Tungsten Carbide Nail Tools

Specialists in Efficient Long Lasting carbide nail tools, Following are our tools range:

Carbide Nail Gripper Dies
Carbidde Cutters & Dies
Nail Header Dies
Feed Rolls
Thread Rolling Dies

Gripper dies are those dies which are used in making nails in fasteners industries ,And can be used for making nails from copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, zinc and many more.

The application of carbide nail tools:

The wire is fed into the nail making machine. The wire is gripped by a pair of gripper dies. While the gripper dies hold the wire in place, the free end of the wire is struck by a mechanical hammer, which forms the head of the nail.

A set of shaped cutters strike the other end of the wire. This cutter forms the point of the nail and at the same time cut the nail from the rest of the wire. The gripper dies release and feed the wire forward for the next nail. The formed nails are then collected in bins.

The drawing of carbide nail tools: