond is polycrystalline, with isotropic characteristics, thus avoiding the die hole wear uneven and die hole is not round phenomenon. Compared with cemented carbide, polycrystalline diamond tensile strength is only 70% of the commonly used carbide, but harder than hard alloy 250%, so that the polycrystalline diamond mold than the carbide die has more advantages The With the polycrystalline diamond made of drawing die wear resistance, the hole wear evenly, impact resistance, drawing high efficiency, and the price is much cheaper than natural diamond. So the current polycrystalline diamond drawing die in the drawing industry is widely used.

Foreign solid carbide on the market to high-performance high-precision grinding coating blade-based

China's commonly used carbide for the tungsten carbide (WC) -based carbide. With the development of production needs, in recent years, there have been titanium carbide (TiC) based carbide, ultrafine grain cemented carbide, surface coated carbide and other new varieties. Now the more popular research direction of superfine carbide and nano-cemented carbide, carbide coating and blade slot and so on.

At present, domestic cement production enterprises have reached more than 320 grades. Specifications and models have reached more than 40,000, rich variety of products, carbide cutting tools, mineral alloys, wear parts, shaped products are widely used in engineering, machinery, automobiles, geological exploration, petrochemical, coal, road, Electricity, electronics, textiles and other areas of the national economy, some products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries, quality and cheap has become China's carbide products, an important symbol.

Development of other series of carbide products are: titanium-based carbide (Cermet), steel-bonded carbide, gradient carbide, DISC-enhanced carbide, super-hard tool material and carbide composite blade.

China's carbide products on the field of foreign carbide to high-performance high-precision grinding coating blade-based. These alloy blades are often associated with the tool with the same CNC machine tools into China. High-performance ultra-fine carbide bar is another kind of foreign carbide products into the Chinese cemented carbide market, especially the micro-drill with the fine bar and the overall tool with high-performance bar. Other foreign cement products into the Chinese market there are a small amount of high-speed wire rod, synthetic diamond with a large pressure cylinder, a large hammer and a small amount of special shaped products, the total about 50 tons / year. Especially with the rapid development of the automotive industry and CNC machine tools, processing center applications continue to expand, high-grade carbide blade and tooling needs will continue to increase.

In recent years, carbide applications began to deep into the civilian decorations industry, such as bracelets, case, luggage zipper head and signs, and even high-end clothing buttons are likely to use, you can imagine how much space for development.

Carbide because of its high hardness and wear resistance and much attention, and widely used. The end uses of the world's cemented carbide include the following five areas: cutting tools (30%), wear parts (28%), high pressure (diamond synthesis) tools (28%), mining and road construction machinery (11%) , Other areas (3%).

At present, YG6 carbide is commonly used in the manufacture of mechanical seal parts, but this alloy material has poor corrosion resistance and high cost. A US company developed into a new type of cemented carbide, which compared with YG6 cemented carbide, with good corrosion resistance, wear and low cost advantages, is the ideal material for the production of mechanical seal parts. The main component of this new type of cemented carbide is tungsten carbide, containing 4% nickel, 3% molybdenum, 1.5% chromium, 0.5% cobalt.

"Thirteen Five" is the key period for China to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of tungsten industry into the world tungsten industry power

Tungsten is a unique and excellent performance of the strategic rare metals, widely used in civil, industrial and military and other fields. China's tungsten resources reserves, production, trade and consumption rank first in the world, is a tungsten industry, but not tungsten industry power. Since the new century, China's tungsten industry to achieve a leap-forward development, industrial scale, economic strength, technology and equipment level significantly improved, but China's tungsten industry in the global tungsten industry chain is still in the low-end, tungsten resources control Force, market influence, technical guidance and cultural appeal is not strong, the development of quality and efficiency is not high. "Thirteen Five" period will be China to speed up the transformation and upgrading of tungsten industry, into the world tungsten industry power of the critical period.

Problem: mining strength, tungsten ore reserves ratio imbalance. Innovation ability is not strong, product technical content, low added value. Low-level redundant construction, overcapacity prominent contradictions. Industrial concentration is low, the development of quality and efficiency is not high.

Recommendation: to improve the capacity of resources and market influence. Formulate and improve the industry regulatory policies and regulations. Strict exploitation of total control index management. The establishment of national tungsten strategic resource reserve system. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry.